Swimme: Turn your Facebook page into a site

One of the best strategies you can use to promote your business is undoubtedly create a Facebook page . In fact, it is estimated that 16 million users in Italy use the Social Network created by Mark Zuckerberg every day.

A slice of the public, therefore, to which you should never give up. Facebook , in fact, allows you to create a virtual showcase absolutely free. Furthermore, by sponsoring your posts, you will be able to select the audience to which to address, being able to choose between interests, location and much more.

Although Facebook is a complete tool for the promotion of a business, you should also consider creating a website for your business.

A site, in fact, allows you to perform operations marketing that you will hardly be able to do by confining your company exclusively to the social world.

Through a website you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a quick showcase , which can be consulted by users both in desktop and mobile mode , which summarizes the services that offer with custom graphics. It is, therefore, the only way to stand out from the crowd and give a touch of creativity to your brand.

Not everyone, however, has the necessary funds b> or the knowledge to take your business to a next step . Others also have no resources or time to devote to managing the site and still find it more convenient to sponsor themselves through the tools offered by social networks.

Fortunately, there are services that allow you to associate social management with the creation of a website. Specifically, today we are going to analyze Swimme , a web service, created by Italians, which allows you to transform a Facebook page into a website .

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How Swimme works

As I told you, there are several services that allow you to do this. One of the best is undoubtedly the one offered by Swimme , an Italian company based in Emilia-Romagna.

Swimme does nothing but transform your Facebook showcase into a real website, thus creating a domain associated with your business that you can also use in your marketing campaigns or print on your business cards.

This service is able to integrate the tools you already use in the management of your company’s Facebook page into your new site. Some examples may be the following:

  • Custom events calendar linked to Facebook events
  • Ecommerce linked to the showcase of Facebook
  • “Before and after” effect linked to Facebook albums
  • Statistics (structured data) that can be updated directly from the page of Facebook
  • Search engine among own instagram photos
  • Reviews of Tripadvisor and / or Matrimonio.com filtered by evaluation

The service is very easy to integrate and you basically don’t have to do anything. Swimme will quickly create a website in line with your brand identity .

How? All you have to do is send the logo of your business and a web designer will take care of creating a draft for your site and in a few days it will arrive by email.

way to evaluate it in complete calm and prepare some changes according to your tastes. At this point, all you have to do is tell what you plan to include on the site.

Here you have to be the one to have a little imagination, telling the story of your business, describing the products you sell and the tools you use every day.

The Swimme team will take care of the layout of the contents and the integration between site and social media. You will only have to worry about updating timetables, news, videos, events and anything else you want to find on your site. You can do this directly from your Facebook page.

From the moment you go online, your Facebook page and your site will be able to communicate constantly. Every time you upload a photo on your Facebook page, for example, you will find it in the dedicated section of the site.

The same thing will happen if you change the opening hours of your store or organize an event. Everything will be quickly updated in the appropriate section of the site.

Is Swimme reliable?

If you intend to put the future of your company, or in any case the image of the same (which is the most important thing), in the hands of a company it is right that you take the necessary precautions.

You are wondering, therefore, before starting, if Swimme is or is not a trustworthy company . Know that before writing this article I have read up on the service offered and I have looked online for examples of companies that already work with Swimme, as well as opinions of those who have already tried the service.

The websites created are different and you can find them in the portfolio section of their website. I consider them all well done jobs: graphically appealing, with excellent performance (as you can test yourself with software like GtMetrix and Google PageSpeed), all easily accessible from mobile.

I can say with certainty, therefore, that the work they do is definitely done well, with care. This is not an automatic service, nothing is left to chance and you can see that behind it there is an expert team in the creation of websites.

The fact of being able to count on real support in Italian is certainly another aspect that should not be underestimated.

How much does Swimme cost

Now we come to another very important part: the economic .

The pricing offered by Swimme is very simple. There are basically three types of packages to choose from.

  • Basic – It costs € 240 excluding VAT, with annual renewal at a cost of € 120. By purchasing this package you will have at your disposal the domain registration , 1 email box and the customized graphic design by a web designer.
  • Custom – The custom plan allows you to take advantage of original graphics designed on your needs and a maximum of 5 bands with personalized content. The cost is € 480 excluding VAT, with annual renewal of € 240.
  • Business – The business plan allows you to take advantage of more services, however the offer is not available at the moment. If you have special needs, you can always refer to the commercial support who will be able to provide you with all the necessary information.


How you will have had way of seeing, Swimme is a valid and inexpensive alternative for building a website . It allows you to take advantage of personalized graphics and a domain dedicated to you.

At the moment it is certainly one of the best services in this sector and allows you to take your business to a step of next promotion , without having to devote resources to site management.

Your site will be totally integrated with your Facebook page . All you have to do is think about the management of your Social page and your content will be automatically updated on the site, without any effort on your part and your collaborators.

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