POD Instagram: Where to find them and how to get free Instagram Likes

Today I wanted to share my Instagram POD experience with you.

I want to explain to you everything I know and have experienced in these three years of participating in these groups.

I will not hide anything from you , but I will explain how many types of groups there are, where to find them, what are the pros and cons of using them and I will also give you some links to immediately access some of the best bands !

If you have an Instagram profile and want to increase followers, avoid making mistakes on the social of the moment and get lots of likes and comments under your photos then you absolutely must keep reading!

Let’s go now!

What are Instagram PODs

Instagram PODs are nothing more than groups in which various accounts share likes and comments under their own Instagram posts .

Some say they are illegal and absolutely to be avoided. Some girls have pointed the finger at me.

The truth is that there are two ways to grow on Instagram if we’re not VIPs :

▶ ️ Spend hundreds if not thousands of euros per month on advertising;

▶ ️ Get help, at least in the early days, by techniques that allow us to have presentable numbers on our profile.

I’m certainly not telling you that they are THE solution to creating a successful Instagram profile, but they are definitely a tool you can use to start getting promoted by the Instagram algorithm .

I’ve been through it too and it’s frustrating to post photos that we like a lot, where we give a lot of useful info or inspiration to our followers and don’t get likes and comments.

The main purpose is to support the Instagram algorithm and give it the right number of interactions at the right time so that it can promote us.


Mainly in these 3 ways:

▶ ️ Showing us higher in the message boards of our followers;

▶ ️ By making our post appear on the popular hashtag content page;

▶ ️ By putting our photo in the Explore page.

These groups can help us in some ways, but I invite you to read to the end to fully understand the potential but also the disadvantages (yes, unfortunately there are always there!).

How a free Instagram like group works

They are groups that can range from a few tens of people to thousands of members, in which there are a lot of rules .

You need to have a certain number of followers, post content of a certain type and sacrifice some of your time to interact in these communities.

Depending on the type of group, you will either have to leave the link to your Instagram post in chat or simply notify that you have a new post on your profile and users will interact with the latest published photo.

There are small groups in which members are invited to follow each other, or slightly larger groups in which the admins ask to be followed in return for the effort they put into managing the group.

Some groups are only made for exchanging likes, others for comments as well, and others even for viewing stories and saving photos.

What a mess!

But how much time do I have to devote to all this?

One group may not be enough for you if you want to get lots of likes and comments under your photos.

Often users participate in more than one POD at the same time in order to maximize its effects.

I’ve tried many too and I assure you that they stole hours and hours a day from me to interact and in the end I decided to reduce their number to a minimum for my mental health XD.

There are, however, some websites that allow you to automate the like exchange process in the various groups.

I state that I have never used these types of service, I point it out because maybe you might want to try it or you are looking for something like this.

fuelgram is a site that allows you to automatically reciprocate likes in Instagram PODs in order to save time and, like all respected time-saving services, it is paid.

Use it wisely!

If, on the other hand, you want to create your own like and comment exchange group or immediately have links to the best groups in circulation , continue reading and you will find all the information in the next paragraphs!

5 types of Instagram PODs (yes, that’s a lot!)

Not all Instagram PODs are the same, indeed!

There are several ways that the people of Instagram come together to fight its algorithm!

Not only can groups have different rules, purposes, behavior and types of interaction, but the platform where the group is hosted can change as well.

And, who knows, tomorrow you too could invent a group on a new social network or platform with your own rules!

To make you better understand where to look for them and which one is right for you, here are the 5 types of Instagram PODs you can find around!

# 1 Public Facebook Groups

There are also very large groups of people who share likes and get along thanks to Facebook.

These types of groups are the easiest to find. Just go to Facebook and write in the search “ POD Instagram ” or “ Exchange groups like Instagram ” and a lot of them appear.

Personally I have never used them because, in addition to being very confusing and numerous, there is another reason that I will explain to you in the next paragraph.

# 2 POD Instagram Private

These groups are organized itself on Instagram at the initiative of users.

They are simple chats in which users, maximum 15 due to the limitations of Instagram chats, notify others when they have posted and everyone reciprocates under the post.

If you have accounts that post multiple times a day, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them.

Personally, I got good results some time ago when I still had a travel profile.

If you don’t know my Instagram story, I’ll tell you in this video!

I participated in groups on Instagram where there were really bigger bike accounts than mine and having their comment immediately after posting allowed me to reach a lot of people, end up on the explore page and in popular hashtags.

Why I don’t really like groups on Instagram and Facebook?

For two reasons.

The first thing is that there is no control .

You have to trust the participants because there is no system to check that everyone has reciprocated the likes and comments. If you don’t waste hours searching for your likes if they are all there!

Second, as I also explained above, these tools are not entirely legal and Instagram is trying to destroy them in every way .

The chats are still monitored and it doesn’t seem prudent to exchange these types of favors in groups on the social networks in question.

I also told you about it in this video, about the new feature that Instagram implemented in July 2019 to hide the like count under all photos.

# 3 Telegram Groups and Super-Groups

One way to solve the two problems I explained above is to jump on another platform that is not part of Mark Zuckerberg’s circuit.

Which one then?

Absolutely Telegram. ?

I don’t know if you’ve ever used it, perhaps in Italy Whatsapp is more popular.

It is a very popular messaging platform in the United States and also very advanced because allows you to insert BOTs into conversations (ie robots) that can control and perform automatic actions.

These groups are the best, in my opinion, because they are super organized, with very specific rules but above all there is a bot that checks that everyone respects the rules.

If someone makes any violations he gets a WARN.

After a certain number of warns, which can range from 3 to 5 depending on the rules of the group, the participant is excluded.

If you want to immediately enter the best Instagram PODs on Telegram in circulation, I gave all members of my community a pdf with the links.

To access the community and have it immediately, just enter your best email in the fields below.

At the end of the second email that comes to you, you will find the link to all the free resources at your disposal.

The pdf with the links to the telegram PODs will be there waiting for you!

These Instagram PODs can hold hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people. In this case they turn into super groups .

Sometimes they are a bit confusing, but above all, the larger the group size increases, the more you risk that participants are not in line with the topic you discuss on your profile.

I’ll explain later why it is important to receive likes from profiles similar to ours.

# 4 Instagram Round Chat

These are somewhat particular Telegram groups.

Users can’t reciprocate whenever they want, as in all the groups above, but they participate in rounds.

You write your username in the Telegram group at set times. Users usually have 30 minutes to submit their name and participate.

Then the round begins and all the participants share likes or even comments.

Amazing what they were able to come up with!

# 5 Paid Like Bombing

The super advanced version of all this is paid like bombing groups where you pay monthly fees to participate.

In return, all attendees are literally bombarded with likes from very large accounts the moment the post is published.

This immediately shoots the post high and receives, as a result, many other interactions that are also authentic.

Always remember that the goal is to reach as many people as possible.

If our post is promoted and shown to many people, if they like us and maybe even visit our profile, there is a certain chance that they will also start following us!

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instagram POD

Where to find groups to get free Instagram Likes

Everyone around is talking about fake likes, like exchange groups, etc.

But … guess what, no one says where they can be found.

I’ve read around that these are super secret groups that can only be accessed by invitation.

It’s true, we try to keep them a bit secret .

One, because nobody likes to let people know that our likes and comments on social media are not spontaneous. I have chosen to share all this with you and to admit that I too have used it as a method because it is precisely my purpose on this blog.

Offer you ALL the strategies to grow as a blogger and influencer.

I don’t want to hide and pretend that all the results come from something great I did.

Perhaps the only great thing I’ve been able to do is find all the slightly dark ways to grow an Instagram account.

But, at the same time, I want to share them with you to make you understand two things:

  1. On Instagram, if you are nobody, you cannot grow if you don’t invest money or use certain techniques (like that of PODs);
  2. Even normal people nowadays can gain some exposure and somehow become “ Vip “.

The purpose of all this is to carry forward our ideal, share our ideas and improve someone else’s life thanks to the knowledge we share.

I hope to be able to convey all this to you with my content here on the blog, on my Instagram profile, on my Facebook page and in my Facebook group.

By the way!

You are already part of my PRIVATE Facebook group where you can:

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▶ ️ Get all the support of the community.

If you want to be part of it, in addition to receiving all the free resources I reserve for subscribers, you can enter your email below!

But now let’s see where we can find the Instagram PODs!

How to find Instagram PODs

The best groups, those with few members and with high-quality content accounts and lots of followers are not easy to find .

As often happens, however, those full of scum and poor quality accounts are just around the corner!
In fact, the easiest way is to go to Facebook and write “ exchange groups like Instagram “, Or“ Instagram POD ”and you will get all kinds of them.

But maybe you don’t want a group of shit, you want something where the members are more sought after, which is a pleasure to interact with because of the quality of the content they publish.

There is a technique for everything. Here’s the one to find a perfect Instagram POD!

Start wandering around on Instagram. On the page explore, among the people who like or comment on the photos of your favorite influencers.

Find small accounts, ranging from 1000 to 10 000 followers, with good quality content that is similar to what you propose on your profile.

Speak to them for a few days and check out the first likes they take under the newly posted photo. If the comments and hearts are coming from more or less the same people, it’s very likely that they are participating in a POD.

Contact the influencer in DM now and see if they want to insert you!

Do you want to join some of the best like exchange groups around and start growing your Instagram profile right now?

I’ve shared some of the best bands around with my community.

To log in, just enter your email below and you will receive everything in your inbox.

At the end of the second email that will arrive to you, there will be a link to all the free content that I reserve ONLY for members of my community, in which you will also find the Instagram POD file that you can immediately download to your computer or mobile phone.

See you inside!

How to create a like exchange group

A very nice thing to do is organize yourself with other people you know or, why not, influencers who talk about topics similar to yours to exchange interactions.

The beauty of creating your own POD is that you choose the rules but above all you choose the participants too .

It is very important, in fact, that the people who like you are interesting and talk about the same topics as you.

For example, if you are talking about beauty, the idea is to create a group with all accounts in line with this topic.

This is because Instagram gives more value to interactions received from accounts similar to ours and also uses them as indicators to understand who to promote your post to.

Then, you will begin to appear in popular posts with hashtags related to that topic and you will see people who will be interested in that topic.

This means much more likely to be followed after people have seen our photos!

POD Instagram - cosa sono e come ottenere instagram like gratis

Use POD Instagram yes or no?

As always, there are pros and cons to everything.

Instagram PODs certainly allow you to increase comments and likes under your photos, to make your content known to a wider audience and to be sponsored for free on social media.

But they are not real interactions.

It’s true, people in a group often grow fond of each other and start following each other.

But you must always keep in mind what your purpose is on Instagram.

If you want to create a cool account with lots of followers and likes just to make your friends envious, then these tools are absolutely for you and you don’t have to think about it for a moment to use them.

The same is true if you are not interested in creating a relationship with your followers and taking them to take an action such as visiting your blog, reading your articles or, why not, buying your products.

If, on the other hand, you aspire to have a quality profile with a loyal following, you must use these tools in the right way and in view of a precise social strategy .

Warning! Always remember that Instagram is trying to fight these systems in every way because they affect its advertising revenue.

This is one of the reasons, as I explained in the video above, why Instagram has decided to eliminate the count of likes from photos.

If you go overboard with groups and get too many suspicious likes long after the post is published, Instagram may penalize you with a shadowban .


Wow! I can’t believe we’re at the end!

I hope you understand something about it this way. I wanted to make you understand how much more complicated it is than what you see on the outside and that these tools must be used with caution.

It took me a long time to write this article which contains almost 3000 words.

I have tried to gather all my knowledge that I have developed over 3 years of hacking on Instagram.

I’d be really happy if you shared it with someone who could be useful with the social buttons below!

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Firma Monica Pirozzi

P.S. To know how to best use Instagram PODs and receive Instagram likes for free, I am preparing an Instagram guide that explains, step by step, all the strategies to use to start and make an Instagram account successful.

All members of my community will be updated on its development and on the day of its release via email.

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