Milan Fashion Week shows: 8 Ways to Participate that Nobody Tells You!

Is your biggest dream to participate in the Milan Fashion Week shows?
And maybe see Gigi Hadid on the catwalk at the MaxMara show as it happened to me?

Gigi Hadid - Sfilata di MaxMara - Milano Fashion Week

This is not one of the many photos taken from online pages of fashion magazines or microstock sites.

I shot it myself, at one of the Milan Fashion Week shows I attended last year.
Here I was at the MaxMara show and it was an incredible emotion!

Read this article all the way if:

  • You tried to search the Internet but found nothing interesting except that you have to be VIP to participate;
  • You have lost hope and are thinking that you will only see them on TV or in magazines.

I’ll explain exactly how I managed to take part in four shows of Milan Fashion Week :
MaxMara, Blumarine, Arthur Arbesser and Simonetta Ravizza.

All without being VIP, without knowing anyone and only thanks to … what I will explain from now on!

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Milan Fashion Week Shows: Useful Info

“You still have time!”

August 18, 2019.

As I write these words I think we still have time to attend one of the MFW fashion shows.

The MFW is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the fashion industry, and it is certainly also one of the most coveted.

Some say it is the fashion event in which it is more difficult to attend . Much easier to be invited to Fashion Weeks in Paris, London and New York.

I don’t know exactly, for me Milan Fashion Week was my baptism and also the only event of its kind I attended.

Who knows if I will be able to participate in Fashion Weeks in other cities by trying the same methods I explain below!

How many are there a year?

Perhaps you will only have in mind the most famous one, that of September, in which all the most famous designers present the collections for the following year’s Spring / Summer.

This is actually only one of four.

Yes, you got it right, there are 4 fashion weeks both in Milan and in other cities.

September remains the busiest and most sought-after, making it even more difficult to get in.

The mild climate attracts not only a lot of onlookers who pass by but also a lot of photographers and locals to the city.

But when are the other Fashion Weeks?

The Fall / Winter women’s collection of the following year is presented in February. I also attended this event and I assure you that the game is much tougher.

When it’s winter in Milan, it’s a few degrees above zero and maybe it’s raining too, it’s not very pleasant to be out and about all day.

If you want to give it a try, though, chances are you’ll get a better reward for your audacity. This event is much less known than the one in September and it is easier to get through the crowd and be able to participate.

The other two Fashion Weeks are dedicated to the male world and are held in January, for the presentation of the Autumn / Winter collection and in June for the Spring / Summer one.

My advice is to try January, February and June first. Being less known and crowded, it is easier to get holdings.

Once inside, the task is to build knowledge and contacts in order to secure a place at upcoming events!

Fashion week is still full of exclusive presentations, if you find the right connections you could participate in wonderful events even without entering the fashion shows!

Now I want to explain to you another very important thing.

Knowing how a show works is essential to understanding how to participate.

Follow me to the next paragraph!

How does a Milan Fashion Week show go?

Each show has a strict organization and a lot of staff employed.

You should know that, in general, there are different types of invitations for each category of attendee. And each has its own entrance row which is indicated outside with clearly visible signs.

In total, it’s these three.

1/3) Buyer

They are those who own high fashion shops or boutiques, come there mainly to preview the collection and evaluate whether or not to buy clothes for their shop.

People come from all over the world, it counts that each high fashion boutique often has its own buyer who is in charge of identifying the assortment of next season’s collection.

And what better time than Milan Fashion Week to see ahead of the rest of the world and order the hottest items.

This category of people therefore comes exclusively for work, they do not lend themselves to photographers’ shots and flee as soon as the show is over.

They are also the most attractive in the eyes of fashion houses.

I remind you that the show is a promotional presentation event. Designers have to sell their clothes and use the show as an advertising event. The buyers are the only ones who allow brands to have immediate orders and revenue.

Nothing to say, they’re favorites!

2/3) Photographers / Press

Then, we have all those who will advertise the show to the general public , namely photographers, journalists and now … also bloggers and influencers.

They will produce photos to post on social networks, videos to show on TV and articles that will be distributed by various magazines, more or less important.

They are a well-regarded category, but, especially for the most important fashion shows, their number is reduced and only those belonging to major publications are accepted.

3/3) Standing

All the rest of the guests.

Famous people or bloggers who receive invitations for advertising purposes only. Keep this category in mind, it will come in very handy in a moment!

How long does a Milan Fashion Week show last?

15 minutes, maximum 20 for the most important fashion shows.

What did you expect?

Just enough time for two model changes and the famous finale in which they all parade together.

Nothing more.

Usually, each model wears two outfits at the show, so you’ll see her go down the catwalk three times: once at the beginning, then in the middle and then at the final.

Also, if you want to reach the models before the start of the show, when they arrive at the location for the make-up and hair, you should know that:

  • They usually arrive 4 hours before the show to get ready;
  • The most famous, like Gigi and Bella Hadid, also arrive 2 hours earlier if they have very close shows. In this way, stylish hair and make-up artists can focus on them at the last moment after fixing all the other girls.

If you go to the Camera della Moda website you can find, starting from about a month before, the calendar of all the Milan Fashion Week shows with their respective locations.

Here, don’t trust the time you find in the calendar. Usually that corresponds to the time when the minor guests begin to arrive.

The real VIPs arrive just before the start of the parade which, if they are on time, starts half an hour after the time indicated on the invitation.

Sometimes it also happened that some fashion shows started an hour late !!!

Believe me… it’s stressful!

Even if you’re VIP!

It’s not really a joke, there are fashion shows every hour for five days in a row and you have to run from one part of the city to the other all the time.

If you’ve ever or will ever go out to a fashion show, you’ll see that as soon as it finishes, everyone runs off like they’re crazy!

Where to buy tickets?

That’s the cool thing.

No tickets are bought!

Access to a Milan Fashion Week show is only via nominative invitation that is sent by post directly to your home from the press office of the fashion house.

But I think you’ve already read this a thousand times on the internet.

If I’m here, it’s because I want to give you something more.

I also researched the first year I attended and found all these articles off-putting. I wanted to write an encouraging one, to explain how I managed to participate for real !

If you want to try it too, here are ALL the ways, without exception, to participate in the next Milan Fashion Week!

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How to participate in the Milan Fashion Week catwalks

Here I will reveal all the methods, even the less conventional ones, to participate in the Milan Fashion Week shows.

I wanted too much to participate in this event, I tried and succeeded.

The great thing is that when you try, you discover a lot of alternative ways that work much better than what you find online.

I’m happy to offer them and I hope you can use them to make a little dream come true!

Before starting, the information you will find here has never been written on the web and you will not find it anywhere else. They come directly from my experience and from the pains in my feet and calves that came from going back and forth to the shows and standing for hours and hours.

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1/8) Perform press accreditation on the website of the Italian Chamber of Fashion

The cleanest and most natural there is.

And I mean it, because later on you will also find something more clandestine, but for now, let’s keep it simple.

Just go to the Camera della Moda Italiana website and download the accreditation form, which will open about 3 weeks before the event.

There are two types of accreditation.


As I explained earlier, it’s for boutique owners only. In this case, you must perform a 3-step accreditation where you must indicate all the company data and names / addresses of those who will have to participate.

I confess, I’ve tried this route.

Um no, I don’t own a boutique, as you can imagine. I simply applied on behalf of another store chic enough to be able to join.

I’m telling you for information, in case you get the crazy idea how it came to me. They never got back to me, so it didn’t work out. I made two hypotheses.

The first, very simple is that they called the boutique and asked if they were actually interested.

Bham , they set me up.

The second, a little more subtle but quite likely, is that the offices of the Chamber of Fashion know more or less all the boutiques in Milan that apply, seeing an unusual one they thought was fake !

Or maybe it wasn’t the kind of boutique that sold clothes like that!

I have to try again to give you a certain answer!


If you want to participate and you don’t own a shop, you need to request press accreditation. This is reserved for journalists, photographers and bloggers.

So if you have a blog or a good social following, you can very well leverage that.

If you are a photographer or journalist, your newspaper will be able to apply for you.

You must always download the form on the Chamber of Fashion website. When the applications open you will find the button on the home page of the site .

I’m also talking about all this in the video below, if you want more advice press Play !

Being accredited with the Chamber of Fashion, following the payment of a contribution of approximately € 50, will NOT ensure you enter the fashion shows, however you will have the following privileges:

  • Have your contact sent to the press offices of the brands on the calendar
  • Use the private shuttles to move from one show to another
  • Use the electronic equipment provided, such as PC and telephone
  • Free access to catering… let’s eat!

Obviously, all this is dedicated to those who go to Fashion Week for work and certainly not for pure pleasure, but if you manage to enter this way, so much for a profit!

2/8) Send request to the press offices of the individual brands

As you can tell, it is not the Chamber of Fashion that decides who will sit at the shows.

It is simply an entity that organizes and coordinates the entire event, but the final decision always rests with the press offices of the individual fashion houses and often with the designers themselves.

The stylist can decide if he wants a certain famous person in the front-row because he represents his brand well or thinks that he can give him good publicity.

For the rest, the press offices of the individual fashion houses are in charge of preparing the invitations by name.

I advise you to search the internet for those of the less famous designers on the calendar and try to send them an email directly (or even screen the stories of influencers that show the invitations, there are all the contacts). / p>

Always explain your strengths and how you can help advertise the show.

Often even fashion schools or news organizations get invitations in this way which they then give to their students or employees.

If you know any photographer, journalist or fashion school student who might have tickets, don’t hesitate to contact them.

They often have many and don’t have time to participate at all!

3/8) Buy a ticket on Charity Stars

You really don’t want to give up a ticket?

Here’s a safe and very expensive way to get one without too much hassle.

The charity CharityStars puts a few up for sale every year at prices ranging in the thousands of euros.

If you are interested in this route, you can go straight to the site.

Ok… maybe not for you! Be aware that sometimes there are also private individuals who receive tickets and decide to sell them .

Try checking the major announcement sites a few weeks before the event.

Prices start at a few hundred euros anyway!

4/8) Get contacted

For all famous bloggers this is the main way they participate in fashion shows.

The press offices of fashion houses hunt for bloggers and influencers who have a good following and reserve space for them at fashion shows.

If they go looking for them on social networks and on the internet, it is therefore essential to take care of your online image.

The first time I came across this opportunity was when I met @letwins__ outside at an Alberta Ferretti fashion show.

It was they who explained to me that it is possible to be contacted directly by brands if you have a good following on Instagram. That’s exactly what happened to them.

kaia gerber - Sfilata Milano Fashion week

5/8) Universities and Student Associations

If you are studying a university course in the field of fashion, then you can try asking the secretariat if there are any tickets available.

In fact, especially the most famous fashion institutes such as the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, often have tickets for the fashion shows reserved for students.

You don’t have to be part of such famous institutions to have this opportunity. The University of Milan also offers tickets on request for students following courses in the field of fashion. Not only fashion design but also the way of fashion publishing which is very interesting for fashion shows.

But that’s not all.

There are also fashion student organizations that manage to get some tickets for their attendees. Bocconi has the Bocconi Students for Fashion associations that have very close relationships with some brands and make some invitations available for the most active participants.

Check your university’s website or ask the secretary to find out if you have this opportunity!

6/7) Partnership with Boutique

Did you discard everything you found above?

Well, this is for mere mortals too.

Few people know that it is possible, thanks to Instagram, to try to contact some boutiques or high fashion stores that sell luxury brand garments in Milan or even in other cities and ask to apply for Milan Fashion Week on your behalf. .

In return, you’ll have to commit to producing content for their social networks and sponsoring the store on your Instagram profile.

It’s a kind of exchange that could interest many young boutiques who want to get involved.

This happened to me and my friend Brigita Daisy.

Last winter, on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, we managed to find a boutique in the center of Milan that was interested in this type of service.

They had some tickets they weren’t going to use and were very happy to give them to us!

7/8) Rely on PR Agencies

Public Relations agencies take care of intermediaries between brands and influencers.

If you have a well-structured Instagram account or blog, I would say at least 5000 followers on Instagram and 5000 views per month on your blog, you can try to apply.

You simply have to search the web for PR agencies for influencers in Milan and contact them by telling a little about yourself and your numbers on the web. At that point they will be the ones to send you the email invitations on behalf of the brand.

At first they certainly won’t invite you to the Versace show, they will send you all participations in very small fashion shows and by emerging designers. But it’s a way to get started, to start building relationships and to understand how this world works.

I’ve never tried to rely on these agencies, I know girls who were invited to 3-4 minor fashion shows last fashion week thanks to PR agencies. As soon as I discover some series, you will find the links here in the article.

8/8) Get in!

Nothing has been more effective than this, crashing is always a good idea!

I really felt like smiling when I read, a few days ago, the first articles that appeared on Google when I searched for How to participate in the Milan Fashion Week shows .

Until a year ago, I would have trusted blindly what I read around.

Now I smile.

Because crashing is presented almost like a rumor, something that someone may have done but there is no evidence of.

I can tell you that the two most beautiful fashion shows, MaxMara and Blumarine, I saw just by posting!

However, there is a strategy for everything and this too must be done wisely if you don’t want to waste time.

Few people know that sometimes it happens that the bouncers let a few people in a few seconds before the start of the parade to fill places that have remained empty.

I’m talking to you about no more than 20 people and it varies a lot according to the location and the type of show.

Don’t think about going out to the Fendi, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows, because that doesn’t work.

Personally, I’ve seen people enter like this even outside the Alberta Ferretti fashion show which isn’t bad at all.

There is a little secret you need to know. Do you want to know?

Approximately 20 minutes after the time of the show you find written on the calendar of the Chamber of Fashion, you must stand in the front row in front of the entrance, almost on the bouncer’s lap, near the Standing sign, present, or Print .

And wait!

That’s where they let the lucky ones in!

I’ll give you a few more tips in the video below. If you haven’t seen it yet, press Play.

>> Read also: How to collaborate with brands at Fashion Week.

Have you ever attended a Milan Fashion Week show?

For some it’s a dream, for others it can become a reality. Have you ever attended or would you like to attend a fashion show? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

I hope that you will apply one of these methods and that you will be able to participate in the Milan Fashion Week shows in the coming months.

I assure you that it takes commitment that you have to spend afternoons out on the street whatever the weather conditions, but if you can it will be a truly wonderful experience.

I don’t want to tell you anything else so as not to spoil the surprise in case you succeed in this feat, I ask you to share this mega 3500+ word article that took me two days of writing and months of experience. You can do this with the buttons at the bottom.

You can see photos from the past Fashion Weeks on this page.

See you next time and good luck!

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