Paola Turani, the model who has become an influencer

It’s hard not to know Paola Turani . Especially if you spend some free time with your smartphone in your hand while scrolling through the images on Instagram . Yes, because Paola Turani is one of the undisputed stars of Instagram, with a profile that, to date, has over one million followers. And her is a story that confirms how things, in terms of popularity, have changed drastically in recent years. In fact, once upon a time there were tops. Noemi, Cindy and the others. The supermodels who flooded the glossy covers of fashion and gossip magazines and glittered tightly in gorgeous dresses on the various red carpets. And now they are there. The influencers .

And sometimes, the step from the catwalks to the Instagram feed is really short. At least this was the journey that Paola Turani, the model who has become an influencer, decided to make. So, at least, everyone defines it. Because that’s how she was born, in the world of fashion. She started showing at the age of 16 and now that she is just over thirty years old, she has become a style icon for the big brands that compete for her, among the different forms of advertising campaigns. .

Paola Turani has quickly kidnapped the universe of Instagram. And she did it with a simplicity and spontaneity that makes it difficult not to admire her sympathy or extraordinary beauty. Paola Turani is one of those women you don’t envy because nature has given her so much. She is one you can only and simply appreciate. She has been on Instagram for eight years now, long before Zuckerberg’s image sharing social network became so popular and inflated. He started, almost for fun, with shyness and circumspection, since he has repeatedly declared that he does not love new things in a crazy way. But the possibility of sharing pieces of life with others and, above all, the curiosity of being able to use her smartphone to try her hand at photography led her to want to open an Instagram profile to communicate with the many people who followed her, perhaps looking at it through a commercial on television.

Her profile, in fact, is a succession of moments of life, alternating with moments of work, where Paola Turani appears beautiful wrapped in dream clothes or struggling with her two loves of life, two huge dogs, Nadine and Gnome , who, to be honest, seem to be the real stars of the web. Dwelling on the videos and stories that Paola shares every day, she enters a world that has very little glossy and you can see the life of a normal family struggling with two bulky and tender dogs. This is her way of using her Instagram. That of letting people tiptoe into her wonderful Bergamo home, where life goes on in a normal way, like in any other family. Of course, there are differences.

Paola Turani lives in a wonderful place that not everyone can afford. You travel to fabulous places. You play on the snow while maintaining that perfect and almost patinated allure. She wakes up in the morning with that curly, voluminous hair of hers that looks like it has just been fixed by the hairdresser (and you, curly-haired women, know that this is not normal … or she is simply not yours). She made us attend a wedding with three changes of clothes, the kind that one cries looking at them and she hopes that her own can also take place like this. And she also transformed the same husband, Riccardo Serpella, in an influencer. In an era that sees fellow bloggers and influencers ready to found a party or an association capable of protecting them. Yes, these details are all there. But it is the overall vision that needs to be analyzed to understand how Paola Turani has carved out a prominent place within the world of influencers.

It’s spontaneous and fun . Here is the key to everything. And it is sincere. Above all sincere. “The first photo was taken more than 10 years ago, I had started modeling a few years ago and I was completely trapped in a vicious circle, within the rules of fashion that we all needed like mannequins; I still remember the psychological pressure to get into that size that seemed increasingly smaller, tighter ”, she wrote herself in a post on Instagram, about her first experiences in the fashion world. “You had to be thin and it was never enough. Every month they took my body measurements, I always had a rather thin constitution, but I could not gain weight, I did not train and I was terrified of even eating a plate of pasta. The thinner you were, the more you liked it. If you got fat you found it hard to work and then who paid your bills? The rents? Taxes? I remember the days around Paris doing casting, sometimes I just used a fruit juice. I realized by myself that she couldn’t continue like this, that it was better to “escape” before it became more than a small problem “. A post that appears to be a stab in the heart. A post that, if you reread it well, really connects you with the person who wrote it.

Here’s what we mean when we think of Paola Turani and her way of being an influencer. She does it with all sincerity and going straight to the point of things. Beyond sponsorships and photos with perfect light. The life that gets in the way of business matters. In a spontaneous and ironic way. Almost never taking himself seriously. And perhaps this is what has led to unparalleled popularity . Not so much about her living in a glossy world or her friendships, also a web star. She is one who makes you want to meet her. She is the woman next door whose door I knock to ask her if she has the eggs because you she finished. There is no awe in comparing yourself to her person and this thing, Instagram users, like. Because in a sector that is increasingly fake and approved, in the end what you pay for remains simplicity and sincerity. Beyond the run-up to the most beautiful and instagrammable photo.

Giulia Salis

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