Linkedin users are more loyal than Facebook users

utenti Linkedin più fedeli di quelli di Facebook

To manage a successful blog it is not enough to write quality content and optimize it for search engine optimization, better known as Seo, but it is advisable to continually review your blogging strategy in order to improve the work done and increase, at the same time, the total number of views.

A complex and highly articulated job that requires skills: linguistic, semantic, IT and even statistics.

As far as statistical skills are concerned, there is no need to worry as it will not be necessary to calculate them with pen and paper as in the days of the University but it is sufficient to “dust them off” using Google Analytics which offers us, free of charge, a complete overview of our blog and its visitors.

Thanks to this Google tool, I carried out a brief research on the browsing habits of Linkedin and Facebook users who currently represent the two most important social networks in the digital marketing landscape.

My research was conducted using the Analytics segments tool that allows you to filter traffic based on some parameters including the navigation source.

Here I have created two segments: one that includes navigation from Facebook and the other from Linkedin . After that, I went back to the reports section and applied the two filters in order to compare the habits of the users of the two social networks.

The data that has been shown is more than surprising as if on the one hand Facebook users are much more likely to click on the shared link, on the other hand the same users recorded a time spent on the site and a number of page views significantly lower than that of Linkedin.

Furthermore, the same Linkedin users are much more loyal than those of Facebook as 75% of the “linkedians” have already previously visited the blog and used the old contents.

The less surprising data concern the menu section which was visited by Facebook users but not by Linkedin users. This data can be interpreted by the nature of the social controlled by Microsoft where it is possible to find personal information directly from the platform.

The most shocking data, however, is that inherent to navigation devices. While Facebook users surf from both desk and mobile, Linkedin users log in exclusively from desktop, demonstrating how the app is little used by the subscribers themselves.

So Facebook users prefer to read the content and leave the blog later, but at the same time they are much more likely to search for information at any time of the day and from any electronic device.

On the other hand, Linkedin users are much more loyal than Facebook users and have the good habit of browsing for more time on an external platform but are unwilling to search for personal information as they can retrieve it directly from the social network. membership.

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