Social media is the digital marketing channel in which companies invest the most in 2018

Among the digital marketing channels currently used by companies, social media comes first . This is what we read from the data collected and processed by Clutch, an independent agency based in Washington that provides market research on IT and marketing.

The recent study involved five hundred and one digital marketers of US companies and was designed to understand how companies seek to take advantage of the network to market and promote their products or services.

A context, that of digital marketing, which has become essential for businesses, given that technology is now an integral part of our daily life and that, given the increase in purchases on the internet that involves more and more people – you want to the convenience that this method of purchase allows, either for the competitive prices offered by many e-commerce platforms – it is expected will affect more than two billion users worldwide by 2020 .

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The study, in addition to highlighting the fact that as many as eighty-one percent of the companies interviewed use social media marketing, found interesting data in various respects, not least what concerns the motivation of their choices.

It should be considered, in fact, that social media allow companies to create a very effective communication channel, bringing the user and the company itself to a more direct relationship. Telling one’s own story, and therefore using methods of communication such as storytelling, allows companies to make their work known in a more “intimate” way and therefore create that emotional involvement that is also excellent for eliciting interest from users.

Another interesting consideration, how companies tend to use a mix of digital channels for their marketing strategy, thus not cutting out the other possibilities offered by the network to achieve their goals and involve as many users as possible.

SEO is the branch of digital marketing with the lowest investments

On the other hand, relatively few companies investing in search engine optimization, or in the technique that is commonly referred to as SEO.
In fact, SEO seems to be the branch of digital marketing with fewer investments , in which less than half of the companies interviewed have chosen to take an interest this year.

The motivation for this trend could lie both in the lack of awareness on how SEO actually works, and because, as those who work in this field know well but who are not clear on who is not proficient. to this type of mechanism, SEO results are not immediately noticeable .

A lack of investment that can also negatively affect the results of other channels and which, according to industry experts, should be well analyzed in its motivations to ensure that SEO is instead taken into consideration as an important element for each digital marketing channel, as part of each of them.

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