Marta and Luca. A romantic love story born on social networks

Marta is a girl like many others. Dreamer, curious and simple. She loves taking pictures and, as many young women her age do, she has an Instagram profile. Inside her there is the whole world of her. There are Friday night dinners with her friends. There is her labrador Athos, who falls asleep next to the sofa when she watches TV. There is that trip made to Spain a few years ago. And that period in which she lived in Peru for a few months.

Luca is a shy one. he He can’t understand how his friends can post selfies on social media as if nothing had happened. He, no, he can’t. Luca prefers to watch. Peeking on tiptoe, as if not to disturb the lives of others. Like that of Marta, whose photo one morning, while waiting for the bus that takes him to chemistry class at university as usual, catches sight of him scrolling through a thousand other images on his iPhone.

Marta’s profile is public on Instagram. There is nothing to hide in the beauty of the twenties i. Luca slowly begins to become attached to those posts, to those fragments of a person’s everyday life, which he does not even know, but which, in some way, is close to him. One day, two days. One week, one month. Until the first like. At the first little heart placed there, on a photo of Marta drinking a cappuccino. A first heart so discreet that it goes unnoticed.

Marta shares her life. And she also shares her emotions about her. Like that morning when the mood is a bit down. The grandmother is gone and she can’t get over it. Luca finds the courage. He is stronger than him. He has to comment on that photo.

Comments are transformed. They become direct messages. And they also become a train ticket, bought to reset the kilometers between Treviso and Barletta.

This was all five years ago. Today Marta and Luca live together . In Rome, halfway. The chats have become real and Luca wakes up and looks closely at Marta’s face.

This is just one of the many love stories born at the time of social media. There are generations who have grown up exchanging notes at school under the counter. Lovers who threw down the phone, when on the other side of the line a parent answered and not the desired person. There were phone cards and booths once. Today there are social networks and relationships have become more immediate and more fluid. More beautiful and simple?

I really don’t know that. Often you risk running into epochal rip-offs. One becomes infatuated with something that does not exist in real life. Sometimes it is difficult to go from virtual to real. In fact, there are guides to try to help those who fall in love on social media to make their story last. However, if portals and dating sites multiply, there must be a reason. And maybe it’s related to people’s fear of relationships. A fear that rhymes with getting involved immediately, without smartphone filters. I don’t want to be a big stick … But I miss those phone booths a bit …

Giulia Salis

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