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Do you have a business and would like to open a profile on social media? Perfect, today I’ll explain how to join LinkedIn as a company . Why LinkedIn?

The reason is simple: LinkedIn is a serious and reliable channel for establishing collaborations between professionals, recruiting specialized personnel, making your company known to experts in the sector. The right place to take your business to the next level.

Obviously, nothing prevents you from being present on other social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. Indeed, if you have the opportunity, so be it. When I talk to you about possibilities I mean the time that you can actually dedicate to this new social enterprise of yours.

A mistake that many companies make is to create a profile on all of them, or almost, the social platforms currently available on the web. This is incorrect behavior, since doing so increases the risk of not being able to carefully manage the graphics and content for each of these channels. My advice is therefore to focus on a few channels and be able to create value for your specific target.

What is ‘is Linkedin?

Before opening your first LinkedIn page , you definitely need to know more about this Social Network and understand if it is right for you. Not all companies, in fact, have a LinkedIn page. So let’s try to understand if this channel is suitable for your business.

With over 500 million users and a growth of almost one million users per month, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best Social Network for the Business sector. It allows its users to create a sort of virtual curriculum in which to insert a course of study, work experience, masters and certifications and skills.

These skills can be verified through quizzes and through the evaluation by colleagues who have shared work experience with you and have thus been able to test your skills in the field. LinkedIn therefore allows individuals to get in touch with the HR of companies, stay updated on the world of work, interact with their colleagues and much more.

Born in 2009, it is a free service for many aspects (even if there is a business version) and is basically used to develop professional contacts. The LinkedIn network is present in over 200 countries and allows you to get in touch with professionals from any sector.

A mature social network, which has grown a lot over the years, so much so that in 2015 it was acquired. (one of the best e-learning sites) and turn it into LinkedIn Learning. A platform where you can improve your job skills and obtain certificates to publish on your profile in such a way as to “entice” the recruiters.

LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning – The LinkedIn e-learning platform

What is a LinkedIn page for

After this brief overview on LinkedIn, let’s try to understand together what a LinkedIn page is for and if your company it actually needs it. A LinkedIn Page does nothing but act as a true spokesperson for your business. Help subscribers get useful information about your company, the reliability of your brand and your staff.

It will allow you to open up to the outside world and create new opportunities for collaboration with other companies and professionals. It will also allow you to select competent and qualified personnel and interact with LinkedIn members.

Furthermore, the pages are not for the exclusive use of companies and private businesses. For example, schools and universities also find a place on the platform. In general, Pages are perfect for any type of organization .

How to Create a LinkedIn Page

Before Creating Your Page LinkedIn, as already happens with other social networks such as Facebook, you first need to register as a single user. You will then need to create a LinkedIn profile using your first and last name.

Currently creating a LinkedIn page is only possible through the desktop version of the website. You will therefore need to use a PC to complete this process and you will not be able to do it from a mobile device or through the LinkedIn app.

Here is the detailed procedure for creating a LinkedIn page:

  • Open your LinkedIn Home Page and click on the products icon in the upper right corner.
  • From here click on Create a Company Page . The procedure is the same, regardless of the organization for which you are creating a page, be it University or company
  • Select the type of page you want to create from the following options: Small Business, Medium and Large Business , Showcase Page, Educational Institution (Schools and Universities)
  • Enter information about the identity of the page , the details of your company or institution, as well as your profile.
  • Check the checkbox to confirm that you have permission to create the page on behalf of that company, school or university.
  • Click on Create page.


As you may have seen, creating a LinkedIn page for your company is a very simple operation. All you have to do is manage this new profile in the best possible way, curate it and create posts directed to your specific market niche. LinkedIn is an extremely intuitive and useful tool to create an active synergy between professionals.

From now on, your employees will also be able to associate themselves with the business profile, declaring that they work for your company. This will allow you to create a network among your employees, useful for confirming skills, sharing crucial aspects of their work and exchanging information in a timely and effective way.

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