Shadowban Instagram: The terrible things that happened to me and how I solved it

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been affected by shadowban on Instagram. ?
In addition to all temporary blocks.

More or less this happens.

The day before my posts have a lot of likes, comments, a lot of engagement and many people who discover my profile @monicpirozzi and decide to follow me.

What about the next day?

Absolutely nothing.

My followers are starting to drop, very few likes under the photos and almost absent comments, if not the usual faithful who are looking for my photos on purpose.

What happened?

It is useless to report to Instagram , the best thing is to search on the Internet or in the support forums. Researching I discovered that this is a underhanded account penalty that Instagram has put in place.

Did this happen to you too?

Here I want to tell you everything that happened to me and help you understand how to solve the problem of the Instagram shadowban.

If you’re in this situation, you should definitely keep reading! ?

Why does Instagram obscure us with Shadowban?

It all happened suddenly.

At some point the posts started to be obscured by Instagram and I couldn’t understand why the huge drop in interactions and engagement.

The Instagram shadowban is just that: a penalty that obscures our posts within the hashtags .

This means that very few new people will be able to discover your profile and your photos are almost as non-existent on social. They can only be seen by your followers.

How did I first notice?

To tell you the truth, the thing that really alarmed me is the fact that for a few days my followers were down and I didn’t see any new profiles following me.

Although I kept posting photos as usual, something was going down.

Why does Instagram do all this?

In general, Instagram has not stated that it has activated this penalty, on the contrary, it has passed it off as an error and a bug that they were trying to solve.

Too bad it’s been a couple of years since this happened to me the first time and I’ve seen so many other people complaining again and I’ve had other times since.

The shadowban is a tool that Instagram uses to punish all accounts that aren’t good on social media.

Any kind of violation, use of automation, vaguely spammy behavior, can be punished in this way.

There are those who think it comes only from hashtags, but, in reality, I have noticed how the Instagram shadowban has evolved considerably to become a punishment for more diverse actions .

This means that you can use hashtags as cleanly as possible and still find yourself receiving this penalty.

But now I want to help you figure out if you are a victim of shadowban.

Understanding if you are a victim of the shadowban on Instagram is not easy

It’s really difficult, especially since the Instagram algorithm changes all the time.

The main symptom is a decline in… anything! Likes, comments, followers. In short, your account starts to go down and you can’t understand why.

First of all, you can browse through Google or Facebook groups to try to understand if it is a situation that unites multiple profiles or if your account was the only task.

In the latter case, you may start to think it is due to shadowban.

What do you need to do at this point?

Create a new Instagram account from a different phone than you usually use, or find some friend who is so mean they won’t follow you on Instagram.

Post a nice photo with lots of very small hashtags (I’ve already explained to you what small hashtags are and how to choose them best).

Have 3-4 accounts check if your newly published post appears in the Recent section of all the hashtags you’ve entered under the photo.

It is important that you enter only small hashtags to facilitate your search. Sometimes it happened to me not to find my post in the hashtags simply because there was too much published content.

If you can’t find your post in any of the hashtags you’ve entered, then it means that the Instagram shadowban has hit you!

But don’t worry, this has happened to me a lot of times too! ?

shadowban instagram

Every time I’ve been hit by the Instagram shadowban

Every time I got a hit, because it meant taking weeks of work to shit. And that’s not nice.

Then I realized I had to take it more philosophically, that Instagram is unpredictable and I can’t stand there worrying every time it makes a whim.

So I took advantage of this downtime to study and try to figure out what the cause might be.

Here’s what I found.

There is no specific cause. In general, Instagram tends to obscure your posts if you don’t respect community rules or have spammy behavior .

It is also true that in the long run Instagram’s rules are becoming much more restrictive.

If at the beginning, to end up in shadowban, I had to use automations, maybe end up in some forbidden hashtag, use POD as much as possible and spam as if there was no tomorrow, in recent times I have happened to end up in shadowban on Instagram for sending about 50 private messages a day.

So be careful. I know that I have already advised you on other occasions to send private messages to people who might be interested in your content and to be part of your community, it is also true that this powerful tool should be used with caution.

Each message must always be different from the previous one, even if only for a few words, and you must try not to send more than 5 in one go.

I also talked about it in this video! ?

The most common causes are the following.

You’re Exceeding Instagram Limits

We’re not free to do whatever we want on Instagram.

To prevent people from exaggerating with likes, comments and private messages (DM) until they become real harassers (and maybe grow too fast without the aid of advertising) we can leave only a certain number of likes, comments and private messages per day.

If you exceed these limits, you could be a victim of the Instagram shadowban.

Soon I’ll tell you about Instagram’s limits and how to not get blocked.

You have entered prohibited hashtags

There is a list of hashtags that have been banned from Instagram because they contain reported material.

They are called broken hashtag , that is, broken hashtags, precisely because they can no longer be used. Instagram blacks out all accounts that have posted photos with these tags.

Is this all right?

I don’t know, we just have to try to avoid these hashtags as much as we can.

All members of my community have access to .pdf with a list of the most popular broken hashtags.

If you want to receive it immediately, just fill in the fields below!

At the end of the second email you will receive, there is a link to access all the free guides and resources that I reserve for members of my community. The broken hashtags will be there waiting for you! ?

Profile reported

If your profile is reported for spam or other prohibited behavior, it is likely that Instagram, instead of closing your account, decides to black out your photos so that you can no longer cause problems.


We know, Instagram doesn’t like automatisms. They don’t like anything that allows us to grow our profile, reach new people and increase our followers without using advertisements on the platform.

And, from their point of view, they’re right!

So if Instagram realizes you’re using automatisms, it could penalize you in this way.

How do you know?

You must have the greatest attention when you are abroad. If Instagram sees a photo posted from one place and interactions made from another country, it might get suspicious.

In this case, advanced tools called proxies are used.

Spammy behaviors

Any kind of spam can be punished with the Instagram shadowban. Don’t send too many private messages, too many comments, likes or anything else that may annoy the community in some way.

What did I do to get out of the Instagram Shadownban

I am writing to you everything I have desperately tried or have advised me to get out of this penalty.

I warn you, they are not magical and definitive solutions , in the end you may still find yourself having the problem.

You can still try one or more of the solutions below! ?

1. Re-install the app

Refreshing and cleaning up the app never hurts.

In this way, you will be able to delete all the data and information stored by Instagram on your mobile. I don’t think it’s the solution to all this, but trying doesn’t hurt and it’s certainly something that can only do well.

2. Enter the hashtags in description

Instagram may judge it to be spammy to include hashtags in post comments. Also because some use it as a trick to use more than 30 hashtags.

I advise you never to go beyond 30 hashtags and insert them in the caption of the post which is the place where they were originally conceived.

The problem could also be just that, by entering hashtags in comments, Instagram can’t read them and as a result, it’s as if you hadn’t entered them.

I happened to not be included in the photos of a hashtag because they are present in the comments.

Try this too!

3. Create new hashtag lists

You should always use hashtags that are consistent with what the content of the photo is. For this, I recommend that you change the hashtag lists you have with new ones. Instagram may see it as spam and decide to penalize you.

I have explained to you how to create hashtag lists that will allow you to increase the views of your posts by 100 times in this article.

HASHTAG INSTAGRAM: How to use them to the fullest and get thousands of views to your posts!

4. Delete the hashtags under the last 10 photos

Not sure if you’ve used any prohibited hashtags?

The problem is that we can never be sure that the hashtags we have used are all clean, so I recommend that you delete all those under the last 10 photos. They wouldn’t be more effective anyway so we might as well clean up everything.

5. Do not interact on social media

You can try to stop almost every possible interaction on the social network. I don’t advise you not to comment and leave no likes, I don’t like drastic things and I don’t think they work.

What you can do, in my opinion, is to keep posting and leave a few dozen likes and comments per day , to keep your account active.

Stories in quantity always work and are always good to be present for your followers, but what I advise against completely avoiding is opening new conversations via private message with new users.

6. Stop all BOTs

If you’re running automatic operations, you definitely need to take a break. Instagram may have noticed that the interactions coming from your account are not genuine and tries to send you warnings so that you stop.

7. Renounce the business profile

Business profiles are those that are most attacked by any penalty . For one simple reason. They can access the feature to sponsor Instagram posts.

Even if I don’t find it very effective, because Instagram knows that your account was a business profile before, going back to your personal profile for a while could help. Especially if you don’t have 10k followers yet and don’t have access to swipe up in Stories.

8. Change your account password

You can do this from the app settings. This will allow you to immediately revoke access to all external apps, including BOTs. This way you can be sure that there are no automation programs that can log into your account and perform operations.

9. Deactivate the account

There are also those who recommend this extreme method. I honestly have never tried it.

Do this just in case you don’t feel like staying on the platform and posting even if you are the victim of this penalty.

Go to settings and deactivate your account for at least 48 hours.

How long does this last?

24, 48 hours, 1 week… and even months!

There are no limits. The most that happened to me, personally, was two weeks when I went too far with sending private messages to new profiles.

However, searching the forums and inquiring, I found that there are people who have been affected for more than a month and didn’t know what to do anymore.

I advise you not to despair. Keep going with your business!

Want to know the truth about the Instagram shadowban?

All of these techniques haven’t worked that much. If there is only one thing that I have understood after so many times that I have been hit by shadowban Instagram is that we have to let it take its course .

A bit like a cold.

By now the Instagram algorithm has blocked us, we are marked and has already decided how long it will keep us blocked.

The best solution is always just waiting, trying to avoid spammy behavior, stopping BOTs and trying to post and interact with other profiles like a normal account.

Have you ever suffered the Shadowban on Instagram?

You can share in the comments below your experience, what your symptoms were and how you resolved. ?

I hope my misfortunes have inspired you, but above all, I want you not to lose your mind too much behind these things.

I’ve been through this a lot of times too and I wanted someone to say to me:

“Hey Monica! Don’t waste time on these nonsense but focus your attention on creating content that can help your followers on Instagram but above all your blog readers! ”

We cannot control the Instagram algorithm but only suffer it. We must therefore act on what is in our power and that will allow us to make a real difference! ?

See you next time!


Firma Monica Pirozzi

P.S. If you want to adopt a strategy that allows you to grow your followers by avoiding the shadowban, I am preparing an Instagram guide that explains, step by step, all the strategies to use to start and lead an Instagram account to success.

All members of my community will be updated on its development and on the day of its release via email.

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