LinkedIn Live: what it is and how it works + 5 famous cases

LinkedIn Live was introduced in early 2019. It is a live streaming video service that the “social network of work” has made available to its users in beta-testing, first in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

Today LinkedIn has over 760 million subscribers but it hasn’t always been that popular.

Since its founding in 2002, the platform has made great strides into the 360-degree professional social network it is today. On LinkedIn brand and professionals network and discuss every day on topics concerning the world of work and business.

The pandemic has accelerated this virtuous process, stimulating users to take care of their personal branding and companies to strengthen their online presence and the bond with the community.

In reality, the evolution began a few years ago, so much so that already in 2017 – albeit late compared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – LinkedIn introduced native videos to allow users to discover new quality content and contribute to the creation of conversations.

In the months following the introduction of native video, LinkedIn saw a noticeable increase in traffic and revenue, while requests from home users and brands for the introduction of a LinkedIn live stream feature became more frequent.

That’s why the platform decided to test LinkedIn Live .

Let’s see what this powerful social media marketing tool is, how it works and why 5 international brands have been able to make the most of the live video service on LinkedIn.


What is LinkedIn Live and how does it work?

When LinkedIn Live was introduced in beta-testing in February 2019, it was only available in the United States and could only be accessed by invitation.

Subsequently, the live video service on LinkedIn was released in other countries and is still in a beta-test phase, but in the future it could become accessible for all business accounts, even in Italy.

LinkedIn live broadcasts can be broadcast publicly on the notice board of those who use the service or within selected groups. The interface is very similar to that of live streaming on Facebook:

h2 linkedin-live-interfaccia

How do I get permission to do LinkedIn live broadcasts and who can apply?

To use LinkedIn Live, you need:

  • fill an application form on
  • have a following of at least 10 thousand followers
  • have a constant profile in publications and interactions with a engagement very high

If LinkedIn approves the request, we proceed with the configuration of the profile, but only after choosing a external broadcasting platform to go live, for example Socialive or Switcher Studio. Any additional costs of the third-party broadcast service are borne by the users.

On the webpage hosting the application form, LinkedIn recommends users to create highly professional content and suggests consulting both the LinkedIn Live usage guidelines and best practices on how to do a LinkedIn live.

Let’s see what it is.

Using LinkedIn Live: Guidelines and Best Practices

What are the guidelines for going LinkedIn live?

  1. Avoid sales or overtly promotional videos
  2. Do not use pre-recorded content
  3. Broadcast live for at least 15 minutes. Shorter live videos wouldn’t leave enough time to build a strong fan base and encourage interactions
  4. Don’t make video tutorials on how to use LinkedIn: professional social media doesn’t allow meta-streaming
  5. Avoid inserting sponsor logos on video or, if necessary, keep graphics to a minimum size
  6. Do not leave the public with waiting screens for more than a couple of minutes
  7. Creating professional and appropriate content for LinkedIn audiences

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As for best practices to make the most of live video, LinkedIn has drawn up an ad hoc document: LinkedIn Live Best Practices Guide can be downloaded from the official website and contains a list of suggestions for creating content live quality, professional and engaging.

Here are the 5 principles to inspire you:

Be prepared : being prepared means knowing well the topic you intend to deal with but also having a clear idea of ​​the schedule to follow during the live video on LinkedIn.

Be authentic : authentic contents generate more engagement than those that are too constructed because they are more human and direct. Those who want to go viral, therefore, must first prove that they are “true”.

Be consistent: Those familiar with creating online content will also be familiar with the concept of relevance. Only those who create “consistent” content can generate high expectations in the target audience. The same goes for LinkedIn Live: regardless of the frequency of publication, daily, weekly or even monthly, a video is relevant when it makes the audience want to look forward to the next live.

Be flexible : flexibility also means knowing how to ride the unexpected. If something goes wrong during the live show, the one who is able to tackle the problem in real time, without losing heart, wins.

Be engaged : If you want engagement, engage yourself. Relating to digital audiences as you would a face-to-face audience is always the best solution. Ok to moderate comments, but it would be even better to interact with users when appropriate. LinkedIn invites you to stimulate community involvement even after the live broadcast by re-proposing the streaming content in other forms, for example in a blog dedicated posts.

Brands and LinkedIn Live

In nearly two years of running, LinkedIn Live has proven to be a digital marketing advantageous for brands that have chosen it for:

  • instruct
  • do brand awareness
  • engage the public
  • hire staff
  • showcase the company
  • presenting products, services, partnerships or corporate events
  • broadcasting live events
  • celebrating achievements
  • celebrating together with the community
  • While waiting for the number of users who can access the live streaming service on LinkedIn to be extended, let us be inspired by 5 international brands.

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    Hootsuite, one of the most popular social media management platforms in the world, has effectively used LinkedIn Live on more than one occasion.

    In the live stream titled “We are hiring!” – that is “we are hiring!” – presented the open job positions to the public, underlining the values ​​and the mission of the brand.

    In another live video on LinkedIn, the company educated the audience on Google My Business: here a group of experts gave advice on how to improve the Google My Business listing, remembering that the Hootsuite platform could have been right for them. them.


    Cisco, a multinational company specializing in the supply of networking equipment, shared an interview with 3 of her staff members. Under the emblematic hashtag that accompanied the live #LoveWhereYouWork, employees talked about working at Cisco, engaging the public with their exciting experience.

    To promote content and make brand awareness, has created a series in live streaming on LinkedIn.

    Every Thursday an episode “airs” in which the team delves into a previously published blog post and adds useful information by answering users’ questions live.

    An interactive content marketing strategy!


    Vimeo likes series too.

    The famous American video hosting platform has launched the weekly “Working Lunch” on LinkedIn Live, during which the team hosts business and communication experts to share information content with the community.

    Of course, there is no lack of interaction: the staff responds directly to users’ questions in the most useful way possible.

    MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Although a research institute is not a company in the strict sense of the term, MIT has a great reputation. We are talking about one of the most important universities in the world, therefore a very strong brand.

    In 2019, MIT chose LinkedIn live broadcasts to broadcast graduation ceremonies. An effective strategy to connect with the digital audience but above all a new way to attract new talents.

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology isn’t the only university that’s so far ahead: Santa Clara University on LinkedIn Live has announced none other than its 29th rector!

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