Storytelling with a Linkedin page

Storytelling su Linkedin

Companies on Linkedin have the duty to develop corporate storytelling strategies in order to enhance the corporate mission and vision.

As you can well remember (read here), corporate storytelling differs from product storytelling precisely for the configuration of the strategies implemented by each individual company.

Doing corporate storytelling means enhancing production processes, history and company know-how, or enhancing the qualities of individual professionals.

The narration of corporate values ​​on Linkedin must follow the patterns that define the 5s of content marketing (read here), as only in this way will it be possible to convey the values ​​of the brand to customers and potential buyers.

The sharing of company information can take place indirectly or directly.

In the first case it will be necessary to leverage the personal accounts of the company team, while with direct sharing each company will have the obligation to use the tools of the Linkedin pages to achieve the objectives set in the strategic phase.

Storytelling with Linkedin: processing textual content only

The first step in storytelling with a Linkedin page is to narrate the company reality through the publication of textual content.

The choice to do corporate storytelling only with words is essential to obtain visibility on the platform dedicated to the world of work.

In fact, unlike other social networks, the Linkedin algorithm “appreciates” all those textual content that has received a good number of likes and comments.

So telling the company values ​​in a sophisticated but engaging language can be crucial to give visibility to the company and at the same time achieve the goals set by the company management.

Storytelling with Linkedin: photographing corporate life

Storytelling with a Linkedin page also means sharing photos and images of corporate life.

Photography is the narration of a moment, it is the telling of an engaging story capable of influencing the sentiment towards that particular brand.

The images can “immortalize” the production processes, the distribution chain or the faces of the professionals who work for the company.

In any case, photographs must be a source of communication and involvement.

Each shot must communicate the values ​​of the brand and must emotionally involve the reference community. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain more than satisfactory results.

Storytelling with Linkedin: communicating with videos

In addition to photographs, all administrators of a Linkedin page can also use videos to do corporate storytelling.

Videos are, at the moment, one of the best tools to tell the story of business activities and for these reasons they cannot be overlooked by those who want to invest in content oriented strategies.

You can make videos: informative, informative or educational. Each video will aim to consolidate the link between the company and the final consumer.

In fact, through the sharing of multimedia videos it will be possible to humanize the values ​​of the brand and establish new connections within the commercial network.

So videos are a valuable tool for:

– Finding new suppliers;

– Find new customers;

– Socialize with your community;

– Establish solid relationships within the distribution chain;

– Creating new collaborations;

– Create co-marketing initiatives;

Storytelling with Linkedin: blogging with Linkedin Pulse

The last essential tool for doing corporate storytelling on a Linkedin page is definitely Pulse, Microsoft’s microblogging platform.

At the moment Linkedin Pulse is only active for personal accounts, while for company pages it is still in the testing phase.

So until Linkedin Pulse is also a reality for company pages, each administrator can reshare the content created by the professionals who collaborate with the company.

Having your employees tell the story of the company can be an extremely innovative idea that can guarantee a competitive advantage over its competitors.

To position yourself optimally in the consumer’s mind, it is necessary to develop a communication plan capable of implementing the 4P paradigm (find out how to get results on Linkedin Pulse with the 4Ps).

With this paradigm it will be possible to improve the brand awareness as well as the overall reputation or improve two fundamental aspects of the business system.


So storytelling on a Linkedin page is possible, also thanks to the new tools made available by the social network.

Every company can leverage textual content, visual content as well as multimedia content to humanize company values ​​and tell them to their community.

This is a complex operation where content is at the center of your marketing strategy. It is precisely from engaging and high-quality content that new business opportunities can be developed for business activities.

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