, the social network for video-selfies in playback of famous songs

Let’s continue our journey through the strangest or coolest social networks on the web by discovering the hottest one of the moment. The social network that you probably don’t know only if you have been locked up in a bunker for months or if, like me, you are more or less 23 years old. We are talking about, the social network that your grandchildren or teenager children are loving, making it their favorite app. And we certainly can’t avoid keeping up. Maybe then we end up getting passionate too!

What is

This is an app available for Android and iOS born in China in 2014 and based on playback of famous songs . It is a videosharing app that allows you to share short videos in which famous songs are played in lip sync (i.e. re-sung only by moving your lips, in a sort of silent karaoke ) with the addition of choreography, effects and filters. In August, merged with the older sister Tik Tok , of the Chinese giant Bytedance , which in 2017 bought for a billion dollars. The substance for the nearly 100 million users in the world however does not change.


Enter the world of, where over 12 million videos are posted every day! – simply download the app and create your account with two possibilities: you can register with your mobile number or email or log in through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+. At this point you are in the Home of the app where users will be suggested (called musers) with more views and comments, you can search by hashtag or have access to the videos of the users you follow once you have found profiles you like.

Explore and upload videos to

Before uploading a video and practicing, you should still take a look at those published by those who are already experts, to get an idea. Just swipe the display from top to bottom to see the videos of the most successful musers on the app. Below you will see the account of the user who posted the video, the title of the song and the artist who sings it. You can also like, comment, share the video or report abuse. Through the icons at the bottom you can access the Home , do some research, upload your video, view notifications and access your profile. To record a video you need to click on the “+” symbol at the bottom center and give vent to your creativity.

The teen social network

If you are a teenager, you want to have fun, experiment and above all show off then is the social network for you. If you do not have these characteristics, and especially if you have passed the age target, it is unlikely that this social network will be able to capture your attention in a way that goes beyond a little healthy curiosity towards the world of teenagers. Or at least that’s what happened to me when I downloaded the app and explored it for a while.

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