Social media: marketing that smiles

There are many articles that highlight the disruptive effects of social media marketing on web marketing but also on traditional marketing (and ultimately on the economy in general). It’s all true. The impact of social media in corporate communication and advertising is revolutionary .

In summary, the point is that people are increasingly going to social networks by abandoning or otherwise spending less time on traditional media. Companies and companies are “forced” to follow them in a field, the social networks, which has brought some remarkable news. The main difference is that from a unique communication in which the company launches its message to the potential customer, in social networks it passes to a “question and answer” communication .


Let’s see what has changed with the advent of social media:

  • The customer and the company have the opportunity to speak directly to each other . Social networks can therefore be used to optimize the timing of a communication.
  • The customer, in social networks and the like, can respond to company advertisements . Company advertising is therefore “under the control” of the customer and the user in general on social media. So it is much more difficult for a company to lie.
  • The customer’s response to corporate communication is available to all other users who, from the company’s point of view, are potential customers. A negative feedback becomes very dangerous in this way. Companies must stay “on track” and respond to criticism, compliments and even libel.
  • The biggest problem with social media is perhaps defamation. In social media, information travels fast, and negative criticism too. However, this applies to both justified and unjustified criticisms.

    Anonymous profiles are born like mushrooms and there is a lot of people interested in defaming their competitors. The only thing a company can do in these cases is to respond as soon as possible to criticism and, if it has good arguments, turn it against those who made it.

    This is certainly one of the risks associated with the spread of social media; a risk that involves even more important aspects of corporate communication.

    However, companies have more reasons to be happy with the spread of social media than reasons to complain . For example, the comparison between the costs of a social media marketing campaign and those of a traditional marketing campaign, although it is complex to do in detail being completely different communication strategies, still continues to be favorable to social marketing. If only because social networks tend to be free. To get space on other media, you usually have to pay dearly.

    If we sum up there is something to be optimistic about the future of social media marketing on corporate communication . On social media, companies that make a living on advertising “megacampaigns” to push mediocre or decidedly poor products have a little tougher life.

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