Selling on Facebook: Here’s Why You’re Not Succeeding!

“How to sell on Facebook?” is perhaps one of the questions that my clients ask me most often, especially during the first hour of consulting, that’s why I decided to give this topic the space of an article.

Sure, selling on Facebook is the ultimate goal of every company and freelancer , but before you get there, you have to go a long way together with our potential customers and this road, of now on, we’ll call it by its name: funnel.

What is a funnel?

The Italian translation of “funnel” is a funnel, because in fact, what we have to do is ensure that our potential customer enters this invisible funnel, a long journey that will lead him to know better who we are, what we do, how we can solve your problems and get us to solve them.

In other words, the purpose of the funnel is conversion , on different levels, where the highest is the sale.

There is not just one type of funnel, but there are several and each funnel must be built according to the type of customer we are dealing with , as well as the goal we have set ourselves to achieve .

Vendere su Facebook: il funnel

As you can see from the image, the first level of the funnel is not represented by sales, but by Awareness . This English term means the awareness that our potential customers have of our brand. Do they know us? Don’t they know us yet? The level of awareness of our brand will be the starting point for the construction of our funnel, of that path that will lead the user to do what we want, how to buy one of our products or services, because trusts us.

Are you unable to sell on Facebook? Maybe you miss the funnel!

The first reason why you are probably not selling on Facebook is that you have not designed a funnel that engages your potential customer and patiently transports him to the purchase.

Maybe you’ve just landed on Facebook and your page has very few fans, almost no interaction, and maybe you haven’t even posted for weeks (not to say months, right?) and maybe (just maybe huh) you haven’t yet planned a monthly budget to sponsor the posts of the page … yet, you have seen fit to start with a suicide campaign, for the sale of a product you particularly believe in.

So, the campaign has been going for a few days now and the results aren’t coming, you just feel like you’re spending some money and you’re starting to think that this whole Facebook advertising thing is just another way to get your wallet open. A bit like a scratch card.

Frustrating huh? I understand you, but let me ask you one thing: Have you ever bought anything (online) from some company you didn’t know? Don’t tell me you haven’t spent at least a couple of days reading reviews here and there on the web!

Well, your prospect is no different than you. He needs reassurance too, before investing his money, don’t you think? Well, I see we agree.

The first step, therefore, is not to set up a sales campaign, but to invest in Brand Awareness, in order to spread your name in the Facebook world, then you will find a way to hook the user with something really useful for him and once he has trusted you and given you his contacts, then it will be time to try to sell.

Selling on Facebook is possible, but you have to plan everything calmly and in order.

… or you’re not targeting the right audience

Let’s say that you, on the other hand, have designed a respectable funnel, but things, even at the first Awareness campaigns, do not go the right way.

There are some interactions, but not as many as you expected. The problem here could be the target audience. .. are you sure you’ve set a large enough audience for your campaign? Maybe your product works better on a smaller range of people, or should you target both genders differently?

Think about these aspects and experiment, create additional ad groups to test different audiences, and if you have heavy traffic to your site, you could also use the track audience from the Facebook Pixel to hit a target that already knows you.

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…. what if it was the budget?

The other day I was at a client’s, who asked me for advice on a campaign he was running. He couldn’t sell and it was starting to make him nervous.

We looked at the campaign together, the creativity was good, the target was good, but the budget was so small, it couldn’t cover the length of time the campaign was supposed to stay active.

Determining the budget for a campaign is not easy, certainly, but even if we are not born economists or great mathematicians, we can think with logic.

Let’s try to think how much it would cost us to print 100 posters, where we advertise our product, to hang them around the city for 1 month. I think you will agree with me that the cost of this advertising investment cannot be 20 euros, right?

Therefore, starting from this assumption, from the fact that hanging a poster does not guarantee us any sales but it is pure advertising and Facebook instead is able to immediately show us the gain we made from that campaign, we cannot think of selling on Facebook investing such a negligible amount for even just a week.

That advertising on Facebook is cheaper than traditional advertising is not a sufficient reason to think not to have to invest in this platform.

Ask yourself how much your service is worth or how much your product costs, estimate the number of sales you want to make, set it as a goal and assign a cost x (possibly taken from the statistics of previous campaigns) to the CPM (cost per thousand views), then multiply it by the sales you’ve set yourself to make, and here’s your budget.


As you can see, there can be several factors that do not make you sell on Facebook, my advice is to take a step back and try to look at your marketing strategy from the outside. Ask yourself if you are doing all the steps in the order in which they need to be done, ask yourself where your potential customer is in the funnel and what you need to do now to take it to the next level.

Don’t be in a hurry, selling on Facebook isn’t impossible, but you have to do it right.

Vendere su Facebook

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