Social networks have improved our lifestyle: Here’s Why

Social networks broke into our lives like a hurricane.

They have brought, like any change, a lot of controversy but also people in shameless favor.

As always, each medal has two distinct sides and we can choose which one to look at. I always invite you to look at the glass as half full, at the positive side or at the improvements that these new technologies have brought into our life.

Up until 10 years ago, the world was completely different. If I try to think about it, I almost get chills.

It is also true that these new technologies have given everyone the opportunity to access unique opportunities, which can radically change your life.

Today I want to talk to you about this: how social networks have improved the lives of all of us for the better.

I hope my arguments will convince you that there is gold in these media, if we learn to use them to our advantage.

Happy reading! 😀

i social network hanno migliorato il nostro stile di vita

Why social networks have been successful

[bctt tweet = “These new technologies have given everyone the opportunity to access unique opportunities, which can radically change your life.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

Things didn’t happen by chance.

They have to come at the right time and respond to the right need.

Since I remember the history of social networks, it seems to me that Instagram and Facebook weren’t the first social networks to appear on the scene. However, they were the first to have global success.

Facebook Inc. today is one of the largest companies in the world precisely because it has managed to respond to the right need … at the right time!

Yes, but what are these needs that social networks have answered?

Social networks respond to two needs inherent in human nature

I’m here to offer you my opinion on this worldwide phenomenon. I spend at least two hours a day between Instagram and Facebook and I couldn’t help but wonder why all this happened.

Surely one of the main needs that social networks have been able to respond to very well is the need we have to share our experiences and show off .

You know, an unshared emotion is an emotion that is only half lived and this seems to be one of the reasons that prompted us to approach social networks and post what are our experiences and beautiful moments of our life.

[bctt tweet = “An unshared emotion is an emotion that is only half lived.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

We like to expose ourselves, we are all a little self-centered, we love to talk about ourselves, to show the beautiful things we do and also to envy those who want us badly (you have to admit … science says it!: D) .

Yes, but that reason alone doesn’t explain why we spend a lot of time on it every day. If it were just about sharing the good times of our life, five minutes a day would be fine to write and publish all the posts you need.

You got it right, often it’s all about the good times. Rarely have bad moments.

We don’t like being vulnerable to the eyes of the world , but strong and confident. All lives seem perfect filtered through mobile screens.

The truth is that sometimes we use it as a mask, to hide what we don’t like about our life and show ourselves at our best. Which can be good.

As far as I’m concerned, the act of publishing content on social media, but especially stories, allows me to focus on everything that is beautiful in my life and give less importance to the negative things, which, unfortunately, are there for everyone!

Apart from that.

There is another need, perhaps even more important and closely linked to the need to show oneself and appear.

It is to … gossip !

Curiosity is part of our nature and we can’t help but be curious about what others are doing and do some healthy gossip.

This activity steals most of the time we spend on the platform and is becoming a real pathology. The so-called FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out , which in English means the fear of missing something.

We need to know everything about everyone and we often find ourselves frantically checking the news on our feed without even realizing why.

That’s all explained!

It is precisely the fear that we are missing something in the lives of the people we follow, that the world goes on without us and that we are not in full control of the situation that pushes us to always be there to control everything that happens, minute by minute.

The truth is that we don’t really need all this information , but a life with the bare minimum frees the mind and helps us focus our focus and attention on the things they have. really meaningful to us.

But now let’s go see another very important thing! ?

The reasons why social networks have improved our lifestyle

There are those who speak badly of it and those who speak well.

Now I want to have my say on social networks since I spend at least two hours a day on Instagram . If I do it, it is because I think there is a reason and I have been seeing potential in this platform for four years now and I want to be there at the forefront to exploit it!

So, what are the improvements that social networks have made in our life?

I’ve thought of 5 and will introduce you to them from the most banal to the most important.

Want to find out right now?

1. See in real time what our loved ones are doing

Remember the famous need for gossip?

It can also have a positive character, it doesn’t necessarily have to be thought of as something ignorant and mean.

We are naturally curious, but most of all we care and care about others. Social networks always allow us to keep an eye on what our loved ones are doing , always know that they are well and also share with them in real time the joys of holidays and important moments even when we can’t be present.

I know it’s frustrating when you’re on a tight schedule and can’t attend your best friend’s party, grandma’s birthday, or any event you care about.

Social media have partially alleviated this sadness. You can always be there with them just by watching the stories and posts in real time.

What a great thing!

2. Greater awareness in our choices

How many of you have ever used a social network to find information about the destination of your next vacation? Or, again, to book a restaurant for an event?

Social networks have now become an inexhaustible and sincere source of information .

Inexhaustible because the contents are posted not only by the owners of the businesses but also by the thousands of users who go to that place, eat in that restaurant or simply went to that resort on vacation. Sincere because they are all photos and opinions that we can access in real time and evaluate if that is right for us.

Almost as if we were talking to a friend of ours who has been there before!

The ability to comment and interact then makes it more interesting . If the photos and descriptions don’t convince us, why not contact and talk in person?

On social media I have found many girls and boys who are very available and have given me a lot of tips for my holidays thanks to their personal experiences.

This is why I say that social media allow us to make more informed choices.

We can choose the next resort we will go to, the location of our next vacation or the restaurant for an important occasion having at our disposal a huge amount of information but above all real people who have gone there before us!

3. Inspiration

One of the main reasons that pushes me to open social networks every morning.

We find a disproportionate amount of inspiration not only in photography but also in lifestyle.

The quality of the photos is now impressive and it almost upsets me to think that until recently to see works of this kind you had to participate in photographic exhibitions and find out about events in the sector.

Now I have everything close at hand in the palm of my hand.

Not only that.

The inspiration and motivation to open this blog, try a different path from the ordinary and have the strength to dare also comes from social networks.

When weird ideas come up in your head, you’re always thinking about whether it’s the right thing to do. But if you go to social media and you see that there are many people who have done exactly what you plan to do and have been successful, then you have not only all the motivation you need to get started but also a lot of ideas and a path. for success already cleared!

4. Drastic reduction in the cost of advertising

Have you ever thought that on Facebook and Instagram you can reach hundreds of people with your message by spending around ten euros?

It may seem like a trivial thing to you, but I assure you that she is not at all.

Until recently, traditional forms of advertising, which allowed us to reach a very large audience, such as radio and TV, were extremely expensive .

We are also talking about millions of euros to launch a commercial on TV, not counting the means necessary to bring the creative part of the ad to life (did you have to hire a film crew!?).

Now just post a photo taken with your mobile on Instagram, write a nice caption and click on Promote Post . Depending on the budget you have available, you can reach the people you are interested in, with incredible precision and at a very low cost.

Whenever I think about it, I believe that all those who have an idea, albeit a small one, must at least spend a little money on these means to try to bring it to success.

And we come to news number five, the most important and which summarizes what we have said so far.

5. Possibility of starting millionaire businesses with a very small budget

Perhaps few have noticed.

My passion for numbers has led me to investigate and try to understand more of what is behind all these new businesses that advertise on these platforms.

How much do they spend and how much do they manage to earn?

Well, I discovered how it is possible to earn significant amounts, thousands of euros a month, by creating online businesses from scratch and more.

I know it may seem like one of the many advertisements you see around that promise you a thousand thousand euros a month by investing two hours a day of your time.

That’s not exactly the case.

But if you have a good idea and the right strategy, these tools can really allow you to bring it to life and promote it to the general public at a very low cost.

Start saving to finance your new idea, you’ll find it takes a lot less money than you thought.

I suggest you take a look at the video by Dario Vignali that I have put for you below.

he Explains how he was able to create a business of € 150,000 a year for his girlfriend in just a few months.

All thanks to a very small advertising investment on Instagram and Facebook!

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What do you think?

What has changed in your life with the introduction of social media?

I don’t know if you can remember your life before Instagram and Facebook. I’d like to know in the comments below what changes you’ve noticed but especially if you’ve benefited from this lifestyle change that these platforms have inevitably brought.

I know there are also a lot of downsides to this issue, but I believe that we must always take the means that technology offers us and use them to our advantage, to improve our lives and achieve our dreams without being overwhelmed by them. .

And that’s what I wish you today.

That you will be able to apply all strategies to use these tools to your advantage.

If you know someone who thinks very negatively on social networks, send them this article with the social buttons below. Let’s see if we can make him change his mind! (I have a lot of people I should send it to!?)

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See you next time.


Firma Monica Pirozzi

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