Paid Facebook groups: how they work and how to use them

Zuckerberg does not stop for a moment and launches in beta testing, currently only for some American companies, the paid Facebook groups , a platform that in recent years has found great success in construction activities of online community.

On June 20, in fact, the announcement appeared on the official Facebook website, in which it was announced that the tests for the first subscription Facebook groups had just been launched, that is, subscribable only after payment of a certain balance. / p>

This novelty has found the appreciation of the many administrators and content creators who every day undertake to support and take care of their community without a direct source of income and who from today can finally start earning from their work of group moderation and creation of content on Facebook.

Let’s see how this new feature works and how we can take advantage of it.

How Facebook-paid-groups work

For a month now, the administrators of some selected Facebook groups have been able to notify their group members to request access to special paid subgroups.

Facebook has selected groups from different niches for this test, such as those related to cooking, home organization, colleges and parents. To join these paid groups you must already be registered in the main group and wait for the administrator of the same to send the notification.

This will be accompanied by some preview cards where you can see some of the contents that will be offered in the paid subgroup and the subscription costs. Once the subscription is confirmed, the administrator will have to accept the request so that the subscriber can pay the first balance of the subscription and finally access the special group.

How much do subscriptions cost

Access to the group can be made after the balance of a monthly subscription ranging from $ 4.99 to $ 29.99 per month . For now, Facebook group admins have a 100% margin on these earnings, although Facebook may retain a percentage later on.

For now, the prices are very valid and in line with other paid community platforms, but since it is only a test phase, it is not certain that prices and methods may change over time.

How to use them

In reality, paid Facebook groups can be used in many different ways depending on the type of group you manage.

A professional in the sector, how can a consultant be SEO or a Web Advertiser, could build a small private paid group in which he offers small consultations, suggests advanced advice and practices and answers the various questions of his customers and interested parties, while a community on travel and tourism could sponsor quality content, unmissable offers and special packages for members.

The most interesting use, at least from my point of view, is what Content Creators who already work online will be able to do with it.

Online source of income for Content Creator

Many YouTubers, Bloggers and Content Creators could indeed find, in the possibility of earning through Facebook, a replacement platform for Patreon, a crowdfunding portal that guarantees its content creators a monthly revenue based on who pays to join the Creator’s Patreon.

This not indifferent source of income will surely be appreciated by the many Creators dissatisfied with the ever smaller earnings offered by Adsense , which will push them to use Facebook groups where they will be able to produce valuable and quality content, obtaining a good monthly revenue . A use that could be very successful in the near future.

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