Strategic planning mistakes on social media

errori di programmazione strategica sui social media

In recent weeks, while analyzing some Instagram profiles, I discovered that many influencers have used sponsored posts with the aim of “increasing” their notoriety.

Overall this is a strategy that complies with the main rules of social media marketing, but in reality it is often conditioned by some strategic programming errors that limit the “growth” of the related accounts.

Why are strategic planning errors made on social media?

In most cases, strategic planning errors are made by all those who have little experience in the sector or by those who want to do social media marketing without having the skills.

In both cases, the subjects who planned a social advertising campaign have “ignored” – voluntarily or involuntarily – the most important rules of digital marketing and social interaction platforms.

These professional forgetfulness, or of a purely “narcissistic” nature, can negatively influence the results of each advertising campaign or can limit the results of the activities carried out on social media.

What are the strategic planning mistakes on social media?

Generally, strategic planning errors on social media can be divided into two broad categories:

  1. Errors of a communicative nature;
  2. Errors of an economic and financial nature;

The first category includes all those content errors that characterize the editorial calendar (are you applying the one-third rule on social media?), while the second category includes all the errors made in a social advertising campaign.

Communication errors

The communication errors that can be committed on social networks are:

  • Publishing vulgar posts;
  • Sharing profane content;
  • Publishing racist posts;
  • Sharing defamatory content;

All these contents can generate both a reputational crisis and a collapse of the brand image .

It is precisely for these reasons that it will be necessary to periodically check the quality of the content posted and analyze the emotional state of one’s community through an adequate sentiment analysis .

Errors of an economic and financial nature

The second category of mistakes that can be made on social media are economic and financial ones.

Generally these errors are strictly connected with the inability of the advertising consultant – professional or “do it yourself” – to optimize the advertising campaign on social networks.

The optimization will concern:

  1. Goals;
  2. Contents;
  3. Geolocation;
  4. Budget;

Improper optimization of the points listed above, errors of an economic and financial nature will be made which will penalize businesses and freelancers in the short, medium and long term.

Such errors will result in:

  • Negative or relatively low Roi;
  • Budget expenditure for poorly concrete objectives;
  • Negative or close to zero business metrics;

In short, these are errors that may also affect the income statement and balance sheet of each business activity.


Companies and freelancers who decide to invest in social media marketing must avoid so-called strategic planning errors.

Strategic planning errors can be divided into two categories – communication and economic and financial – and can generate reputational crises, collapses in the brand image and negative changes in the income statement and balance sheet.

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