Most followed accounts on instagram in the world

account più seguiti su instagram

What are the most followed accounts on Instagram? Let’s review the top 20 accounts to see who entered the Instagram hall of fame.

With around 1 billion active monthly users , Instagram is a huge and very popular social network around the world. With the rise of influencers, many people can even make money with instagram ( or at least get free product ) .

We have already seen which are the posts with the most likes on instagram, but, which are the accounts with the most followers on instagram?

Scroll down to find out which are the 20 most followed accounts on instagram, from footballers to musicians to international brands.

Global pop star Katy Perry ranks 20th (she also has one of the most followed accounts on Twitter).

19. Miley Cyrus (112.6 m followers)

Next we have Miley Cyrus, the Disney star turned pop giant.

Cyrus has a fairly typical Instagram account. Lots of selfies, along with shots of photo shoots and its events.

Here is the first of the Kardashians on this list ( not that it’s a surprise to anyone ).

Khloé Kardashian takes 18th place.

She and her family have found great success on the platform, using it to post about their lives, businesses and activities.

17. Nike (119.45 m followers)

Our first brand on the list, Nike, obviously understood how valuable a large social media presence is. Their account is a masterclass in managing a successful account.

Their account adapts and changes with their brand, plus they publish a good mix of stories , videos, photos . they also publish a lot of IGTVs, as you can see in the embedded post above.

With its worldwide popularity and high quality posts, it’s no surprise that Nike is one of the few brands to make it into this top 20.

16. Nicki Minaj (120.5 m followers)

account with the most followers on instagram

Unsurprisingly, there are many musicians on this list and Nicki Minaj is 16th

Her account is just as you’d expect: lots of photos from her tours and concerts, her personal life and even some of her fans.

most followed accounts on instagram in the world

Next is Jennifer Lopez. Another actress and musician on the list, Jennifer goes to great lengths to keep her instagram account up to date and with interesting posts.

With the usual behind-the-scenes photos, music and video promotions, JLo also has a number of highlights of stories from her concerts and with hashtags she created herself.

account with more followers on instagram

Next we have model Kendall Jenner.

Her account is pretty simple, it contains many shots of her photo shoots and work in the fashion industry , selfies and photos of his private life.

account with the most followers on instagram

Just before the top ten, we have Taylor Swift, who coincidentally is the most influential person on Twitter ( 2019 data )

As with Katy Perry, success on Twitter does not necessarily translate into an increase in positions in the top of Instagram

That said, Taylor Swift posts a lot more content on Instagram versus Twitter, with the highlights of his stories, the shots of his performances and the promotions of his latest works and business ( along with the usual selfies and posts on personal life ).

12. Neymar (140 m followers)

most followed instagram profiles

Our first player on the list is Neymar. He is currently a forward in Paris Saint-Germain .

It is not surprising that for a sports star like him he has an account full of images of him playing football, shots taken during training sessions and other photos with the rest of the team

most followed instagram profiles

Another brand in the list is National Geographic , the megazine about nature.

Instagram is, of course, a visual platform, so National Geographic took full advantage of this opportunity by posting photos from their multitude of photographers.

Their stunning images and videos of the nature around the world have been surprisingly popular with Instagram users.

most followed instagram profiles

Here is Justin Bieber. As one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, he’s no surprise he’s on this list.

9. Beyoncé (151.6 m followers)

Next we have Beyoncé

She is also very high on the Instagram ranking, the post announcing her pregnancy was one of the most liked posts on Instagram . p>

His account is pretty straightforward, most posts include shots of his performances and professional work, with a few personal posts here and there.

instagram account with more followers

Following is the footballer Lionel Messi, the captain of Barcelona FC and the Argentine national football team.

One of the strongest and most famous players ever, his Instagram is exactly like you would expect it: shots of him that g ioca, a look at his personal life and some photos from the other events he participates in.

instagram account with multiple followers

The last Kardashian on the list and probably the most famous.

Her account is similar to that of the other members of her family. Many images of her modeling work and the events she participates in, along with personal photos such as old family photos.

Hers is your typical pop star account filled with selfies, photos of herself at events, photos of her friends, but also includes some political posts on topics like women’s rights.

Your account is focuses on her work and personal life, with many photos of her children and her partner.

Our one and only wrestler in the top 20 is Dwayne” The Rock “Johnson.

WWE star and now actor of world famous, occupies the 4th place.

In his account there are many shots of the r his movies, photos of him in the gym and posts about his family.

most followed instagram accounts in the world

the latest musician on the list is global super star Ariana Grande.

One of the most famous and popular singers on the planet, it is only natural that she is so popular on Instagram too ( and she is also the most followed woman on Instagram, to be precise ).

His feed is full of pictures from his concerts and his private life.

most followed accounts on instagram in world

Here is the most followed person on Instagram: the great footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus striker and Portuguese national team captain, he is one of the best footballers the world has known.

When it comes to his feed, there are few surprises. There are many family photos, shots of him playing football and many pictures of his private life.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also the first person to even reach 200 million followers on Instagram.

1. Instagram (359.3 m followers)

Finally, in front of everyone with over 350 million followers, is the official Instagram account.

Their feed has a clear purpose: to showcase the best and most interesting people and trends on Instagram. On top of that, they also promote their own IGTV content that they create themselves.

Will anyone ever have more followers than Instagram themselves?

Well, if an egg can beat Kylie Jenner , anything is possible.

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