Start managing an Instagram profile: Start the profile and define your success strategy

Monica, where can I start managing my Instagram profile?

We see Instagram profiles with lots of followers every day and we would like them too.

They started months if not years ago, when maybe it was a little easier.

But if you needed to start an Instagram profile from scratch (or almost) what could you do?

I want to answer this question that many have asked me.

I am addressing you who have a personal Instagram profile and want to start turning it into something professional, grow your followers and, why not, start earning something with collaborations.

To you who have decided to open your own website, have had an idea and want to start spreading it through Instagram or have simply started managing someone else’s profile.

Follow me !

Starting to manage an Instagram profile is not easy!

I’ve always thought I’d write more about how to improve an Instagram profile.

Every time I thought

Monica, everyone wants to know how to move on Instagram, you absolutely have to write how you did it!

But then I was always filled with insecurity (here I explained to you how I overcame my chronic insecurity).

I know it may sound strange to you, but the Instagram topic is very broad .

As I have already explained to you in this article, it is no longer a simple game but it is a real digital marketing platform.

It is not only used by ordinary people who want to share their experiences but also by companies, personalities looking for notoriety.

If you’re here, you’ve probably figured it out too.

You want to use Instagram for your own purposes and exploit its full potential.

Getting started isn’t easy right now.

It takes the right strategy to stand out from the crowd.

It’s no longer enough to post the photos you like and expect someone to like you or read your articles.

I was telling you, I really didn’t know where to start talking about Instagram.

I had to put in a terrible effort to organize all the ideas and try to write everything down as simply as possible.

Until something happened.

My friend Roberta contacts me by writing to me

Hi Monic!

I thought, but why don’t you do a tutorial on how to grow on Instagram? I tell you the truth, there are several videos on the net, some good, but since you have studied these things, if more reliable.

I have a page from a newly born magazine that should improve its approach on Instagram and social media. I know some techniques, I know that consistency is important etc. etc. but I would be interested in your video.

Being a magazine, photos are usually newspaper articles etc. but I think that beyond the quality of the photos there are “strategies” to make the page more popular.

Thank Roberta in the comments below because she was able to write what are the most common doubts and prejudices about Instagram.

Without her, I probably would have postponed it again.

I won’t be able to answer everything in one article, but I will write several.

Her journalism Instagram profile will be my inspiration but everything I will say can also be applied to personal profiles or company pages.

Let’s get started ?

Definisci strategia Instagram

The steps to start managing a successful Instagram profile

On YouTube and on the net you will have seen a lot of videos and read articles on how to grow on Instagram or how to increase followers on Instagram.

Last but not least , when the article is about to end and they haven’t given you the information you are looking for, they appeal to the much loved constancy .

Let’s be clear, I’m the number one supporter of consistency .

This is a vital part of the process.

If you plan to post one photo a month and hope to grow this isn’t the place for you.

What do I mean when I say growing on Instagram ?

Here’s another bias.

Growing on Instagram NO longer means increasing followers.

It used to be the only number that mattered.

Now, given the many illicit techniques that have sprung up to pump this number, it has become almost irrelevant in the eyes of the more experienced, if it is not supported by other things.

When you think about growing on Instagram, from now on, you will have to think about building relationships with the people who follow you and creating a community.

This is the only thing that matters!

Likes and honest comments and people who appreciate what you do and what you say.

It’s essential to get them to switch from Instagram to what you propose to them outside the platform.

You need to get them to read your articles, visit your blog and, why not, buy your book, a product you recommend, etc.

This is indeed an influential profile. One who knows how to move people to action.

It’s true, there are a lot of obscure techniques to grow your followers and I told you about them already in this article, but none of them will lead you to build a community.

The result?

You will have a lot of followers but:

  • low interactions with posts (few likes and comments)
  • very few will look at your stories
  • even fewer will be willing to read the content you post (article, blog post)
  • low personal satisfaction because you realize that people don’t shit on you!

But how do you create a community?

It’s not easy, as you can imagine.

But I can assure you that in the long term it will bring you much more satisfaction.

I have already explained to you in this article that Instagram is not an eternal social network and could disappear at any moment.

Taking your followers outside of social is NECESSARY.

[bctt tweet = “Bringing your followers off social is necessary.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

All the mistakes I’m telling you about, I made them myself!

When I started I was super obsessed with Instagram followers.

The only purpose was to increase that damn number and finally start contacting brands to collaborate (here I explained why I stopped collaborating later).

The thing that has worked most of all to grow my Instagram followers is to create a homogeneous profile.

If you want to know all the techniques to create a truly harmonious Instagram grid and quickly double your followers , you can download free l ‘extract from the guide to create a Homogeneous Instagram Profile by filling in the fields below.

A few seconds and you will receive it directly in your inbox!

Profilo Instagram omogeneo ebook copertina

Let’s get on with my story.

When I finally decided to start a blog and saw that people weren’t reading my articles!

He didn’t give a shit about what I had to say because those followers were just a passive number.

And so I decided to make a change.

My knowledge, what I wanted to convey to the world was much more important than that number and I began to care less about followers and create useful and quality articles for my readers.

People started following me.

What I will write to you below may seem obvious but I assure you that 90% of the profiles out there do not.

And then don’t come and complain that they don’t get results.

Let’s see immediately the steps to follow to start managing an instagram profile!

One moment!

This article came out much bigger than expected. I have entered and cataloged a lot of information scattered on the web to create something unique and of superior value.

If you know someone who might be interested, share it with the buttons below. It would save him a lot of time!

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# 1 Define your unique identity

I’m going to tell you something you don’t expect.

The first step to start managing a successful Instagram profile (if you want to do it with shit you can use all the other techniques of the XD world) is to understand who you are and who you are talking to .

It doesn’t even make sense to start managing an Instagram profile if you don’t understand this.

Now I want to explain what I mean.

Pay close attention.

Defining your unique identity means making people understand who you are and why they should be followed (not just on Instagram).

And you have to try to summarize it all into one slogan .

If you want to learn more, I’ve explained how to create a homogeneous Instagram profile here.

Basically, it’s about answering these two questions.

1) Who am I?

I’ve asked myself this question several times. Before communicating anything, we must first understand ourselves.

This process took a long time.

[bctt tweet = “Before communicating something to others we must first understand ourselves.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

I started thinking I wanted to be a travel blogger, then I went through a photography profile, then a fashion blogger, to end up on lifestyle blogger .

It’s really hard to figure out what you want to be. If you are not passionate about what you do you cannot find material and ideas to talk about.

Especially when it comes to a personal profile.

Grab a pen and paper immediately, do a conscience analysis and try to figure out who you want to be.

To help you, I redid the work for my friend Roberta’s magazine. The same as before, do you remember?

The profile is @ Her identity is news magazine .

Trivial isn’t it? The least obvious thing is that all the content you post on all social channels and websites will have to be super consistent with this identity.

If bussolanews started making historical documentaries a la Alberto Angela it would be far beyond her identity. People wouldn’t recognize it anymore.

Consequence ?


[bctt tweet = “In a world full of noise, you must try to emerge.” username = ”monicpirozzi”]

2) Why am I different?

For now we have understood what your identity is, but if this is not different from all the lifestyle bloggers out there or from all the other current affairs magazines, then you will fall into indifference.

Uniqueness is something that makes you different. That something that tells people

Hey, follow me because I give you this that other people, magazines or whatever they don’t give you!

This allows you to make a difference in a world that is full of everything.

Don’t be scared.

You may think there is no more room for the new.

I believe instead that there is only an abundance of things that are taken for granted.

The world of the web is very ready to accept what different and innovative you have to offer.

Let’s take a few examples, to make you understand.

In my case, why am I different from all the other lifestyle bloggers on the net?

“Practical strategies for fashion bloggers and influencers” , says the subtitle of my blog.

I make the difference by showing you the way to enter the world of the web.

While all the others flaunt their achievements, their crazy photos, I’ll explain everything behind them. How to get those results, those photos and start doing the same job.

All seasoned with my unique personality and my way of seeing life.

I’m passionate about personal growth and marketing and I don’t miss an opportunity to tell everyone who follows me how important it is to get out of the box, have the right motivation and achieve exceptional results.

Also suggesting books.

While most lifestyle bloggers read their latest romance on the plane, I read Tim Ferris’ latest book in the front yard.

Isn’t that cool?

It doesn’t matter! People are getting fed up with cool stuff that is too muffled and are looking for more and more a strong personality.

And that’s what you have to give him.

In the case of @, how many topical magazines are there? I lost count!

Why should it be unique?

I have some hypotheses. Because the editorial team is made up of young guys, the point of view of their articles will be much more current than many magazines written by people close to retirement.

They are a local magazine, from the south and express a context and a reality very different from the big cities of the north.

It can have a particularly sharp, satirical, ironic writing style. Or it could stand out because all the young people who write do so in an extremely conversational way. No big words and rounds of words but straight to the point of society’s problems!

Analyze all the strengths. Don’t think about people’s prejudice.

There will always be someone who will share your ideas and be ready to follow you.

The more you can find something specific and unique, the better chance you have of success.

My writing style on this blog also tries to be conversational.

I have no problem writing bad words or things as they come to mind. My aim is to communicate something and get it into people’s heads. Bring you to action.

If some accent is missing or if my Italian teacher would reject me ten times, it’s not my problem if as soon as you finish reading this article you will know very well how to move to start managing an Instagram profile!

How do we translate this?

In a slogan! Synthetic and clear.

I have already told you mine before, that of @ could be

A young point of view on current events.

News according to us young people.

Got it?

It has to put your essence in a nutshell and remember it every time you create new content.

# 2 Define your audience

Who are you talking to?

Don’t say everyone , because that would make you a big mistake.

You don’t stand out from the crowd and you don’t communicate your unique identity well.

The easiest way to define your audience is to imagine yourself as someone like , and every time you post on Instagram or post, imagine you’re talking to her.

The image must be very vivid.

If he is male or female or indifferent, what social class he belongs to, what he loves, what he hates, what his prejudices are, what kind of language he speaks and all the details that come to mind.

I, for example, mainly address young girls who want to create a career on the web, who have many big dreams but are blocked by the negative prejudices of society.

I speak simply, conversationally, as if we were at the bar. I want to make myself understood I don’t want to speak to them in verse.

For the compass it could be the young people of the sul , attentive to current events, who like to get informed and keep up with the times. Those who want to actively participate in the life and decisions of their country and try to make a difference.

The compass could therefore use a language close to young people, without however giving up some literary gem from time to time.

It’s great when you start reading something and you immediately realize who wrote it!

You have to point to this!

Follower su Instagram

# 3 Tell who you are in the world of Instagram: Curate your profile

Now you can jump on any platform in the world!

Starting from your Instagram profile.

It must reflect 100% the image you defined above.

People have to figure out your identity in seconds.

Choose a profile picture and an Instagram bio with your unique identity in mind.

Remember that people decide to follow you or not in about 5 seconds.

Use them wisely!

# 4 Publish COHERENT content with CONSTANCE

At first you don’t know what content your audience might be interested in.

To start managing your Instagram profile do some little tests.

In the case of the news compass, what gets the most likes and comments?

Interview videos? Screen of articles? Life in the editorial office?

Remember that you don’t have to talk about what you like but what your audience likes!

Then if this also coincides with what you like then you have the basis for truly stellar success!

Take care not only of the visual content but also the description of the photo, always remaining consistent with the identity and style of writing that we have defined above.

Little gem!

To increase the interactions with the post, share it in the stories and write a small caption that intrigues people to take an interest in its content.

# 5 Start building a following

You know very well how it works when you have to start managing an Instagram profile.

Zero followers. Zero people followed.

How can these numbers go up a little?

Trivial but effective.

Starting to contact your friends, starting with the closest ones.

Explain your project and why they should follow it and ask each to find a friend they might be interested in.

It is essential to contact them privately and not make a public story / post.

If you show enthusiasm and interest in the other person, there is no reason why they should say no and encourage other friends to do the same.

But remember, this all comes from the unique identity you created!

Another very important thing, which hardly anyone does, is start following other profiles !

Try to find profiles similar to yours and click Follow . Some of them could reciprocate.

The aim is not to make followers like this but … I’ll explain it to you in the next point!

# 6 Interact!

The aim is to interact and create a relationship with people who have the same interests as you.

Networking, collaborations.

Instagram is a social network and as such is based on sharing.

Start liking photos that you really like, leave at least 50 honest comments a day, contact people via private message and above all, overcome shyness, and you will see that some results will begin to arrive!

This is all I recommend to you if you want to start managing an Instagram profile from scratch or simply start a profile with few followers and no strategy.

Now you can move on to the second step, increase your Instagram followers.

Do you have any doubts?

Feel free to write me in the comments below!

See you soon!

Namasté Monica Pirozzi



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