ManyChat: what it is and how to use it for bot marketing

ManyChat is a software to create bots on Facebook Messenger to automate interactions with users. Why is it essential, in some cases, to work in this direction? Simple, people expect it.

Or rather, they expect quick and well-articulated interactions. Potential customers today demand quick answers to resolve questions left in chats. That is to say places of conversation digital that is at ease with the most used communication tool: the smartphone.

Do I see an object in the online catalog? I ask for information to find out if there is the right model for my needs. Am I looking for adequate support to get the prices and data necessary for the purchase? I use Facebook chat. But what happens to the brand if you have to follow dozens of conversations per minute

There are three solutions. First, it can ignore the messages and miss rich opportunities to sell, curate the brand and acquire lead . This doesn’t seem like a good solution to me and the same goes for the second alternative , which is to deal with conversations in a superficial way. Or?

You sign up for ManyChat and create a bot on Messenger that can do your job. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

What is ManyChat and what is it for

This is a freemium service that allows you to create chatbot professional on Facebook Messenger. To get started, just go to the website and follow the instructions on the home page.

It only takes a few clicks to sign up and create the first free bot . This way you can start working towards the main goals that lead social media managers to accept the challenge.

Thanks to a professional chatbot on Messenger you can increase your sales by bringing useful clicks to the pages you have designed and created to sell. But not only that, often the B2B needs different dynamics.

The work of ManyChat can also be useful on this occasion by helping you to generate leads and create a stable relationship with the people who interact with your brand by creating a real candle engagement .

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First you need to understand what this tool is: it is a software, developed through a process of artificial intelligence , able to perform actions in a completely automatic way. Without human intervention. Or at least not in the process of interaction.

The creation of the funnel

The bot can develop around an interactive process, but it must be programmed . It needs a higher entity that can lead the way. And thanks to advanced software it is possible to manage this work through a very important tool, namely the funnel .

That’s right, with a Messenger or WhatsApp chatbot you can bring people to certain web pages and increase sales . How? Through a pattern studied at the table of questions and answers.

The speed of interaction

These graphics retrieved from the website suggest a fundamental step, namely the importance of giving a quick and effective response to the people who question you on social networks.

manychat - velocità d'intrazione
Whoever answers immediately has superior advantages.

Thanks to a chatbot that what you create with ManyChat you can activate a mechanism capable of reaping the benefits of these dynamics.

But you also have the option to create a question and answer path to make the interaction fit. And develop well-distributed engagement . All this does not happen by chance but thanks to the presence of software like ManyChat. At this point, however, let’s get to know him better.

How much does ManyChat cost? Is it free?

You are also grateful s and the no-cost version allows you to do a lot. You can certainly become familiar with the world of marketing automation by creating a planned path for the distribution of content and interactions.

Do you think that with the free version you have unlimited subscribers, visual flow builder to create the flow of answers and widgets but also the landing page to increase subscribers. A nice program for those who want to start from scratch.

What’s missing to be a truly effective bot marketing platform? The paid version allows you to do a lot. For example the A / B test , sponsored messages and advanced integration with CRM and SMS, launch on email marketing programs and more.

How ManyChat-guide works

To start working with this marketing automation tool you need to go to the official website and start the sign up procedure . At this point the chatbot configuration work with ManyChat starts.

The interesting aspect is that you can create a chatbot in a few minutes thanks to pre-defined templates and a platform capable of managing the various elements of the funnel with a simple drag and drop operation.

How to log in and sign up

The simplest step. Just click on the button that invites you to start and connect to the tool through the Facebook verification . Check the privacy options and start working on your next Messenger chatbot right away.

First you have to finish a series of steps also related to hooking the chatbot to a particular page. In this way you can link the activity carried out by the automation program to a specific reality.

Manage chat from live tool

The first tool to take as a reference is the simplest: the one that opens a window in the conversations in progress . This way you can step in if you need manual input into the action. Chatbots can do a lot but sometimes you have to do it yourself.

How to send messages to everyone

Once you arrive in the dashboard you can take a look at the bar on the left. Here are the tools to use for bot marketing. In this case you can start right from the Broadcast section.

What to send to your users.

That is the ability to send a message to all subscribers. There are two alternatives, free or paid. What are the differences?

This last solution allows you to send promotional posts in compliance with the Facebook directives . When you start your business you can choose between different messages: only Messenger is for free users, while SMS and email marketing are for paid users.

Create automatic sequences

One of ManyChat’s most powerful tools is the one that allows you to create combinations of messages related to audience actions.

Or rather, the sequences allow the Messenger chatbot to set a path where the user can only follow a certain path .

That maybe has alternatives or allows you to leave opinions. But everything follows your plan , it’s not just about improvisation.

Crea sequenze automatiche
Here’s how to create combinations of messages.

A plan that is established upstream and allows you to send text, images, videos, lists, galleries, buttons, audio and more. All to get to the final goal which can be sales or lead generation .

As you can also see from the image above, a screenshot of this tool to create a chatbot , you can add different sequences of messages.

For now, on the left there is only the welcome sequence but you can add your own to help grow your business.


A very interesting section that allows you to choose specific combinations for certain areas. Like local business , ecommerce and automotive, although there are many others to choose from.

Obviously, being an advanced feature, this section is dedicated to those who have a paid account of ManyChat. Another interesting aspect of these templates: you will find specific resources to achieve different objectives such as lead generation also dedicated to telephone numbers.

Chatbot integrations

The interesting aspect also concerns the possibility of connecting this tool with other realities such as Google Sheet to save the contacts necessary for lead generation work in a spreadsheet, or maybe Shopify to improve the interaction with potential e-commerce customers.

It goes without saying that Mailchimp, Paypal and WordPress are also useful. Indeed, especially in the latter case you can rely on a valid tutorial. Where to start? Read the next paragraph to learn more.

Integrate ManyChat and WordPress

This is one of the coolest features of the chatbot builder we’re looking at. The reason is simple: WordPress is the CMS most used by web professionals to create sites, blog but also ecommerce. And who needs a good bot marketing system?

The code to insert in the section .

Right, just the websites that sell online. With ManyChat integration is simple , just follow a series of simple and intuitive steps.

First you need to authorize the website you want to install the widget on and add the JavaScript code in the head of each web page. Where is this snippet located? In the Setup tab of the relevant settings.

Enough, this is the hardest part of the job. You just have to make sure that the JavaScript code is present on all pages, so inserting the snippet in the head section is the right answer to your needs.

Embed your widget.

Then take the code you want to embed with the embedded and insert it wherever you like, for example in a sidebar widget or on a specific page. But what are the alternatives? How to add the chatbot on the website?


Those who have decided to really invest in ManyChat can take advantage of a tool that allows you to promote the chatbot in a professional way. How can you operate? How does all this happen?

ManyChat Ads is a pay-per-result mechanism useful for growing your subscriber base through ads posted on Facebook.

Landing page

With this official ManyChat tool you can have a specific page dedicated to the bot. You can customize every aspect and make sure that the sharing of this real landing page takes place through permalinks. That’s right, you also have the URL personalized with the name of the Facebook page that you can use on social networks or in any web page.

Top bar

This is a element placed in the header of the web page with a message and a button that allows you to start the chatbot with a click. You can choose every detail, change the color of the button and edit the text.

Pop Up

You can have a window add to the center of the web page that appears when a certain time period passes. How to define all aspects of this promotional tool?

An example of a pop-up with ManyChat.

Since pop-ups can be very invasive, the platform allows you to customize each I wait to have control of the aesthetics and the user experience of this indispensable tool for promoting the bot.

Which alternatives to ManyChat?

This is not the unique tool to create chatbots on Messenger. There are other possibilities to consider. And in a guide dedicated to ManyChat it seems right to address other tools that can do the same job.


A good alternative that I personally use for some projects. The advantages are clear: easy to use, quite complete and useful even in the free version , able to easily manage upstream answers or interactions to create a suitable sales funnel.

Bot My Work

A valid and well-designed tool for making lead generation with Messenger. But also to answer users’ questions quickly and take advantage of the already documented benefits of quick interaction.

Mobile Monkey

A tool that allows you to create a chatbot for SMS, Facebook Messenger and Web Chat for free. Thanks to this cross-platform solution – you create a bot and use it for different realities – you can create a valid tool also for a quick integration with WordPress .

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Have you used ManyChat for your bots?

If you haven’t, I recommend taking a look at its path that allows you to create a Messenger chatbot capable of creating a real and well-structured – but automated – interaction with your users .

Always remember a fundamental point: using a chatbot on Messenger, created with ManyChat or any other platform, is not an obligation .

Not all businesses need this solution, especially ecommerce that can find great benefits from a program to manage social interactions quickly. Do you agree with this?

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