Some interesting data on influencer marketing published by ONIM

What is the situation of influencer marketing in Italy? The first report drawn up by ONIM , the National Observatory on Influencer Marketing , which came out in July last year, tried to explain it to us. The data was obtained from the dual front study influencers and marketers , 400 in total. It should be noted that this is the first analysis of this magnitude of the situation in Italy.

The report statistics

Influencer marketing is a full-fledged economic market, with one party selling their services and another interested in buying them. The picture returned by the ONIM reveals that the Italian one is in a more immature phase compared to other nations, but with definite signs of growth.
The most numerous clients, 66.7% have exploited the IM only for 1-3 low budget campaigns in the last year, but with a high degree of satisfaction. A similar percentage in fact proposes to raise the budget. However, the number of companies and professionals who turn to it massively is still modest, only 13%.

Objectives and sectors

Why contact influencer marketing? The Onim report reveals that the clients are interested in:

The sectors in a predominant position are fashion with a share of 17% and food & beverage with a similar percentage. Strong growth for the travel sector.

The choice of influencers and payments

Identifying the right subject is one of the top priorities in influencer marketing . The ONIM report shows that the outreach phase is still largely based on the “intuition” of the clients rather than on specific analyzes and tools. What do they base their assessments on? In particular on engagement and the ability to produce quality content.
Most of them aim above all at micro influencers , who among other things allow for budget containment. The average payments are in fact around € 3-600, in the form of money, products or services. They could hardly motivate Chiara Ferragni … In a not insignificant percentage, about 10% in fact, they are not even contemplated.
Content payment is the agreed form in more than half of the cases, while that a percentage of the results and the mixed one share the remaining share, 14% for the first and 28% for the second.

The channels used for IM and transparency

Social networks and influencer marketing go hand in hand, with King Instagram standing out above all. As mentioned, the most engaged are the micro influencers: in addition to economy, they are better in terms of credibility. Transparency is growing very well even if it quarrels with the reliability factor. The hashtags #sponsored and #ads are becoming more and more numerous, in fact 58% always use them and only 8% never.


The ONIM report on influencer marketing reveals a reality of underestimated potential, still partially “artisanal” especially with regard to the analysis and selection of influencers. However, the current phase is one of growth. The advice is to rely on digital marketing professionals who are able to effectively deal with all the complex phases of IM, achieving the ultimate goal of optimizing ROI.

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