Learn, How to Add Music to Your Instagram Post

Instagram tries to create the most convenient and high-quality conditions for users. Thanks to this, it was able to become one of the most popular social networks used by tens of millions of people. And the social network allows you not only to shoot videos but also to add pieces of music. And we’ll tell you how to add music to Instagram posts in our review.

Music in Stories: what is it and why?

The client can use this option any moment. Today this feature is implemented for all accounts – both for personal pages and for business profiles. However, there are a number of features worth checking out.

Differences in the set of tracks for personal accounts and for business accounts

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Post

Depending on the category of the profile (personal account or business profile), the user is offered one or another musical base. To date, Instagram provides about nine thousand tracks for commercial use – that is, a stripped-down base.
Personal profiles that can enjoy all of the music featured on Instagram include bloggers, writers, gamers, photographers, artists, etc. The stripped-down base is offered to shops, brands, websites, hotels, and a number of other categories, a complete list of which can be found in the profile settings.

Individual Instagram users may be tempted to move a business profile to a different category in order to be able to use the full library. However, experts do not recommend doing this. Instagram implements sophisticated algorithms for analyzing content and tracking music copyright, so there is a high probability that Instagram will recognize illegal use of the content, which is fraught with the removal of Stories and blocking of violating accounts. Another unpleasant consequence may be the receipt of a lawsuit demanding to pay compensation to the copyright holder of the music for its commercial use by a third party.

Using Music in Advertising Stories

Add Music to Instagram Post

Purely theoretically, a blogger can use music in advertising integrations in the Stories format, but in practice, it is better not to publish such content, since no one has canceled the copyright law – the author of Stories, even if he is registered as a blogger and has access to the full music database, it does not have the rights to use the music for commercial purposes, as it does not have a license to do so. And advertising, in whatever form it is presented, in any case, is commercial content. Thus, despite access to an expanded music database, SMM experts advise against misusing this opportunity when it comes to advertising.

How to add a fragment of a track to Stories and other possibilities when creating content with music

We have created precise instructions for the user that will help him do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Add Music to Instagram Post

How to add a fragment of a track to Stories

Step 1. Create a story and find the “Music” sticker
When creating Stories at the stage of photo or video processing, it becomes possible to add filters and other stickers. If there is no icon with a note symbol on the screen, then you should click on the add stickers button and find among them the one that says “Music”.

Step 2. Add a music sticker to Stories and select a track
When you click on the “Music” item in the list of stickers, a list of recommended tracks is displayed on the screen. But the track you need can be found through the search. If you add music to your personal account, you will most likely find the desired track, but if you post a story to a business account, you will have to choose something suitable from what is available.

Step 3. Customizing the sticker
Users have several options for displaying a sticker with music. If the text of the selected song is in the Instagram database, then the selected lines with animation (like karaoke) will appear on the screen. Moreover, their font, color, and appearance characteristics can be customized. If there is no text in the database, or you do not want to use animation, you can choose one of the proposed sticker options with the album cover image, artist name, and song title. After that, press the “Finish” button.

Step 4. Choosing the location of the sticker
After the sticker was ready, you should choose a place for it on the screen. It can be tilted, resized, moved around the screen. In a word, do everything the same as with other stickers.

How to listen to the entire track

Instagram makes it possible to listen to not only the fragment of the song that went into History but the entire track as a whole. To do this, when viewing the history, you must click on the sticker, and the whole melody will open from below in the form of a simple player.

music on instagram


In conclusion, we want to note: do not ignore the new functions and options of social networks. Any of them can be your “lucky ticket” because you can’t predict what exactly your audience will react to. Therefore, the best solution is to try various ways to attract attention to your profile, use new non-standard solutions, use imagination, and try to give your audience something new, special. In this case, your subscribers will undoubtedly respond to you with attention, increased engagement, and increased loyalty.

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