Over 60 who rock on Instagram

It often happens to observe that there are many situations in our daily life that change very quickly and that these rapid changes are often prompted by the news in the technological field.

To give an example, I remember how great the “ internet points were, in the early 2000s, which gave the opportunity to those who were far from home or he did not have an internet connection – moreover at that time still much more “dancer” than now – to use computers to write e-mails, contact friends and relatives on the first instant messaging platforms and do online research.


I remember it well because I too, with my partner, who had a small bookshop in the province, had made a PC available to our customers to provide a service of this kind, which is the only point within a radius of several kilometers. an area far from the big cities.
A clientele made up mostly of boys, but also of many foreigners – and not only very young ones – who spent their summer holidays in our area and who, by word of mouth, came to know about our service . This is because in Italy the number of network users was still very low – in retrospect, my partner and I, even though already almost forty, were in fact one of the few exceptions in the area – availability of computers in homes was still quite small and the capillarity of the connection was very minimal.

A very clear memory of those years, for example, is of a ninety-year-old American who, accompanied by his son, came to use our computer “by the hour” to keep in touch with his acquaintances overseas during his holidays. summer in the Marche countryside. An anomalous situation, since it was the norm to hear from the voice of residents over forty that the internet was “a child’s thing” which was difficult to understand how it works and useful.

Things have evolved very quickly over the past twenty years, which is why I found myself observing that, especially since the advent of smartphones , more and more people have found themselves in our hands means with which to connect quickly and easily to the network and today there are fewer and fewer people, even when they are no longer very young, who do not know how to move on the internet.

It should be remembered that those who, at the dawn of the year 2000, were under forty, today are more or less sixty, but in my opinion a lot has meant the dissemination of the means and the care to implement them of increasingly simple functionality.

In addition to making not say disappear, but certainly making the “internet points” rather rare, which at that time were an innovative activity and which rendered a service that was felt the need, this meant that the many possibilities given by the network began to re-enter the everyday life not only of the generations born “with the internet”, but also of a huge slice of people who have lived part of their life “disconnected” and are therefore no longer so young.

The fact is that now, saying that the internet is something that only interests young people, is not at all true, since hyper-connected over 60s are not a rarity at all , just think of the many well-known names that circulate on social networks and that dictate the law on fashion or that in any case continue to conquer thousands and thousands of followers.

A few examples?

As for our country, undoubtedly the Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli , very active on Instagram, who in addition to being an icon of the cinema of the seventies, having competed for Miss World in 1968, having been a model and also the protagonist of many photo novels, today she is a real influencer in the fashion and lifestyle sector, with a large number of followers.

And if we want to go beyond borders and well beyond 60, we cannot fail to remember senior influencers such as Baddie Winkle and Iris Apfel , who have made their eccentricity in made of fashion and design a lifestyle, still very popular and very popular American “grannies”.

Among the “grandparents” very active on social media, fashion influencers, we remember the Japanese “Silver” Tetsuya , as well as the Berliner Günther Anton Krabbenhöft , but many others are the male names over 60 that are popular on social networks and that are often chosen by brands from the most diverse sectors to be their ambassadors.

As I said at the beginning: things have changed very quickly in the last twenty years.

Alessandra Buschi

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