Promote a brand on Instagram: here’s how

Promoting a brand on Instagram is possible and we will explain how to do it.

Your company needs visibility to grow and invoice . The web has exponentially increased the chances of brands like yours to get noticed. Websites, blogs, social media: virtual spaces, if used correctly, are excellent marketing tools.

Instagram is no exception. Social network made in the USA, created in 2010 by the brilliant minds of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and bought just two years later by Facebook, has all the credentials to help you make your business known.

Of course, competitiveness is high and being able to emerge is not easy. But with the right strategies and a bit of ingenuity, you too can promote a brand on Instagram and succeed.

Thanks to our article, you will discover all the most effective methods to overcome competitors and reach your target. At the end of the reading, you will be ready to get involved and promote brands on Instagram by adopting winning strategies.

Why promote a brand on Instagram

Over one billion registered users, half of whom are active on a daily basis: this figure gives you hints at the usefulness of promoting brands on Instagram.

promuovere brand su instagram

Of course, not everyone will be interested in your brand. Your strategy will have to allow you to reach the right people, retain them and convert them.

Even more than on Facebook, engagement on Instagram can reach very high levels. This improves the link between the brand and its ideal customers.

Many of your competitors have already started to exploit this powerful medium, carving out their slice of target. This will complicate your climb to success a little, but with consistency and a good strategy, you will be able to achieve the results you have set for yourself.

What to publish to promote brands on Instagram effectively

To get noticed on Instagram, you have to post quality, creative and original content. You can draw inspiration from your competitors, but you must never copy other people’s content.

promuovere brand su instagram

The number one rule to stand out? Being able to be one step ahead of others, offering content that has that extra something your users need.

Whether it’s images, stories or IGTV, you must always make sure that the quality of the visual elements, but also of texts and audio, both at the top. Lighting, shots, file resolution, captions: everything must be studied and proposed at the highest levels.

Identify the target

Quality must complement interesting and well-designed content, tailored to the characteristics of your target audience.

promuovere brand su instagram

Even before starting to promote a brand on Instagram, you must in fact study in depth the characteristics of the audience you wish to address. The analysis of your typical users must take into account:

  • age
  • the place where they live
  • the work they do or the field of study
  • the interests
  • the style of life
  • the cultural level
  • the searches they make online. ng>

Once you have identified the profile of the people your products or services are aimed at, you will need to identify their needs. Which of these can you satisfy with what you offer? What problems can you solve? Why should your ideal target use your services or buy your products?

Answering these questions is essential for promoting a brand on Instagram effectively.

Promote a brand on Instagram with engaging content

The next step is to identify themes that can attract the target you want to address.

All the contents you will propose on your Instagram profile they will have to involve, excite or be useful.

Among the best contents to promote a brand on Instagram:

  • series of photographs ch and tell a story: imagine in which contexts your products or services could be used. Then tell through images a story that your target can identify with;
  • motivational posts and quotes : starting from the principles that your brand embraces, identify quotes or useful tips capable of motivating those who follow you. Then create engaging visual content that encourages users to comment or repost;
  • questions asked through the stories: to increase the interaction of your followers, ask questions through the stories and use the function that allows users to enter an answer. These short quizzes will help you increase engagement and get action on your profile;
  • short tutorials: use image sequences, short videos or IGTV to create thematically linked tutorials to your brand. This way, in addition to providing something useful, you will show your followers the skills you have.

When to publish

Once you have established the “what” you have to decide the “When”: when is it best to publish content to promote brands on Instagram?

According to some statistics, the best times are:

  • the lunch time : during the lunch break, many people log on to social networks to check for the latest updates;
  • in the evening, after work : it is the best time of the day, when users can unplug from work and indulge in a little relaxation while surfing the internet.

The statistics, however, are always very general. To get more results, the best solution is to keep an eye on the progress of your posts.

Your ideal target may in fact have different preferential times. It may be that your followers are most active in the morning upon waking or late at night, or even on a particular day of the week.

To identify the best time to post your content, you can’t do nothing but try. Post on different days and times, and check how many interactions you can get.

Instagram Business gives you an extra help. By switching to a professional profile, you will be able to check the statistics of your posts. This way you will find out on which days and times your followers are most active and when they have a greater propensity to interact with your content.

Create an editorial calendar

After identifying the best days and times to get noticed by your Instagram followers, draw up a complete editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar is a crucial means of structuring your your marketing strategy.

Digital or paper, it must contain all the contents you have decided to publish, divided by days and times. In addition to helping you publish consistently, it will prevent you from inserting duplicate, useless or trivial content. In addition, it will help you achieve your goals.

Remember that the editorial calendar may be subject to change. If after a few days you realize that the content you are publishing is not arousing interest in your followers, critically analyze your strategy. If necessary, modify the calendar, changing publication days, times or contents.

Instagram and the brand identity

Promoting a brand on Instagram without worrying about the identity of the company is a big mistake. Images, videos, copy: everything you publish must clearly recall your brand.

First, find your style. Photographs and videos must have a common trait: a color, a particular frame, a focus, a combination of several factors. No matter what it is, the important thing is that every visual content can be immediately associated with your brand.

As soon as they see an image on the Instagram home, your followers will have to immediately link it to you and what you do, sell or offer.

For example, you could use the main color of your logo in each image. Or you could choose shades that refer to a feeling or emotion you want to associate with your brand.

Avoid using different filters for each image: choose one and use it for each content you publish.

Also pay attention to fonts: if you publish images containing writing, make sure you always use the same style. In addition, remember that, to facilitate reading on the monitor, it is preferable to use sans serif characters, such as Arial, rather than serifs, such as Times New Roman.

Quality pictures to promote brands on Instagram

If you are familiar with photography, video shooting and graphic retouching, you can try to create content for your Instagram profile yourself.

To do this you will need:

  • camera and video camera: if you have a smartphone with a good quality camera and video camera, you can use it to make your photos and videos. If not, or if you want sophisticated and high quality results, you could get a camera semi-professional or professional reflex, which also gives you the possibility to shoot video;
  • materials for the set: depending on the type of photographs or videos you want to publish , you will need lights, backdrops, decorative elements to enhance and enrich your scenes;
  • graphics, photo editing and video editing programs: do you want to change the lighting or the colors of the photographs you have taken? Or do you want to do a real photo editing? Or, would you like to insert graphic elements, such as writings or frames? If you want to work with photos and videos, you can’t help but use one or more paid software, such as Photoshop, Indesign and Final Cut, or free, such as Gimp, Inkskape and Lightworks.

If you don’t have the skills to create quality visual content, you can turn to professionals in the sector. They will be the ones to create high-quality images, photos and videos for you, capable of attracting the attention of your target.

The copy to promote brands on Instagram

On Instagram, images matter more than anything else, but without good copy won’t go anywhere.

The images will help you attract the attention of your followers, but the texts will allow you to push them to action and get conversions.

To be effective and help you promote a brand on Instagram, texts need to be short but engaging. They must say everything in a few words, acting as verbal support for the visual elements.

Use a language that is in line with your target and with your company’s tone of voice.

Promote brands on Instagram with Influencers

Another winning method that will help you find new followers is to reach out to Influencers connected to your industry.

Talking about your products or services, sharing your content, by commenting or leaving likes, these characters will make your brand known to their followers.

Influencers’ opinion is held in high regard by those who follow them and are able to increase interest in your brand.

Promote brands on Instagram with a winning strategy

As you have seen, promoting a brand on Instagram requires a lot of skills.

In addition to an accurate study of the target, you will have to carry out targeted research related to the interests and needs of the people you want to contact you. Once this is done, you will have to set short, medium and long-term goals, and draw up an editorial calendar.

After studying and developing your social media marketing strategy, you will need to creation of effective, unique and quality content. These will have to recall the brand identity and involve followers.

The work to be done is really a lot and a single person may not have all the skills necessary to succeed in the business. How to do it then?

To be on the safe side and not waste time, you could turn to professionals in the sector.

Prepared and specialized people will help you reach the goals you have set for yourself. You will not only increase the number of your followers, but you will reach the right target and you will be able to convert your followers into loyal and paying customers!

Visibility Reseller helps you to increase the engagement rate, giving visibility to your profile thanks to content designed especially for you.

Promoting a brand on Instagram with our help will no longer be a problem.


Instagram can help you make your brand known and grow your turnover. To do this, however, you need to set up an effective marketing strategy and create quality content.

To get more results you can:

  • contact industry professionals like us at Visibility Reseller;
  • switch to a Business profile;
  • use the sponsored.

Remember that it is not possible to achieve real and lasting results in one day. To reach the right people, retain them and convert them, you need time, commitment and perseverance.

Discover all the news on Instagram and find all the answers to your questions in the section dedicated to our blog.

We talked about how to promote a brand on Instagram.


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