On which social networks can micro communities be managed?

gestire le micro community

social networks, but also instant messaging apps, are
increasingly oriented towards the enhancement of local groups and
micro community.

This “ relational ” attitude arises from the need of companies and freelancers to consolidate, day after day, the link between the brand and the final consumer.

It is
precisely for this reason that many marketers are “leading”
small and very small businesses to adopt strategies
digital communication focused on the role of the customer in the system

most of these community marketing initiatives are placed
existing on the main social networks – such as Facebook and
Instagram – as well as on some applications – Telegram and Whatsapp –
that are revolutionizing digital and related interactions
digital marketing strategies.

On which social networks can micro communities be managed?

micro communities, or local groups, can be managed
directly on Mark Zuckerberg’s platforms as well
on the application created by Pavel Durov.

Facebook, businesses and freelancers can create gods
closed groups – which can only be accessed after answering
to some questions – in such a way as to select only the users who
have certain requirements.

example, the requirements can be:

  • Geographical;
  • Demographic
  • Social;

all of these cases, the marketer will need to be able to segment
the corporate community in many micro groups in order to improve
the interactions between the same business activity and each individual

Instead on Whatsapp – well even the most famous messaging application in the world is now a social network – it is possible to create one or more local groups (discover the differences between Whatsapp and Telegram groups) where each user will have the possibility to exchange textual, visual content and audio notes.

Management of micro communities on Telegram and Instagram

two other social networks where micro communities can be managed
or the local groups are Telegram and Instagram.

With version 5.8 of Telegram it is possible to create one or more local groups (find out how to create a local group on Telegram) in order to interact with users in the vicinity.

I have already explained several times about my communication channels, the
Telegram geolocated chats work with the Gps system and
they put in contact all those people who “pass” in
that particular geographical area.

at the moment, geo-localized groups represent one of the tools
more powerful for doing local marketing on mobile devices.

in Telegram, Instagram is also a particularly social network
suitable for the management of micro communities.

with the introduction of the Chat sticker in the Stories, each account
can create an invitation to join a group chat.

users who want to be part of the group chat will have to
simply reply to the sticker and wait for authorization
by the account administrator.

The latter
has the possibility to select or deselect, using the
movement of the icon, users who can participate in the chat.

In short
it is a very useful tool for managing small communities
and to promote a local event.

Why is community marketing important for small businesses?

community marketing is essential for very small businesses
commercial as it allows:

  • Connect
    customers with potential consumers;
  • Improve
    brand loyalty;
  • Improve
    the overall level of satisfaction;

community marketing can be of two types:

  1. Spontaneous : in this case the companies do not intervene directly on promotional activities since it is the users themselves who generate positive feedback through word of mouth (find out how to do marketing with word of mouth);
  2. Sponsored : companies, through advertising, promote their groups and related content.

the latter case includes all those social media initiatives
marketing aimed at sharing value within the
own community of reference.


Social media and instant messaging apps are two great tools for community marketing and for managing micro communities.

community marketing is a branch of enterprise marketing that enables
companies to implement a series of strategies geared towards
growth of their consumer groups.

these initiatives are adopted by small businesses
entrepreneurs who tend to create micro communities to do
increase the awareness of the brand and its reputation a
local level.

The web is also sharing

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