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Spotify web player app. Spotify has now become a commonly used app for listening to music at any time: you can put background music.

Create playlists, search for songs we haven’t heard for a long time. Also with podcasts we can learn new things we didn’t know.

Today we will see how the Spotify Web version works, with quick and easy access to millions of songs and other content from artists from around the world.

Its main functions, such as playing music, are totally free, but you can also decide to upgrade to Spotify Premium. With both versions, you can:

  • Choose what to listen to with Browse and Search.
  • Get recommendations from features tailored to your musical tastes, such as Discover What’s New of the Week
  • Create music libraries.
  • Find out what friends, artists and celebrities are listening to.
  • Create your own Radio Stations.

Spotify is available on a variety of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, speakers, TVs and cars, and you can easily switch between devices with Spotify Connect .

How to listen to Spotify with Web browser

Spotify web player app. Spotify is one of the most used music streaming services in recent times.

But there is one thing you may not know: to use it, you don’t need to download an app. You can use it directly from your web browser.

The Spotify Web Player works on both Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera: go to the official page and sign up either with your email or with the social networks available. Then follow the instructions we gave you before to download and listen to your favorite music.

spotify web

If you use the web player with a free plan, you will have a complete experience:

  • Advertisements are very few
  • you can download unlimited music
  • save space on your mobile

However, if your use of Spotify is not limited to a few hours a day, we recommend you switch to a paid plan : there are many podcasts available on Spotify, which are real radio programs. There are some for every topic, so if your purpose is to use the program heavily, it is better to switch to a paid plan without advertising.

With Spotify you can create playlists and also access the ones you have created in the app, search for specific artists, follow the advice given to you based on your choices: Spotify will present you a daily playlist with a mix of the hits you usually listen to every day.

How Spotify works

Born as a startup, Spotify is a music sharing platform, where artists freely upload their songs and users can listen to the music they love.

There is a free and a paid plan. Worldwide subscribers have surpassed 70 million, while over 150 use this platform to listen to and download songs every day. There are millions of downloads and the app is becoming more and more popular and used.

Spotify is really easy to use, no great technical knowledge is required as anyone can approach this application. However an official guide is available in which it is explained in detail how to best use the music streaming platform.

On Spotify you can not only listen to songs, but you can also download them, share them with friends, create personal playlists. Listen to music offline.

Discover new songs that the same platform suggests, listen to radio stations or make your own and much more. Like podcasts.

Downloading Spotify on your Smart TV is easy, just follow the specific procedure of each device, which you can consult by going to the settings, selecting the page main “Home”, from which you can search for all the applications that you can install on the TV. Once found, click on the icon and the download starts automatically.

Do you want to install Spotify on PlayStation 3 or 4 ? First you need to create an account, and then open the PlayStation Music app and connect it to the Spotify profile, by entering the login email address and password. Having said that, let’s continue with the guide to using Spoify Web.

Spotify Web App VS PC

In addition to apps for desktop, smartphone and tablet, you can play Spotify in comfort from your browser on the famous Web player.

You can access the entire Spotify catalog and use many functions offered by app, including:

  • Search by artists, albums, songs and playlists. Puo i browse the Highlights, New Releases and Genres and Moods, acceder sections and to edit Your Library, including Playlists, Songs, Albums and Artists.
  • View the pages of the Artists.

The universe linked to listening to streaming music has grown exponentially over the past few years. The evolution is caused thanks to the increasingly widespread use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Internet connection also helped to use the app from a fixed and mobile station .

How does Spotify Web work?

Among the many platforms offered to users, one in particular was able to immediately gain excellent popularity. This is precisely the Spotify platform. The service, although operating in a relatively young environment, has almost ten years of experience behind it .

It is possible listen to streaming music from Spotify in three different ways: by relying on the Web player to be opened directly within the browser by typing the address

Downloading from official site the specific client for the desktop to be installed on desktop computers and laptops, or using the applications available for smartphones and tablets.

In this case the software has been developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Each of these existing solutions features a simple interface. This is optimized for any type of interaction, therefore mouse, keyboard or touchscreen display .

How to listen to music from Spotify from different devices

The UI, then , is in constant development, thanks to the constant release of updates that allow us to improve all aspects considered most important. This will offer an experience that will always align with the needs of users.

The catalog is really rich: with over 20 million songs, but the number is constantly growing, the periodic introduction of new discs and publications, Spotify ranks as the leader of music streaming. Also included are works managed by record companies.

Even those of numerous independent labels, which in the business formula proposed by Spotify have found over the years a way to make their music known and reach a much wider audience for a fairly low initial investment .

Users can create and share custom playlists, including songs already present on their own pc.

Catalog and Playlist of Spotify

Do you want to try Spotify web by installing it on your computer? First you need to connect to the program website and click Download at the top right. On the page that opens, choose how to create your account on Spotify.

You can choose between the traditional way, that is by entering your data in the form that opens and providing your email address, or log in via Facebook by pressing the Subscribe button with the app. We recommend choosing the second option in order to take full advantage of all the social features of the service .

There is the possibility of sharing the songs you listen to with Facebook friends. In any case you will have to remember to put the check mark next to the item on the Spotify Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

How to install Spotify web

Once logged in with Facebook or after creating an account on Spotify using your email, the download of the most suitable software for the type of operating system in use starts automatically.

You have to wait for the download to finish and then open the file you just downloaded on your computer (SpotifySetup.exe on Windows or Install Spotify on OS X) and wait a few seconds for the installation of the software is completed.

When the window to log in to Spotify appears, click on Log in with Facebook if you have subscribed to self rvizio through your social profile or enter the email address and password you have chosen to use. Well, now you are officially in Spotify !

Log in to Spotify Web

On startup, the software will ask you if this is your first time using Spotify digital music streaming player app player web player and if you want to show what you listen to on Facebook.

I set this option to depending on what you want (you can always change an idea at any time) and press the button to confirm where you say that it is the first time that spotiffy to log in.

On the right you will find a bar where you can view the activities of your users who are friends of Facebook and what they are listening to at any given moment; at the top left you will see a bar through which it will be possible to find songs, artists and playlists .

The “browse” part offers an overview of the news of the panorama and some suggestions based on the music you have previously listened to. In the top right you will be able to access your account .

Spotify is a digital music platform that allows you to stream millions of songs on various devices. Being a versatile application, you can listen to digital music wherever you are.

Spotify is the most popular service that offers the possibility to listen to music in streaming for free. You can legally access thousands of songs from any device without having to purchase individual songs.

Spotify web how to download it and which web apps to use

If you want to listen to music online through Spotify web there are several supporting apps that I recommend you to watch and download. Choose the one you like best among these:

Spotibot where you can create playlists based on the artist or international and Italian music group. Writing the name of the singer you will see the result of the songs together with those recommended because they are considered similar. is an American site where you can search the playlists created by other users divided by singer. If you like music I advise you not to use this service because there is practically almost nothing. The great thing about this site is that you can connect with Facebook and Twitter.

  • The Listener is always a website where you can save the Spotify playlists of your favorite singer very easy to use and intuitive.
  • Fiverr is the place where you can find Spotify playlists more beautiful but the list of songs can only be made for a singer and only with the songs listened to less and you can listen online.
  • MagicPlaylist is an original site where you can create playlists automatic for Spotify based on the title of the searched song.
  • Map of genres.
  • Forgotify unlike other websites shows you the list of songs that nobody listens to practically never listened to by anyone.
  • Music Map of Spotify is the site where you can see the playlists of users divided by each city of the world.

Negative Aspects

But not everything is positive, there are also some things that should be improved:

  • the bitrate of the Web version is lower than that of the app
  • the playback commands of the multimedia of the pc or headphones, cannot work in the web version
  • Even if you have a Premium subscription, Sotify Web, does not allow you to download tracks to listen to it offline or access your profile while you are not connected. All this can be done with the app.

In short, there are things to improve, but Spotify Web or Spotify web player app is still an excellent way to listen to music in the background while you are working on your pc : the offer is so wide, that we can overlook these defects that should be improved or taken into consideration.

Spotify web is the social of playlists

It can be considered the new social of music where large and little ones try their hand at creating Spotify playlists and compete for the first place until the last minute. Especially the younger ones love this world of playlists, latest songs, for this reason knowing how it works can help to have visibility also on Spotify web.

Use every tool available to create your network. Spotify web player app.

We talked about Spotify web player app player for digital music streaming.

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