Social Customer Service: how to manage the relationship with customers on social networks

An unsatisfied customer is like a loose cannon.

Doing customer service is not easy , it is a very delicate task and, at the same time, very important for a company, especially nowadays, where one is not only subject to such called “word of mouth” or face-to-face confrontation with the customer in their workplace.

The arrival of the internet has given customers a very powerful tool: that of giving their opinion online about the service received. If before you had to manage comments, whether positive or negative on platforms like Tripadvisor, now, with the widespread use of social networks, you must also be very careful on that side too.

I’ll come straight to the point: you have to start Social Customer Service!

What is Social Customer Service

Doing Social Customer Service means providing assistance to your customers, potential or actual, even on social networks, managing complaints and thanks, opinions and observations, in short, what you have always done from behind a phone or in first person, now, you must also do it on platforms like Facebook and Twitter , with the awareness that everything that happens is public, therefore, readable and commentable by everyone.

I bet you’ve already put your hand on your forehead, you’ve already realized that one misstep, one wrong answer, could cost you a lot, definitely a lot more than in the traditional way.

I didn’t want to get scared, first I wanted to give you an overview of the situation and make you feel how damaging a customer service that doesn’t work can be for your company as it should, now, I’ll tell you some tips to help you to do the Social Customer Service as it should, that is to say how to manage the relationship with your customers on social networks.


What you need to keep in mind when doing Social Customer Service

I already told you that it’s not a walk in the park, customers can praise your product / service or think well to screw you up without half measures – forgive the term, but it gives a good idea – and this could be a problem needs to be fixed, let’s see how.

Choose the right person

“Prevention is better than cure”, the saying goes, and our ancestors usually hit us, so the first thing to do is to find the right person who can manage the relationship your company has with your customers, believe me, it can really make a difference.

The person you choose will have to:

  • undoubtedly be prepared for the type of work
  • knowing how to remain calm, even if the customer is in front of a screen, on the other side of the world
  • being able to speak the language in which you manage your profile correctly
  • have a deep understanding of the brand or company
  • know the products / services offered
  • being able to propose alternative solutions
  • learn about social networks and their characteristics

The keyboard can be a fatal weapon , choosing the right person to do Social Customer Service is essential!

ALWAYS reply

The excuse of “I don’t have time” doesn’t hold up, if you have chosen to be on social networks, you are also aware that you cannot forget it, if users can reach you, it means that they also expect a response to their comments.

The secret is to be there , to be present, the user must know that on the other side there is someone who will really take care of his possible problems, who will invite him to participate in his events, who will thank him for expressing his opinion and so on.

NEVER delete comments

A little nice comment? A criticism of your product / service? A complaint about the offline support service? Don’t cancel this type of interaction for any reason and if you’re wondering why, I won’t give you one reason , but I’ll give you four:

  • deleting a negative comment means not knowing how to deal with it
  • the user who sees a comment deleted feels offended and not considered
  • deleting a comment fuels the user’s anger and dissatisfaction
  • By responding to a negative comment, you have a chance to turn it in your favor

This last point deserves further attention. A negative comment, if handled well, can become an opportunity to show off impeccable assistance, a place to give exhaustive explanations which, in the best of cases, see the customer change way of approaching and even thank. Here are a couple of examples of Social Customer Service that I personally managed.

Example 1:


In this case, the customer complains of a malfunction in an offer created on the company’s Facebook page, noting that a payment of 10 euros is required for a loyalty card that was promised for free. Problems can happen, even in an unpredictable way, the important thing is to know how to solve them, so as to earn a “thank you”.

Example 2:


In this second case there is a simple request for information, which however is resolved with a suggestion from the satisfied user to a friend.

Oh I forgot: you are authorized to delete comments in case they report profanity, profanity and vulgarity.

Personalize your answer

Nobody likes to feel like a number. It will have happened to you too, in the hotel, to find a receptionist who would call you by name , it is something you notice, that amazes you, because only a few do it, or maybe at a restaurant table. . These are small attentions that make the difference , the same thing happens on social networks, even here, when you reply, always mention the name of the person who wrote, and also do not copy and paste a pre -packaged, model it, express the same concept, adapting it to the request made of you.

Make the user feel unique, treating him in a completely personalized way, while always following your company policies.

Be quick

Time on social networks is important, people don’t like to wait, especially on a platform that requires immediate answers, of course, it must also be said that if a user comments outside working hours, appropriately reported in the social profile of the ‘company, it is also inappropriate to answer, better wait until the next day , it is much more professional.

In the case of Facebook, for example, there are big news about it, the Chatbots arrive, which will allow you to do a sort of “virtual assistance”, but to learn more about the topic, I suggest you read this article in English.

Provide alternative solutions or give indications for a more targeted type of assistance

Not everything can be solved on social media, this is clear, it depends a little on the problem that the user exposes. To make you understand what I’m talking about, here is an example of customer service from the Hilton Hotel chain.


As you can see, in this case, the Hilton customer service department begins the reply apologizing, secondly, it gives alternative instructions in order to provide a better and personalized service to the user, inviting him to send via private message the details of your booking.

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Don’t be afraid to choose Social Customer Service

The customer support service through social networks is as important as it is delicate, always remember that you are completely exposed to any kind of criticism, complaint and reaction from the internet people, it is you who can make the difference.

If you are sure of your product / service, its efficiency and quality, you have nothing to fear and you will probably only benefit from it, enriching your social profile with positive comments.

Have you ever tried to do customer service on social networks? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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