Marketing with Facebook tabs

Fare marketing con le tab Facebook

Marketing with Facebook tabs is now a necessity, especially for all those companies that want to implement social media marketing strategies aimed at selling highly desirable products or services.

In addition, through the Facebook tabs, each company can customize their company page as well as enhance some aspects of the business.

In short, at the moment, Facebook tabs are indispensable tools for social media marketing on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

But what are Facebook tabs?

The Facebook tabs are landing pages on each company page that contain specific information relating to the commercial activity such as: working hours, services or goods offered on the market and methods of payment for goods purchased.

The tabs are located vertically below the profile image and now have a function similar to that of a website menu.

In fact, it is sufficient to surf on a Facebook page to view the photos, videos, reviews and community of that particular company.

How to manage Facebook tabs

By default Faceboook provides about 14 predefined tabs for each company page, although the number may vary according to the chosen page template.

Some tabs are permanently visible as they cannot be hidden by the Facebook page administrators, while the other tabs can be freely managed by those who manage social media marketing activities.

The Facebook tabs that cannot be edited are:

  • Information;
  • Community;
  • Post;
  • Photos;
  • Videos;

Instead the tabs that can be managed independently are:

To show or hide a specific tab, you need to access the company page settings and click on templates and tab .

Here you will have the possibility to select the most relevant page template for your business as well as the tabs to show to Facebook users.

In addition to adding or “deleting” a tab, each administrator can freely choose the order in which the tabs are displayed in order to show, first, the most relevant information for achieving their goals.

The mechanism is manageable through the drag and drop procedure, i.e. it will be sufficient to drag a tab up or down to change the position of the same tab.

Furthermore, each administrator can freely create and add new Facebook tabs to their company page.

How to create new Facebook tabs

To create a new Facebook tab we can choose two solutions:

  1. Install it directly from Facebook;
  2. Create it using an external tool;

In the first case you will need to search for the tab in the search bar of the social network and select the item install app, while in the second case the procedure for creating the tab is much more complex but certainly not impossible.

In fact, you will have to identify a platform external to Facebook that allows you to easily create and install the tab in a few simple clicks.

A little Google search will be enough to find the most suitable tools for your needs.

In addition to these two solutions, there is a third that is particularly suitable for all those large companies that have a budget sufficient to recruit an experienced programmer.

In fact, through Facebook for Developers, it will be possible to design a super personalized Facebook tab that will enrich our company page and guarantee, at the same time, good results in the field of social media marketing.

As with the predefined tabs, the latter must also be configured with the most relevant data of the business activity in order to exploit the full potential of these landing pages.

How to do marketing with Facebook tabs

The strengths of the Facebook tabs lie in the variety of information they can contain.

It is precisely from this heterogeneity of data that the opportunity to do marketing with Facebook tabs “arises.

Digital marketing strategies are divided into:

  • Sales strategies;
  • Personal branding strategies;
  • Blogging strategies;
  • Network marketing strategies;
  • Customer service strategies;

How to sell with Facebook tabs

The first marketing strategy to implement with Facebook tabs is to sell your products or services.

As I have already explained in this post (read here) a company page can be transformed into a real virtual shop.

Selling on Facebook means setting up a detailed showcase organized in certain collections while launching exclusive offers for your reference community.

The sale can be managed directly on Facebook, perhaps with the help of a chatbot (find out how to create one) or on your own website.

In the latter case it will be necessary to set up an intuitive and above all responsive e-commerce.

How to do personal branding with Facebook tabs

In addition to selling company goods and services, you can do personal branding with the Facebook tabs.

Personal branding can be managed through the live video tab or with some ad hoc landing page.

Even the photo and video tabs can represent a great opportunity for those who “exploit” Facebook pages to enhance themselves.

In fact, sharing photos and videos of your work can be a winning weapon for obtaining new collaborations or employment contracts.

How to blogging with Facebook tabs

Blogging with the Facebook tab means not only writing posts or reviews with the notes tab but also creating an alternative newsletter to email (read here).

This is a marketing strategy that I implemented on my Facebook page in order to simplify the procedure for reading the newsletter.

In fact, with a simple html tab you can save:

  • Time for sending the newsletter;
  • Time for consultation;
  • Time for retrieving the newsletter;

So we can talk about a non-invasive marketing strategy.

How to do network marketing with Facebook tabs

Another strength of Facebook tabs is that inherent in network marketing.

By network marketing we mean all those strategies implemented by a hierarchical network system managed through affiliation agreements.

To do network marketing we can leverage the groups tab or the affiliate tab that can be created directly by Facebook for Developers.

How to do customer support with Facebook tabs

The last marketing strategy to be implemented with the Facebook tabs is that of customer service.

Each company can publish the most frequently asked questions, indicate how to contact the company (solution adopted by me for CF Metal) or create a tab dedicated to Messenger.

In all these cases, the objectives must be oriented towards problem solving and end customer satisfaction.


Marketing with Facebook tabs means managing and optimizing the predefined tabs of each company page, creating new tabs based on the needs of the commercial activity and identifying the most suitable digital marketing strategy to achieve business objectives .

You can opt for a sales orientation (discover the 4 orientations of digital marketing) or a customer service strategy.

With the Facebook tabs you can also put into practice a network marketing initiative as well as do personal branding perhaps with the help of a social blogging strategy.

In all these cases, the company page must be organized in detail and enhanced also through advertising and content marketing.

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