Linkedin: how to merge two accounts

I have often told you about Linkedin – the popular and very useful social network designed to allow professionals to create a network of connections and to evaluate job seekers interesting announcements showing your skills – and how to improve your profile

If you have decided to join Linkedin and open a profile to tell your training and work story or grow your company, make space in the world (not always easy) of work or simply broaden your network of acquaintances, this social network will surely be for you.

However, when you have to register you may find that you have more than one Linkedin account. How? Simple, if you see a message stating that the email address you are trying to use is associated with another account, it means that you probably have another account that uses that specific email address.

This can occur very easily if you use multiple email addresses. In this article I will explain, step by step, how to merge two accounts on Linkedin . Don’t worry, it’s harder said than done. Ready? No more chatting and let’s start immediately with this new guide.

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Duplicate accounts on Linkedin

As I told you a few more lines up, it may happen to find yourself with two Linkedin accounts, in jargon we speak of “duplicate accounts”. By mistake or due to the use of different email addresses, do you find yourself having two accounts connected to the popular social network for professionals? No problem, in this guide I will help you understand more.

In the next paragraph I will explain in detail, step by step, how to manage to merge your accounts. Trust me, this is a very simple operation that you need to perform at the moment necessarily from desktop .

How do you find the accounts associated with your email addresses ? With a simple search of your name. In fact, to find your Linkedin accounts, simply follow these steps from both the app and the Web version by connecting to the official website of the platform directly from your computer.

  • Connect a Linkedin
  • In the search bar type your name
  • The profile will appear among the results with the entry You next to it. corresponds to the account that has logged in
  • If you have another account associated to the email address, another profile will appear that will not have the entry You , this is the duplicate account

Are you clear? If you have decided to merge your two Linkedin accounts know that it is a possible operation that will not take you a lot of time. You just need to have a little patience and dedicate a few minutes of your time to the operation that I will explain below.

If you have opened multiple Linkedin profiles and you think the right time has come to merge your accounts, you I remember that it is important that the primary email address of the primary account and that of the duplicate account are confirmed, for this reason you must have access to both.

How to merge two account on Linkedin

If you have read carefully what I have explained to you in the previous paragraph, you will have understood that to merge two accounts that already exist on the Linkedin social network, it is essential to act from the desktop version of the platform.

Connect to Linkedin and access your profile directly from your computer to merge your accounts. To complete the operation you will need to contact the Linkedin Assistance Service asking to unify the accounts in your name.

Warning : before proceeding it is important that you know that the links of the “duplicate” account will be transferred to the “official” one . After you have verified and confirmed the results, the duplicate account will be closed.

Are you clear? Very well, follow these simple directions in the goal that you have set yourself and that has brought you this far:

  • Open the browser you use to navigate
  • Connect to the official website of Linkedin

  • Click on your profile picture at the top of the top bar of your home page
  • Select Settings and Privacy
  • Now click on Account preference
  • Scroll down the new page
  • Find the section called Account Management

You are half done here. In this section of the Linkedin Settings you can easily control your account. Here is what you need to do to complete the operation:

  • Click on the Change item next to Merge account
  • In this section you can transfer the links of the duplicate account and then close it
  • Enter the email address and the password of the ‘duplicate account in the appropriate spaces
  • Then click on Submit

That’s it! In this way you will have transferred the links of the duplicate account to the account you have decided to keep and which from now on will be your only Linkedin account.


As you will have realized reading this guide, the merger of two Linkedin accounts is by no means a mission impossible or an operation that requires the technical intervention of a specialist. You just need a little patience and a few minutes to dedicate to a few quick steps.

I hope that in this article you have found the answers to the questions that have been harassing you for days, I hope I have you provided all the necessary information you needed to complete this operation that you have been postponing for too long.

Try to immediately put into practice what you have read and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts or something that I wrote it doesn’t seem very clear to you. I am at your disposal for any clarifications. Good luck!

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