Niche on Instagram: How to find the foolproof topic for your profile

Niche on Instagram? There is something really cramped and oppressive about this term.

Yet it represents a fundamental step to create a successful Instagram account and start making money with your profile.

Follow me to the end of this article and I’ll explain the 5-step method to find your niche on Instagram, create a foolproof profile and grow your followers!

Everything you’ll find in the next few lines is totally exclusive .

I came up with the method myself and you won’t find it anywhere else on the web.

I hope you will realize the wealth of information you will read but above all I wanted this path to be extremely practical .

You will not have to make philosophical disquisitions of any kind but just take a pen and paper and start drawing the guidelines to define your winning niche on Instagram .

Do you want to change your Instagram account right away?

Then read on!

What is a niche on Instagram

“Are we talking about a niche or something like that? I already got claustrophobia! ”

Let’s say cramped things are a bit involved.

I’ll tell you more.

Finding a claustrophobic, very specific topic is the secret of success on Instagram.

Starting an online career is hard enough nowadays.

You’ve probably realized that the time for generic profiles has been over for years.

We can no longer afford to talk about travel, fashion, food in a very broad sense.

I’ve already told you on other occasions about how to start managing an Instagram profile and how important it is to find your unique identity .

Here I want to explain it to you in a more practical and specific way.

Finding your unique identity means finding your niche.

The two are very much connected.

“Yes, but what is this famous niche?”

A niche market is your lifeline from bankruptcy

When we talk about niche on Instagram we are referring to what in marketing is called market niche .


Oh yes, I have told you several times that Instagram is not a photography social as many still believe but a digital marketing platform where many companies pay for visibility.

Once this happens, you will surely realize that the rules of the game change.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to be successful on Instagram or be a born artist (although that can definitely help). You just have to learn to be a little photogenic.

Without the right knowledge of Instagram marketing, there’s nowhere.

Even the most brilliant artist will end up in oblivion.

If you’re interested in the topic, you can take a look at all the articles I’ve written about influencer marketing.

Let’s get back to us.

What is a market niche?

A market niche is a collection of people who share common specific desires, passions and needs.

It is therefore a group of individuals who have something in common, who share a way of thinking and a way of behaving in a certain area.

Let’s think for example of Travel .

A niche in the travel segment could be backpackers .

It joins all those people who not only love to travel but who like to go on an adventure, with a backpack on their backs to discover the world.

Got it?

Clarify your ideas better watch the video below (I apologize for the planes taking off!).

The importance of finding your niche on Instagram

“So I don’t risk finding a few people interested in my topic?”

The fear that their niche on Instagram won’t be successful is what drives many to throw themselves into generic profiles again.


Why should I follow your amateur travel profile if there are content creators out and about posting crazy travel photos?

It doesn’t make sense.

You need to find your subtopic.

Believe me, I want to tell you something that a lot of people don’t understand.

Getting vertical and then choosing a specific topic is not a weakness but a strength.

It allows you to start gathering support (and therefore followers) from the public much easier than if you are dealing with a super generic topic.

Why all this?

Simply because there won’t be anyone else talking about the same thing you are talking about!

It may seem trivial, but it is by no means obvious.

Being the first to deal with a certain topic gives you a competitive advantage that you don’t even know.

Better to be the first in a new niche on Instagram than the last in a super competitive niche.

Not only that!

In the long run, when you start building a good following, you will begin to gain authority in even the most general niche … without lifting a finger!

Let’s take the travel example again.

If you make a backpacker profile and it is very successful, you will have the authority, in the eyes of those who are not very travel savvy, of a wonderful travel profile that shows the world from a different perspective.

Great, isn’t it?

There are a lot of niches out there that you can explore.

There are no limits.

Instagram is the platform with the highest number of users on the web.

This means that if you set up your profile correctly and communicate your ideas well, you will always find people interested in what you have to say.

Don’t be afraid and start narrowing your scope!

5-step method to find your foolproof niche on Instagram

Finding your niche on Instagram isn’t easy!

It really takes study and effort.

Not only that.

If you’re going to start earning with Instagram, collaborate with brands and make it a job you need to find something that combines these three things :

  • Your passion
  • One thing that people
  • like

  • Something the market requires

There must be ALL THREE of these elements, otherwise you can’t expect to be successful.

If your purpose is to share photos on Instagram for the sheer pleasure of doing so, then you can also go out in the fresh air.

Everything written in this blog is completely useless! XD

There’s good news in all of this.

Want to know which one?

I have seen many profiles on Instagram wrong in choosing their niche.

Identifying the infallible topic to deal with is certainly not an easy thing and it took me some time to find it too.

This is why I have created this 5-step method that will take you by the hand in defining the specific topic you are going to talk about.

Shall we go?

# 1 Find your passions

“I’ve already heard this thing a lot of times, but I haven’t seen a euro yet!”

I understand what you think, but if you want to be successful on the web and on Instagram you have to talk about something you really like .

How to find it?

Grab a pen and paper.

Are you there?

Now make a list of the generic topics that you really love.

Don’t be afraid to dare, put down everything that comes to mind that makes you happy.

You can easily enter travel, fashion, sport.

We’ll need this list to lay the groundwork for finding your niche on Instagram.

Remember that this is not a one-time process. It is a continuous research .

You may love traveling but you realize you don’t have what it takes to do your job.

For this you have to try to find at least three broad categories .

At this point put them all in order of importance , from the one you like best to the one you like least.

You’ll soon understand why!

# 2 Probe the ground

What do others say about your passions?

Are there people who have similar profiles to the one you would like to open?

It is essential to understand what is happening on the platform before throwing yourself headlong.

Competition is fierce.

For each category you put on the list, look for accounts that talk about the same thing .

Try to understand if they are many or few, what their style is, how they communicate to their followers.

You don’t want to become a copy of a well-known Instagram profile?

I know you don’t care.

But that’s exactly what you risk doing if you don’t really study what’s going on in the market.

Click on the magnifying glass of Instagram and write Travel, Food, Fashion or whatever else you have included in the list of your passions.

Search hashtags, Google. Do whatever you can think of to find people who talk about that topic!

# 3 The power of sub-categories

Now you will be able to tell which of the macro categories we have defined above are the most competitive .

You can put a star next to each one.

  • One star – little competition
  • Two stars – medium competition
  • Three stars – high competition

Which one will you choose at this point?

The first category of the list with low or medium competition.

Those chock full of people talking about them you can also keep them aside for now.

While your chosen category may have little competition, there will still be plenty of accounts that talking about that thing .

With many more followers than you.

How do you stand out?

You have to use the power of sub-categories!

Take your chosen topic, for example Travel , and come up with a super specific category around that concept.

It must be something almost unique or not very popular.

For example, you could make a travel account for your region, or you could target a particular type of travel such as camping, etc.

Got it?

Trust me, you have to go very specific and you won’t regret it!

“But I don’t risk losing potential followers like this?”

Maybe, but in an arena as crowded as Instagram the problem is not losing followers but getting noticed !

Better to target a few people and be noticed than to point to everyone and be ignored.

Remember one of the basic rules is if you talk to everyone you don’t talk to anyone.

Start with a precise focus. Once you have reached a good number of fans, you will have no problem expanding your theme and moving on to something more general.

[bctt tweet = “If you talk to everyone, you don’t talk to anyone.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

Nobody considers the idea of ​​finding a sub-category of a topic.

It is really an interesting gem that I wanted to share with you. It comes directly from my marketing knowledge on the subject and it would be nice if I shared it with some friends who might be interested.

I’ll leave you the social buttons below!

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# 4 Go for it

When I was a child, my parents taught me one thing.

“Go to school, learn all the theoretical knowledge possible on the subject and keep it for future use.”

Does it remind you of anything?

I found this to be the biggest mistake I ever could make!

The truth is, as long as you don’t throw yourself in, as long as you don’t do things to her…

nothing happens!

I know this is the most difficult step, but you have to open the app, create the profile in the niche you have chosen and start posting photos.

Do they suck?

It doesn’t matter!

Think I’ve hit nearly 1000 Instagram posts as I write this article and guess what I think of 99% of the photos?

They suck!

Taking action is essential to understand if what you have thought works in the market.

Not only that.

It also serves to make you understand if you like your niche and would like to turn it into your work.

I know it sounds strange, but things don’t always go well .

I’ll explain in the next paragraph.

[bctt tweet = “Taking action is essential to understand if what you have thought works in the market.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

# 5 Correct the route

You’ve chosen your niche on Instagram, you’ve created a profile, you’ve been posting a photo a day for a few months but…

nothing happens!

You don’t get results.

Motivation starts to wane, you have few ideas for taking pictures and creating content.

You start looking at that thing you liked so much from another perspective.

Maybe you like it, but you don’t want to do it every day.

Two things can happen while you try to start your Instagram profile and they all have a single solution.

  1. The Instagram audience doesn’t give a damn about the topic you’ve chosen;
  2. You lose interest in what you talk about and want to stop creating content every day.

The solution?

Change !

It’s part of the path.

Understanding who we are, our personality and what we are most passionate about is a very long process.

It can take years to really understand what our passions are.

So don’t be scrupulous and move on to the second niche on the list I made you write at the beginning if you notice that the public doesn’t follow you, or worse, that you don’t like it.

Attention !

Don’t confuse this with laziness.

We often switch from one topic to another because we don’t see results immediately .

So, approach this last step very critically and really ask yourself if you don’t like the topic or if no one is interested before you change.

You risk jumping from one topic to another for a year and not getting a shred of results!

To start increasing your Instagram followers and collaborating with brands, you need to be consistent for at least 6 months.

Is it tough? Then you don’t really want it!

[bctt tweet = “The hardest thing is understanding who we are, our personality and what we are most passionate about.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

What do you think of this method? Do you find it valid to find your foolproof topic on Instagram?

And you? Have you already found your niche on Instagram?

Share in the comments below your ideas for your Instagram profile or the topic you have chosen if you already have a profile.

I’d be really happy to hear what you’ve come up with and help out if you’re not sure.

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And that’s it.

See you next time.

Namasté Monica Pirozzi

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