Social profiles of a company: what not to publish

recent years, in Italy, the small and very small commercial realities
they have invested in social media marketing to promote the products
or digital services.

In the
in most cases, companies have opted for management
internal social networks with more or less questionable results.

Many entrepreneurial activities have not been able to recover the economic investments made over time ( Roi always negative ), while in some cases the same companies have damaged, with their contents, the entire business system as well as its corporate reputation.

it mostly occurred when companies posted posts
– photos, videos and textual content – not in line with the real ones
expectations of the reference community.

It is
precisely for this reason that I decided to write this article,
where I will highlight everything that should not be posted on
social profiles of a company.

A company’s social profiles: no to political or religious content

first type of content that must not be published on
social profiles of a company is the one with political purposes or

except in exceptional cases, for example activities that operate in these
sectors, politics and religion are two issues that do not
they can be used to enhance products or services.

political or religious post means capturing the attention of
haters of the network or destroy the brand reputation.

companies are vital systems where all actors must
collaborate with each other to achieve the same goal.

openly on a specific political theme or religious dogma
it can do away with the concept of a vital system, as many
stakeholders may lose interest in the specific one
business project.

A company’s social profiles: no to black humor

companies that want to promote themselves with social media marketing must
absolutely avoid posting satirical content or
with black humor.

black humor is the new frontier of the web and consists of
publication of ironic content on sensitive events or topics,
such as sexual assault, drug use and so on.

the average user is unable to understand, and decode, i
satirical content and this can cause a reputational crisis on
main social networks.

avoid compromising the already fragile balance of identity
digital, it is right to ban, on company accounts, satirical posts or
difficult to interpret content.

Social profiles of a company: no to disparaging posts

In the
course of my career on the web, I happened to read, on
some company accounts, post derogatory towards
main competitors.

type of post is extremely dangerous because, in addition to
capture the attention of competitors’ customers, it can be
source of complaint for acts of unfair competition.

denigration is one of the most important cases of competition
unfair, and for this reason they cannot, and must, be published
content that is offensive to other business activities.

Social profiles of a company: no to personal content

investments in social media marketing are continuous
growth, so many entrepreneurs still consider business accounts
personal spaces where you can publish private content.

private content I mean all those posts not related to the world of
work, as many entrepreneurs confuse content
personal and content oriented to the enhancement of the personal

personal branding can be enhanced with related photos and videos
at the last meeting or next project to be launched on the market,
and not with photographs taken under the umbrella or during
the last dinner with the family.

private life must be separated from professional life. How? Maybe
using personal accounts.

Social profiles of a company: no to grammatical errors

social media accounts of a company, content cannot be published
text with:

  • Abbreviations;
  • Mistakes
  • Expressions
    in dialect;

the latter case, however, there may be exceptions,
especially when the business operates in a market
local and is aimed exclusively at locals.

local marketing initiatives are also based on the use of
dialectal expressions and in some cases they can produce excellent
results in terms of engagement.


companies that want to continue investing in social media
marketing, obtaining results in line with the objectives
pre-established in the strategic phase, they must publish content online
with the values ​​of the business system.

except in exceptional cases, the following should not be published:

  • Contents
    political or religious;
  • Contents
    from black humor;
  • Contents
  • Contents
  • Contents
    grammatically incorrect;

these small and simple rules, it will be possible to implement
real social media marketing strategies.

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