MISTAKES to avoid on Instagram: Don’t fall into the TRAPS of the WEB

There are mistakes to avoid on Instagram.


The internet is now full of articles that offer you all the techniques in the world to increase your followers and become an influencer in one, two or three months.

Too bad some of these tips are really useless and ineffective.

Here I want to explain what you shouldn’t do, the mistakes to avoid on Instagram to truly create a community that has value and is well paid by brands.

Let’s get started ?

What are the mistakes to avoid on Instagram in 2019?

It’s 9:05 pm.

Naples International Airport.

I write from a computer sitting on the seat of an airplane preparing for take-off.

I never imagined my life would be transformed so much.

Shut up at home the day before, looking for an unlikely job, and the next day on the PC with the freedom to travel and work anywhere in the world.

This is what we’re used to seeing every day on Instagram.

Right ?

As long as we see others doing it, we just dream.

Then comes the possibility that we can live that life too.

That spark that makes us believe that anything is possible.

Now let’s stop with all this.

I’m not leaving for the Maldives, not even for the big apple or an Asian metropolis.

I’m headed to Milan, after a visit to my parents in Naples.

The fact is that until recently I never dreamed of being on a plane typing with my computer on my lap.

Until recently, I wasn’t aware that the life I told you about above is truly attainable.

That was until I got to know the world of Instagram and started studying how it works.

So I realized that living while traveling, doing what we like is much more realistic than you might think.

It takes the right techniques.

The right skills.

And a lot of effort.

If you’re here it’s probably because you want to grow your Instagram profile and have the chance to live an influencer life.

You want to travel, see beautiful places, wear dream clothes and live doing what you love.

Not closed in an office from 9 to 5 in the evening. Not even sitting at a desk in front of the PC.

But use the power of the web world to work in complete freedom.

Instagram is a very powerful tool for doing all of this.

A lot of girls started their careers as fashion bloggers and influencers and today they can do everything I mentioned above.

But to do that, you need to know that there is a ton of information on the web on how to increase your instagram followers, grow your following and create a social presence.

A lot of these things, alas, are bullshit.

Who am I to tell you?

I’m Monica and I’ve been following the world of Instagram and its dynamics for four years.

How ?

I threw myself into it.

I opened my profile and started growing it, using all the strategies I could find on blogs.

And do you know what I found?

There are a few things that work that help you build followers and build a community.

Others are just shit and are only for picking up inactive people.

I’ve already told you about 20 techniques to increase your instagram followers.

Here I want to tell you about the mistakes to avoid on Instagram and why these can be really fatal.

Are we ready?

# 1 Use app for followers and likes

What are these apps?

I’m probably going to open up a world for you.

Maybe you didn’t know it existed and as soon as you finish this paragraph you will run to download one of these apps I’m about to tell you about.

These are platforms where you can receive and exchange likes and followers.

These are apps that work in points.

Scroll through other users’ posts and like them. Every time you leave a heart or a follow you earn points that can be used to acquire likes and followers on your profile.

All great, isn’t it?

So why shouldn’t these apps be used?

Because after a while the accounts are un-following because they reach the limit of people you can follow!

Not only that.

I’ve told you on several occasions that followers are just a number now.

The most important thing is to create a community of loving people who trust you and interact with your posts.

This is what brands pay for, not a bunch of doers who just make up numbers!

These apps allow you to momentarily increase your numbers but do not guarantee you will create a long-term community.


The further you go, the more likes and followers will drop as soon as you stop using the service.

Instagram could notice this immediate drop in interactions and penalize your account.

How ?

By reducing the visibility of your posts and stories.

This means that people who follow you will no longer see your posts or stories in the top results and it reduces the likelihood of them liking or leaving comments.

All of this also reduces your chances of ending up on the explore page and further increasing your following for free.

Stay away from these apps!

Not only that.

Also be wary of anyone who tells you that using Instagram bot is bad and should be avoided. In this article I’ll explain why – Instagram bot: Now I’ll change your mind!

# 2 Must write in English

But what?

Can’t reach more people by writing in English?

Of course, but those people may not be interested in what you post.

The fact is this.

I know this point can create some dissent. On the internet I found this advice on several blogs so I want to clarify my point of view.

When I explained how to start your Instagram profile, I talked about how to create your own unique identity to spread on social media and to define well the audience you are targeting.

This identity must be not only unique and personal but also different.

Since there are a lot of accounts out there I have to tell people

Hey, follow me I can offer you this that other people don’t give you!

And that doesn’t mean reaching out to the world to increase the likelihood that someone will notice us.


Quite the opposite often works!

To narrow our scope and try to reach a very specific audience.

Hence the idea of ​​not writing in English but in a local language, country, to address only users in your country.

It counts that users of different nationalities have different beliefs, ways of doing, mentalities and ways of thinking.

And to create a community I have already told you several times that you need to create a relationship.

How can you create a relationship by addressing someone in a foreign language and proposing concepts that are not part of their culture?

Start small.

One local language, one very specific topic and very specific people.

I’ve already told you on other occasions how I started on Instagram.

With a generic travel profile where I wrote in English.

Never more wrong choice!

It didn’t go very well and do you know why?

People all over the world had to choose whether to follow me or the super travel blogger of the moment with breathtaking photos of the Maldives.

Who would you choose to follow?

# 3 Use lots of popular Hashtags

Other advice I found on some (not all) blogs.

Why not use a lot of popular hashtags?

First I want to explain that hashtags are not all the same, but they are divided into 3 categories :

  • small – 1 million posts down
  • medium – 1 to 5 million posts published
  • big – from 5 million posts to go up

Where do you find the number of posts published in each hashtag?

Just take on the hashtag and it’s that number that appears immediately under the name.

Knowing how to classify hashtags is very important because each category allows you to reach people at a different time.

Now I’ll tell you the difference right away.

Large hashtags are those in which hundreds of photos are posted per minute.

You realize that, in such a situation, you will only get exposure for your photo in the very first few minutes of posting.

After a couple of minutes it will be flooded with more photos and nobody will find it again!

Small hashtags are those with few posts but also few visits.

So, as soon as you post the photo, no one shits you, however, as people flock to the hashtag, they will have a lot of chances to find your photo in recent posts and, why not, in the top posts of the hashtag.

This means greater long-term visibility, sometimes even days and weeks apart.

Medium hashtags, as you can imagine, give you visibility throughout the day.

It is therefore important to combine these three categories in the best possible way to maximize the effects.

You have 30 hashtags, you don’t necessarily have to use them all.

But make sure they are well distributed within these three categories .

Seeing is believing!

I’ve written a complete guide on how to best use hashtags. You can take a look at us right away! 😀

Instagram Hashtags: How to use them best and get thousands of views to your posts!

# 4 Buy followers

“Monica, I thought I’d pick up my Instagram profile again. I want to make it grow but I need some motivation.

As soon as the site will discount the followers, I buy some to get to 10k, at which point it will be ready to resume! “

It’s my friend Gianni talking.

A few days ago we were sitting at a table in the center of Naples drinking a fantastic espresso and this was our conversation.

If you think the motivation for starting an Instagram profile must come from fake followers, then you are on the wrong path to success.

The motivation must come from your mission, from the purpose you have set . The number of followers doesn’t really matter too much.

The idea that to be successful on Instagram you need to have lots of followers is still a common belief.

Absolutely wrong.

It’s the biggest mistake to avoid on Instagram.

There are accounts with a very specific audience that already collaborate with 3000-4000 followers.

So what’s the problem with buying followers?

That they are not real users!

You don’t create a community, you don’t sell a service to any company, and you don’t bring anyone to your blog to read your articles or buy your products.

They are purely a number, destined to go down.

Because yes, no one tells you at first that these people are starting to take your follow off and slowly you find yourself back to square one.

Some services sell the full package.

For a year, at a higher price, you can have a certain number of followers who go to replace you every time they unfollow you.

After a year, you are period and return.

It’s a technique that I don’t recommend you use if you don’t want to use Instagram just to be cool.

If you want to offer value to your audience, the brands you collaborate with, and make money from all of this, then this technique makes no sense.

By now everyone knows that followers can be bought and I assure you, companies have the tools to understand the quality of your profile.

They will reject you a priori for any collaboration!

# 5 Uneven profile

You will surely have noticed.

About what?

The very homogeneous, coherent and uniformly colored profiles attract much more than the profiles that do not have a clear graphic identity.

I know it can be tempting to publish anything you can think of.

The truth is that creating a poorly consistent profile is a mistake to avoid on Instagram.

I’ve already told you about 6 techniques with which to create a homogeneous Instagram profile.

I recommend you use them, because your clear identity is really essential to stand out in the mass of generic and meaningless Instagram accounts.

At first I also tried to post photos of my holidays, with poor colors and the results were very disappointing.

Did you know that a homogeneous profile allows you to quickly double your followers by focusing only on creating beautiful photos?

Oh yeah, sometimes all the little techniques to grow up on Instagram can be a real hassle!

If you are tired of all this but still want to increase your followers, download the extract of my guide for creating a homogeneous Instagram profile for free.

Just fill in the fields below and you will receive it immediately in your inbox!

# 6 Posting too often / too little

There are two ways to earn an immediate unfollow. Last note on the list of mistakes to avoid on Instagram.

The first is posting too often.

Have you ever had your home flooded with posts from the same account?

Well, surely you have had a strong urge to unfollow it and get it out of the box.

But there is also the reverse situation.

What happens when you haven’t heard from someone in a while?

After all we follow a person to get inspiration, learn about her story, get inspired.

But if this doesn’t publish content, what’s the use of following it?

A very little.

So, if we notice it, we’re well prepared to remove the contact from the follow-up list.

How often to publish then?

It really depends on the theme of your account.

In general, I recommend that you post at least once a day to keep your account active, but no more than three posts a day so as not to get bored

I post once a day always at the same time so as to accustom my followers that my motivational blogging goodies will always arrive at the same time of the day.

Try running tests. Post one photo a day, or two, or even a photo every other day to see how your followers react.

Over time, stick to the strategy that ensures the best results in terms of likes and comments on the post.

The important thing is that you don’t bother your followers and create content that is consistent with what your profile is about.

– – –

I hope I have dissuaded you from using all the techniques I mentioned above.

There are more and more mistakes to avoid on Instagram.

Social is becoming more sophisticated every day.

Brands are becoming more aware.

It is now the order of the day that they ask me for the statistics of my audience and my posts before accepting a collaboration.

They’re not stupid.

There are a lot of accounts out there that have grown illegally and don’t have a real following.

If you have a friend who is trying to grow her Instagram account, put her on the lookout for these techniques by sharing this article with the buttons below.

You would be doing her a big favor.

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Have you ever used any of the techniques I told you about?

Share your results in the comments below.

I’m curious to know!

Namasté Monica Pirozzi

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