Promote videos on Youtube, 6 useful tips!

How to promote a music video on Youtube and how much it costs. Let’s see if I guess: you have recently opened a Youtube channel but besides your mother and your friends no one follows you, and there are very few views on your videos?

And you are already throwing to the ground, thinking of not being carried and this new “ work “, and are you thinking of abandoning everything? Well don’t!

Or at least, first try reading this little guide in which we will explain how to promote videos on Youtube and how much it costs to promote a music video correctly to get concrete results.

The beginnings are always very difficult, so the first rule is not to give up. On social networks like Youtube you need to have imagination, will, but above all a lot of patience; the results will not always come immediately but often you see them after a few months of hard work.

Oh yes. I just said “hard work”. Because if you think that turning on your beautiful camera and starting to talk, and then posting the video on Youtube, is enough to be successful, I’m sorry but you are very wrong!

You need to know how to promote videos on Youtube and understand how much it costs to promote a music video on external channels, such as your website or your social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. .), adopting some precautions during the publication phase.

Let’s see how to promote videos on Youtube and how much it costs to promote a music video in a more precise and detailed way. Are you ready?

Promote videos on Youtube – The Guide

Title and Tag, how to use them?

About 300 videos per minute are published on Youtube and its contents are now well over the billions of videos.

come promuovere i video su youtube

So how to get your video to be found in the midst of this immense ocean of multimedia content?

To make users find you, you need to use tags and titles in the best possible way of your video; a great way to promote videos on Youtube is therefore to choose a captivating but clear title, and precise tags that reflect what you show in the video and that are related to the keywords (i.e. the keywords that people search the web the most.

A tool you could use to search for keywords to use is Google Trends; made available free of charge by Google, is very easy to use and shows the search trends of the keywords you are going to enter, showing you what is searched within Google and also related keywords you can use.

There are various filters and tools that you can use to skim the keywords and search for the ones that best suit your video. just enter them in the Tag field when the video is published.

Don’t forget to insert the same keywords in the description of your video too, to increase the chances that your content position yourself better for that keyword and be more visualized!

How to choose the tags / keyword for the YouTube video

Before we talked about Google Trends but this is not the only one way to find suitable tags for your video posted on YouTube, in fact there are many other methods for finding suitable tags.

First of all we must know that there are two types of tags:

  • generic (such as “sea”)
  • specific (such as “sea Ionian ”)

They both talk about the same topic that is the sea, but the specific one indicates exactly what kind of sea we are talking about, that is the Ionian Sea. Both are important for a good video ranking, although the number of specific tags must always be higher than the generic tags to have a better chance that your video will be found among the millions of videos on YouTube.

Now let’s see the most important tools to find tags / keywords for YouTube videos

  • YouTube Analytics : tool inside the platform where you can read the site statistics immediately and see the most used keywords and related most visited videos based on the keywords used;
  • YouTube auto-completion ; start writing a word, YouTube will complete it by choosing from the most used ones;
  • Ubersuggest, this is one of the best tools for keyword research,
  • Keywords everywhere , this is an extension of the Google Chrome browser that allows you to identify the search volumes for the keywords of different platforms compressed the YouTube platform.

Regarding YouTube auto-completion, when you do a search, you will have noticed that Youtube presents suggestions starting from the words written on the search bar; that’s why this way of finding Keyword is very important.

Where to insert the tags

Now that you are able to search for tags / keywords, you need to know where these important and fundamental words should be inserted

Here’s where to tag / keyword after uploading a video to YouTube

  • Title, from the title YouTube understands what the video is about and a title must never be without a keyword, rather it must be inserted at the beginning of the title. Let’s go back to the Ionian Sea tag, a title could be “Ionian Sea: your holidays in July”;
  • Description of the video : in the description of the video there must always be the word key; Ionian Sea: a journey to discover the best places to visit in July and so on…

Users must immediately understand what the video is about from the keywords ; for this reason the title and description of the video can never be published without tag / keyword, you would lose a lot of traffic and views.

Promote video on Youtube: put a video in the foreground

If you want to push a video of yours already posted on your channel a little further you can try to put it in the foreground, so that anyone who enters your channel can be intrigued by the video in question.

Putting a video in the foreground is very important as it allows visitors to have an immediate idea of ​​what content they will find in your channel. So this video must be chosen with great care as it is the showcase of your channel.

To do this it is very simple but of fundamental importance. How to highlight a video? Just go to your channel page, click on the image at the top right of your channel and then select My Channel. S then click on For new visitors.

Here you can set your channel trailer by clicking on the + button. By selecting the movie and clicking Save.

Anyone who joins your channel from now on will see the featured video you selected.

It is recommended that you highlight a video that has received many views and interactions as this increases, in the eyes of new visitors. The credibility of the channel and this is the basis for the success of your YouTube channel.

promuovere video su youtube

The featured video is not for life, in fact it can be edited with a new video; maybe if your new video is getting a lot of views it’s a great move to put this new video in the foreground.

Embedding in external sites, free advertising for social promotion!

A another way to promote videos on Youtube is to allow embedding on external sites, but in this case you have to take into account the copyright ; in theory, publishing your video on other sites (which do not ask your permission) might bother you if you care about copyright, otherwise it is totally free advertising!

If you allow publications on friendly sites or blogs, related to the topics you deal with, you may be able to get many more views by users who visit these sites.

And the views do matter, especially when they come from sites dealing with topics similar to yours; can only bring you an advantage in terms of subscriber acquisitions and views. Free!

The Youtube setting is already default for embedding your videos on external sites, so you won’t have to do anything. If you are concerned about copyright (maybe you are an artist and you don’t want to), you can restrict embedding by accessing your Youtube channel settings.

In addition to websites and blogs, a video can be posted very easily on Facebook.

Imagine that your YouTube video posted on Facebook goes viral and shared many times. It means that many people will see your videos and many of these will then also access the other videos on your channel, increasing the interactions and visibility of the channel.

And certainly many of them will become followers of your YouTube channel. All for free with a simple sharing of the video on a profile or on a Facebook page.

Invite subscribers to watch specific videos for the promotion

Users should be “ guided “When they enter your Youtube channel and view a video, otherwise they risk” lost “on other videos.

To promote videos on Youtube in correct way and make sure that your users remain attached to your videos, and do not switch from one channel to another, insert cards that invite your users to deepen a certain topic that you have covered in another previous video.

Don’t you know how to do it? No problem, we’ll explain it to you!

Go to the video management of your channel, and choose the video to edit in which the cards are to be inserted, select the wording Cards and then choose the point where to insert the card.

I suggest you insert it in a point of the video where you yourself invite users to view this new tab, in order to better guide your subscribers to another video.

Click the button Add card and then on Crea.

From here you can customize the teaser text by adding a custom message; fill in all the fields provided and click Create Card to finish.

In addition to the cards, you can also use the final screens, which are similar to the cards, but as indicated by their name are positioned at the end of the video, and allow the viewer to travel from one video to another without leaving the channel and therefore without the risk of losing it.

Share your videos on your social channels / website / blog for promotion!

If you have a good following on social media, why not take advantage of it? Sharing is one of the ways you can promote videos on Youtube .

Just copy the link of the video you want to promote and insert it into your accounts.

Taking advantage of the notoriety you enjoy on other platforms. trong>

The same can be said if you have a website or blog with a lot of traffic! Paste the link in the pages of your site / blog, we are sure that those who follow you will be more willing to go and subscribe to your Youtube channel. Take advantage of this opportunity!

The situation changes if you have not followed on social networks or on the web; in that case you will have to work on several fronts to increase your visibility.

video on Youtubepan : buy subscribers or views for your Youtube channel on Visibility Reseller

To promote videos on Youtube you can also resort to buying views of your videos: quiet is a totally legal practice, as long as you use secure websites and that followers / likes / views come from real profiles.

Buying Youtube views helps to give your video an initial boost by making it more visible in the trend; in practice follower calls followers, acts as a magnet to attract others and gradually increase the visibility of your videos.

Increasing the visibility and interactions of a video means bringing new users to your channel, new users who can then become followers and grow your channel when you.

Here at Visibility Reseller we have several solutions and various packages that you can buy to increase your visibility; attention, it is not enough just to buy subscribers / views, you must also proceed with the constant publication of content, otherwise you will spend money in vain.

Try to stay focused as much as possible on the growth of your profile by enriching its contents.

Conclusion on how to advertise your video on social

We have shown you 6 useful tips to promote videos on Youtube correctly. We are sure that with these little tips you will be able to do better.

All that remains is to roll up your sleeves and work on your Youtube channel. We look forward to seeing you soon in Trends with your videos!

We talked about how to promote a music video on Youtube and how much it costs to promote a video on youtube. See you next article!

Do you want to know more on Youtube? Follow the dedicated section of our blog, or visit our social channels.


Promuovere video su Youtube, 6 consigli utili!

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Promote videos on Youtube, 6 useful tips!


In this article we will talk about how to promote videos on Youtube and how much it costs to promote a music video. Let’s see if I guess: you just opened a …


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