Programming FREE Instagram Posts from Computer: The New Facebook Creator Studio

I’ve always thought that programming Instagram posts from a computer made the social experience lose its authenticity. All this until… two days ago!

The pressure to always publish the right content at the right time has begun to be felt.

I don’t hide the fact that sometimes I take my phone, I know it’s time to publish and I think “What the f *** am I writing now?” .

Did it happen to you too?

Maybe having a structured editorial plan can help you write captivating captions and stay on track.

Or at least I wanted to try!

Today I’m going to tell you about this new entry in Facebook… actually it’s a new entry for me that I have decided to use it only now. It was released in July 2019 and experts have already had their say online.

Well, here there is no room for experts, we do things the other way around and we arrive a little late, but I assure you that in a short time we can be more on point than the others!

Here’s how to use this tool to schedule Instagram posts for free from computer and some pros and cons to consider for your strategy if you want to use this tool.

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What are the points in favor of scheduling Free Instagram posts using Creator Studio?

What I’m about to tell you is shocking.

Instagram makes me mad. The thought of having to publish makes me mad. I feel the pressure of performance not even if I were Federica Pellegrini competing for the gold medal at the Olympics.

The fact is, and I know any Instagrammer will understand me right now, I really care about the content I post.

Instagram, for a content creator , is a bit like her child. We put our soul into those contents and especially if it is a personal profile, we also lose our face.

It is normal to think that you never want to miss a beat and that all content must be perfect.

But sometimes I come home tired, I have a thousand other things to do.

Between publishing and not publishing, obviously I always choose to publish. Of course! A done thing is always better than a not done thing. It helps us grow and improve.

However, it is in these moments that the worst posts are born.

But really… some are obscene!

The desire to program was precisely due to the desire to take this thought and anxiety off me and have, in the meantime, always captivating Instagram content.

What’s positive, what are the pros of scheduling Instagram posts directly from your PC?

1. No worries.

Here. Just what I wanted to undo.

The worry not only of not knowing what to write but also of not having time to publish.

Or worse, to post in a restaurant, in the car with friends or in any uncomfortable situation.

A real Instagrammer will understand me. We make a commitment to ourselves and there are countless times I’ve posted posts when I was having dinner with friends or even on Christmas Eve.

Just 6 months ago I ended my # 365 challenge.

What does it consist of?

I’m committed to posting one post a day 365 days straight.


I didn’t even miss Christmas, Easter, August 15th. I also posted when I had a fever of 40. He was stronger than me, an incredible drive to succeed in this challenge.

To prove that perseverance pays off!

Has it paid off for me? Of course it does!

And I haven’t given up for a year and a half. It was such a habit for me that I only stopped when things changed on Instagram and I realized that that frequent publishing strategy was no longer good.

I always published everything in manual, I wrote all the captions at the moment and also the photos. There were moments of very high concern and pressure but they spurred my creativity a lot.

Now, every time I think I can’t write or create I think back to those moments and I realize that deep down I have overcome situations much worse than that.

And here comes the idea!

How I wanted a tool to schedule Instagram posts right now!

Now it’s there and it’s also free, unlike the other tools that have been popular on the web in this period. One example is Hootsuite, which I still use to schedule posts on LinkedIn.

2. Effectiveness.

The beauty of Creator Studio and the ability to schedule posts for my Instagram profile on a computer is its incredible effectiveness.

Not only because Creator Studio is the first tool officially released by Facebook , that is, there are no side effects in its use and it perfectly imitates the Instagram graphics.

But also because allows you to group all the publishing actions together making everything extremely effective.

Let me tell you about my golden strategy for creating and publishing content on any platform.

This is batching .

Everything starts from a technique of personal growth and maximization of one’s resources which consists in grouping all similar actions together and carrying them out together.

This allows us to drastically reduce the time we take to carry out each single task, because in some way we get carried away, but also to reduce the activation time.

What is the activation time of an action?

That’s the time it takes us to get ready for that task. If it comes to producing videos, for example, the activation time is what I need to prepare all the equipment and press REC.

Recording 4 videos together instead of just 1, saves me 1 hour of time, that is the 20 minutes I use to fix the equipment multiplied by 3!

For the same reason, using an Instagram post scheduling tool can be incredibly effective.

We will not only save a lot of time but we will always be able to have super-performing posts in terms of quality.

But that’s not all…

3. Control of the editorial plan.

The editorial plan is nothing more than our Instagram post agenda .

It tells us what to publish and when.

Being able to decide it in advance and not day by day gives us the possibility to control it better … in two aspects.

Now I’ll explain everything.

The first aspect is the quality of the content , that’s what we left with at the end of the previous paragraph.

When I go to choose photos and post descriptions to publish for one, two weeks or even a month, I have the opportunity to tell a story, link all these Instagram captions.

The reader can be guided through what may seem like many chapters in a book.

I know this may sound completely pointless to you, but let me give you some examples.

If you want to tell your story and your values ​​to those who follow you, such a structure can really help you. Every day you treat an aspect of your personality, a value or something that you are passionate about and you will guide followers to get to know you better.

Another very interesting application of a well-studied editorial plan is the launch of a video course or a book .

To create wait , you can issue free lessons on a regular basis within the captions and also use them to announce the release of the product.

I assure you that some really crazy results can be achieved!

The second, even more important, aspect of controlling the editorial plan is the possibility of carrying out well-structured tests on the best days and times of publication .

As you know, the best time to post is when most of our users are online. In this way, we will receive more likes in the moments immediately following the publication and we will be favored by the Instagram algorithm.

An Instagram post publishing tool like Creator Studio allows you to publish content exactly when we decide and test different combinations of times and days of the week.

Have you ever tried this test?

It can really have a crazy effect on increasing your followers.

If you’re interested in this topic, I’ve written a guide with 8 techniques to increase your Instagram followers and build a following worth thousands of dollars.

It is exclusively for members of my community but you can enter now and download it for free by entering your email below.

What are the risks of scheduling Instagram posts in advance?

The idea of ​​making everything automatic scared me for a while.

There are certainly side effects to managing a personal account with a very specific schedule, but I still tried to find a solution.

Let’s see what the cons of this strategy are!

1. Loss of spontaneity.

The thing I like most about an Instagram feed is when it’s spontaneous.

Especially for personal accounts or in any case of a personal brand, telling a story that is as faithful to reality as possible is essential .

I’ve always thought: What happens if I schedule a post and I want to talk about something else during my day?

After all, Instagram Stories talk about us, they say something real time about our day.

I was concerned that this discrepancy between what you see in stories and what you read in posts was too marked.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from the comments!

2. Little interaction with the community.

Never forget to reply to messages!

Automations shouldn’t take us away from the community. This is an important side effect, which can be remedied by putting an alarm on the mobile phone at the time of publication.

We are now ready to respond to any comments that come to us!

How Creator Studio works: Here’s how to schedule free Instagram posts!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with all the new features in Creator Studio for the past few days and this will be the first full week of testing.

I structured and scheduled the Instagram posts for next week. What I have done is create a real editorial plan that will be published automatically on the day and at the fixed time .

I’m sure there will be many other considerations to make using this tool, but for now I begin to explain how it works so that you can try it for yourself!

Let’s go !

Getting started with Creator Studio.

The first thing to keep in mind is that to make it work you must have an Instagram Creator or Business profile connected to a Facebook page .

Ok, after this little check , just go to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools at the top.

Pagina Facebook Monica Pirozzi

Then, left click on Creator Studio .

Accedu a Creator Studio Facebook

And here you are in the Creator Studio window, where the first tab that appears is the Facebook tab.

At the top center you can switch to the Instagram screen.

Interfaccia creator studio

As you can see, in the left bar you will find a bunch of interesting features that are scattered around the Facebook page.

On the right, however, there is the “+” icon with which you can not only create and schedule a post but also access a series of features.

But now let’s move on to Instagram.

Programmare post Instagram gratis con creator studio

The interface is very intuitive and combines everything you find in the app on the Desktop. On the left you can access the contents or statistics.

In the center, you can filter content by type. I have chosen to show only the photos, which you see in the center. If you click on each photo, you can see all the Instagram stats related to that post directly on your pc.

To create a new post just click on Create Post at the top left.

Crea post Instagram da PC

You can create either a feed post or upload an IGTV video. The following screen will appear.

crea post Instagram creator studio

Now, behave exactly as if you were editing a post in the app Write the caption, enter the hashtags and mentions, add a place.

Now scroll down to add the images.

Aggiungi un contenuto creator studio

You can add a single photo, or create a carousel, you can cut the image into square, vertical or landscape format and add tags. Everything is super fast and functional.

Once you’re done, you can click on the arrow next to Publish at the bottom right. You will get the Schedule option with which you can choose the date and time at which the post will go live!

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What do you think of Facebook’s new Creator Studio for scheduling free Instagram posts?

Was it the tool you were waiting for or is it useless given the tools out there?

A while ago I used programming apps for Instagram on mobile and I must say they left me very disappointed.

Maybe because I was still a “young” Instagrammer and wanted to experiment. I liked to seize the moment and publish what I was feeling at that moment. Nothing to say, I abandoned those apps after a while.

I really like this creator studio.

The ability to publish and schedule Instagram posts all at once allows me to keep my editorial plan under control. The topics between the various captions are interrelated and I can really concentrate a lot while standing in front of the PC screen.

Well, that’s just my opinion! I’d love to hear yours in the comments below!



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