Loren Gray Tik Tok, the influencer!

Loren Gray Tik Tok, when you can sell your image for 400 thousand. Thus was born one of the most influential Tiktokers of the young social network. The American singer achieved her first successes thanks to the videos on Tik Tok, where she immediately became a star.

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Loren Gray: a social phenomenon with millions of followers on Tik Tok

TikTok, in fact, is the app for the very young, digital natives. A portal able to edit and make public short sixty-second videos, where you can demonstrate your skill and inventiveness.

In fact, originality is one of the canons that most count for community, but also the talent is absolutely appreciated by any user.

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The mixture of these two elements allowed the blonde to get the most followed account in the world of Tik To k, with 38 and a half million users.

Even on other social networks, the beautiful American is not joking, with 18 million followers on Instagram (as much as Chiara Ferragni, for understand us) and another 3.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

An insane following, which allowed her to attract the attention of a large group of record majors.

Between illustrious precedents and rosy perspectives

A similar case has already occurred in the world of music, and corresponds to the name of Justin Bieber. The well-known pop singer, in fact, exploded a few years ago by recording covers from his bedroom.

The success was immediate, and a great merit of him was precisely that of never getting lost for Street. Loren Gray has also taken the same path, signing a recording contract with Virgin Records and Capital Records.

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With the two majors she has already released, since August 2018, six very successful singles, which have ridden the US radio rotation for months.

The American influencer has thus managed to transform a passion into a job, perfectly embodying the American dream .

Anyone who thinks, however, that Loren Gray’s success is relegated to the world of music, is very wrong.

Between fashion and music: the success of Loren Gray

The seventeen year old in fact, she is literally turning the heads of all American teenagers thanks to outfits that are provocative, but not vulgar. After all, it is still a minor girl, and the big fashion houses are very attentive to the image of their models.

In fact, the singer recently published on your profile a D&G branded suit. The Italian fashion house, in fact, has decided to dress her with a black bodice dress, entirely hand-embroidered, and created on the occasion of the official visit of the well-known American pop star.

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Her shapes are still immature, but given her age, she has nothing to envy to her most famous colleagues. At this rate, the influencer could end up alternating her career as a singer with that, equally profitable, as a supermodel, riding the major European catwalks.

Not bad, as a perspective, to have only seventeen years.

It took Loren Gray three years to climb the heights of the social spheres, from TikTok to Instagram, conquering everyone with her naturalness. Now, only one question remains: what will be the next goal?

We talked about Loren Gray Tik Tok.

Do you want to become a new influencer on TikTok?

Loren Gray is only 20 years but has come a long way on the web: she has moved from lip-sync to prank, passing from make-up tutorials to music. The undisputed star of TikTok where the girl seems to have found her natural dimension, almost as if she felt at home, the ascent took place quite simply, almost as if the road was already cleared.

In 2018 Loren Gray gets a contract with Virgin Records, which allows you to take care of the smallest details of the production of his songs: “My Story” and “Kick you out”. On 21 December of the same year here is what is his international hit: “Queen”.

50 million clicks were collected by the single on the Spotify platform, while 16 million are instead, the views on YouTube.

In Queen, the TikTok star was able to tackle some very hot topics that are very important to women around the world: like their rise to power, fight against misogynist and gender differences still present even in the most advanced countries.

Queen’s video does not fail to present elements of strong provocation, as happens when Loren Gray does resume trapped in a cage, a metaphorical vision of the social network prison in which she herself seems to have fallen and after the success obtained it seems that she has no intention of even getting out of it.

The success of this song it also affects TikTok where the creation continues to affirm its power and her ability to attract a large number of followers who have given her the push towards real success.

But Queen is not Gray’s only successful hit but, without a doubt, it is the one thanks to which it has been a great success. Between 2019 and 2020 here are the 3 most successful singles:

  • Anti everything;
  • Cake;
  • Love for the Summer.

3 hits that saw the girl collaborate with established names in the world of music. Cake among the 3 hits was the one that underwent the most particular treatment as the singer herself sent a cake to the prominent influencers who linked and advertised it on TikTok.

Loren Gray comments on the his success in music

Alone is the first love song I’ve ever written. I think it was really thrilling just to be happy to be able to afford to write a love song right now. We actually wrote this song before the quarantine, but then we recorded it at my house during the quarantine. So it was a great feeling to be able to write a love song. Especially since it is a very positive song, in fact it is a much happier song than my other songs. “

There was no lack of advice for to those who aspire to be successful on TikTok

Social media is constantly evolving. I believe that TikTok has opened doors and created opportunities for many artists. Thanks to TikTok, many have found a way to promote their music more directly. […] Succeed on TikTok? In reality it all happens randomly! I don’t think it’s even proposing a magic formula to make your songs “explode” in the beginning. However, I think what can really happen are the songs that people decide they want to do overnight. Programming a strong song well and in advance on TikTok is really difficult. But there are those who did, and I’m super happy for them! ”

In the interviews in which she was the protagonist, Loren Gray also had the opportunity to tell about herself and to reveal the secret to becoming a prominent profile on social media and especially on TikTok, the newest among the platforms.

After all it was the success on TikTok that allowed Loren to be successful also in music, exactly as she dreamed of doing when she was very young.

She herself states that there are no magic formulas to become a social star, the important thing is to always appear yourself, real and close to all those who offer their support every day.

Who is Loren Gray?

A well-established TikToker, but not everyone knows the story of this girl who was able to make herself known on social media and reach the top.

Loren Gray was born in 2002 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and currently her profile on TikTok has a potential of more than 50 million followers. lei She has no shortage of loyal followers on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube too.

Her debut takes place in 2015 when the girl is only 13 years old and she subscribes to Musical.ly, a social service that allows you to broadcast videos and messages. But only with the appearance of TikTok in 2018 did the girl begin her ascent to success, which to date does not seem to have stopped yet.

A very charismatic, sweet and engaging girl, able to be followed by a very heterogeneous audience. Her distinctive features are her long blonde hair and her doll-like appearance.

These were probably her winning weapons. Loren does not fail to show her love for fashion and femininity on TikTok, even if she defines herself as a real tomboy.

To date Loren Gray has her own line of jewelry inspired by the big names of Hollywood but at affordable prices even for simple guys who want to imitate their myths.

Loren Gray on TikTok: millions of followers

Loren Gray does not never fails to satisfy her followers with appearances on social media while she sings, dances and performs, but there are also tutorials on what she loves, so fashion and makeup, up to the more playful side of this girl, with jokes and funny gags.

She herself claims that on her social pages she does nothing but show her real life. She herself claims that her real life and social life go hand in hand and tries to share as much of her real life as possible with her followers.

Loren Gray TikTok: career and achievements

Loren Gray gets her first hits thanks to the single My Story released in August 2018. Subsequently here is Kick You Out of November of the same year, it seems to be a song, able to replicate the ups and downs that derive from being in love. Finally, always in the same year, here is its spearhead Queen.

The successes obtained with these and with the other singles have earned her not a few awards. She has been nominated Choice Muser 2 times, Teen Choice Awards in 2018 BreakTudo Awards in 2020 in the International TikToker category.

Loren Gray, family and private life

But we know better this girl who has been in able to conquer the audience of TikTok. The girl attends school at home, the parents are separated and the girl lives with the made. She has an older half-sister and a dog that she loves as if she were a member of the family.

Between 2018 and 2019 she was engaged to Ian Jeffrey but it seems that she is currently single, to the delight of all those who love and follow her.

Her success on both TikTok and in music they earned her mind-boggling earnings. In fact, it seems that in 2020 the figures settled at 2.5 million dollars, also thanks to the sponsorship and merchandising relationships that she was able to build precisely for the clean image that she offered of herself on social media.

Loren Gray is a true representative of the younger generation. Much loved and appreciated by the vast majority of her peers but also younger than her. In short, it seems that this girl has been able to use the right means to climb to success.

Abuses of the past

One of the comments that have been most collected on the figure of Loren Gray is the one that would have landed on social media at an extremely young age, for many, too early, in fact, we are talking about 13 years. The girl despite being little more than a teenager she looked very superior to herself and her image.

She herself stated that this security stemmed from being abused at that very age by a person whom she and her family believed of trust.

An experience that marked the young woman who then used the world of social media to fill that sense of loneliness that gripped her after that unpleasant episode in which she was the protagonist ista . In short, the social for Loren was a sort of therapy.

Loren Gray then grabbed the subject in her songs to raise awareness among the boys on what concerns physical and mental violence, advising always for young people to tell their parents about it c he can help them overcome this shock.


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