Promote a blog on Twitter

promuovere un blog su Twitter

When we create a professional blog we need to identify one or more social networks where we can share our content.

Often the choice will fall on all those platforms where it is easier to reach your target community and get the desired results.

Among the most suitable social networks for promoting a professional blog, there is certainly Twitter as the structure of the platform is particularly suitable for disseminating information content and managing, at the same time, personal branding activities.

Promote a blog on Twitter: optimize your Twitter profile to grow a professional blog

To enhance a blog on Twitter, we must first optimize our personal profile.

The optimization of our account goes through:

– A cover that has the actual dimensions of 1500 x 421 pixels;

– A biography consisting of only 160 characters;

– A profile photo that is 400 x 400 pixels in size;

– A link to insert in our profile data;

As for the cover, we can make it with a graphics program or with one of the many tools on the web. For example, Canva allows you to create a cover with a few simple clicks.

The cover is our business card, so it is advisable to enter the domain of our blog and possibly summarize the topics covered. Of course, everything must be seasoned with a lot of creativity and professionalism.

Instead, in the biography we can enter all the keywords that will allow us to be searched within the platform.

To make it easier for other users to search, we can transform keywords into hashtags in order to categorize ourselves for that particular profession. In our case blog and blogger are the two keywords to use in the 160 characters.

Once we have optimized the cover of our Twitter profile and developed a biography relevant to our goals, we can upload a profile image or the logo of our business. In both cases, the dimensions must comply with the standards of the social network and the images themselves must be of good resolution.

Finally, we must enter the url of our blog in order to allow users to view the editorial project. The url can be customized with one of the tools on the web (read here) in order to monitor the clicks received and analyze the relevance of Twitter in our digital strategies.

Promote a blog on Twitter: how to enhance a professional blog with a Twitter account

After optimizing our Twitter account, we can finally exploit the full potential of this social network.

First we need to optimize the post using one of the many SEO management plugins. As always, in this case I recommend Yoast by Seo as it is a complete and easy to use plugin.

The optimization of an article, to be shared on social media, passes from the choice of a title that does not exceed 60 characters, from the description of the content in just 280 characters and from the choice of an image to put in evidence on Twitter.

In this case it is advisable to enable the Twitter Card metadata in the social section and indicate the default card to use when sharing the post.

Yoast will offer us two options:

– Summary;

– Table of contents with large images;

I prefer the latter solution since the images are much larger and encourage interaction within the social network.

Once the article is shared, we can highlight our latest post.

This option allows you to pin a specific tweet at the top in such a way as to allow all those who “land” on our profile to view it first.

In this way we have the possibility to monitor, at any time of the day, the organic reach of the tweet, the interactions and the relative clicks. The data collected is essential for analyzing the engagement and interest of users in that particular content.

Another very common practice to enhance our professional project is to invite new users to visit our blog via an automatic message.

I do not recommend this tactic since the results are often disappointing and damage the professional image.

In fact, it is very irritating to receive an automatic message generated by a third-party app, such as Crowdfire, inviting us to visit an editorial project.

In all these years I have always thrown away automatic messages as social media marketing is based on human and non-automated relationships.

Promote a blog on Twitter: highlight the contents of a blog with Twitter Moments

The enhancement of a professional blog on Twitter also passes through the moments. This feature was launched in Italy in 2016, but it doesn’t seem to have been much appreciated yet.

With Twitter Moments we can tell engaging stories by collecting some tweets and saving them in our personal account.

This service can also be used by those who use Twitter for blogging. In fact, we can create moments based on specific topics or transform the same moments into a showcase for our infoproducts.

Promote a blog on Twitter: create a community with Twitter lists

Twitter lists are another very important tool for blogging. With lists we can create our own community and interact with it.

To create a list we can adopt two solutions:

– Create a list and add users manually;

– Create a list and add users with an ad hoc program;

In this case, the configuration can take place with the IFFTT web service which allows you to identify the most suitable program to create a list and at the same time indicate the most relevant keywords to find the most interesting users.

Building a community is very important for blogging activities as it is much easier to disseminate editorial content through relationships.

Promote a blog on Twitter: Sponsor blog posts on Twitter

The last step in promoting a blog on Twitter is paid advertising.

Through sponsorships it is possible to obtain:

– Clicks and conversions to a website;

– Interactions with the post;

– New followers;

– Growth in notoriety;

– Promote a video;

– Encourage users to install an app;

In our case, the most relevant sponsorships are: clicks and conversions to a website and interactions with the post.

The first objective allows you to increase the number of active users on the blog, while the second objective highlights a specific content within the platform.

In both cases, however, it will be necessary to establish:

– Budget;

– Photos, videos and texts to be included in the advertising;

– Community to show content to;

The objectives can be monitored thanks to the statistical data offered by Twitter and will be essential to enhance your blog on the Dorsey platform.


So to promote and enhance a professional blog on Twitter you need to follow some simple rules.

First we need to optimize our personal profile. Then develop a strategy that allows us to highlight our posts and our editorial project. At the same time, however, we must start interacting with followers in such a way as to build a community ready to support our initiatives.

Finally, we must leverage paid advertising to intercept new users and engage them through original and quality content.

In fact, any blogging strategy is based on the quality of the information disclosed. Only in this way can we achieve our goals.

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