Statistics of Instagram profiles. How to view Insights

Following the recent introduction of Instagram company profiles, a series of interesting statistics can also be viewed on the social media for images. Currently the data that can be collected from the statistics of your profile is not particularly elaborate but it is expected that the Insights will be enriched in the coming months.

How to activate Instagram statistics on your profile?

Currently, only company profiles can view statistics on their account. If you want to switch to an Instagram company profile, you can follow the instructions contained in the linked article.

How do I access Instagram Insights?

Once you have switched to a business account in the Options screen of your Instagram, a new icon will appear with the symbol of a graph and the words Statistical data . By clicking on it you will enter the Insights of Instagram.

dati statistici instagram

How do Instagram stats work?

In the first screen, after the welcome and some summary data, there are the two main sections of the Insights: Overview and Contents .


In these two sections you can immediately read some relevant data relating to the last week. By clicking on each of the items contained in these sections, you can see some in-depth data.

How many visits from Instagram has my website received?

This is one of the age-old questions that social media marketers and fans of statistics are asking. Google Analytics, the most famous free traffic analysis tool, did not initially identify traffic from Instagram until after elaborate customizations. Today, however, it manages to correctly track visits from Instagram. To see how many visits you have received from Instagram on Google Analytics, you have to go to the tab dedicated to social networks.

The new analytics tools made available by Instagram still allow you to know the number of clicks to your site made from the link in the Instagram company profile. To view them you need to go to Overview -> Accounts reached and look in the Account activity section.

How many users have viewed my Instagram profile?

To find out how many users have visited your Instagram profile, click on Accounts reached in the Overview section. All the data you find on the new page refer to the last seven days .

Written in small print, below the number of visits, there is also a comparison with the number of visits received in the previous seven days. The same comparison is made for impressions, clicks on the email buttons and calls.

How many people have viewed my photos?

The second section of the Insights, Content you have shared , allows you to know the number of views obtained by individual posts. By clicking on the previews of the posts you arrive in a new page where the photos can be sorted by a good number of variables through a convenient screen divided into three columns:


Each column contains a good number of options. Your Instagram posts can be listed by number of views, by reach, by number of likes, comments, overall interactions and many other data. It is also possible to analyze photos from the last three months, the last six, the last year and so on …

Stories statistics

Also in the second section, Content you have shared , there are also collected some interesting data relating to Instagram Stories, the timed updates that users of this social network love so much. By clicking on it you can analyze your stories according to a good number of variables.

What data can I know thanks to Instagram Insights on my followers?

In the first section of the Insights, Overview , there is another very interesting item: Total number of followers . provides some interesting stats on their followers. In addition to the total number, it is possible to find out what percentage of followers are men and women, the age divided by groups, the countries and cities in which they live, the times and days in which they are most active.

These are, of course, fundamental statistics to help you understand what kind of users your profile is reaching.

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