Swipe Up in Instagram Stories: How To Get It

Would you like to insert the Swipe Up in your Instagram stories but you don’t know how? Instagram, we know, is currently one of the most used social networks in the world. In fact, it has about a billion active users.

Many, trying to take advantage of this great opportunity, create a profile on this social network every day, to try to attack their own market niche and, why not , earn some nice money.

One of the characteristics of Instagram, which over the years has become a real trademark, is undoubtedly represented by stories . Stories allow us to share “moments” of our day, which will be visible to all our followers and will last for 24 hours .

Stories are very useful, especially if we intend to send our users to a page that is located outside of Instagram . To do this we will therefore have to insert a link . Not everyone can insert links in the stories, today we will see together what the Swipe Up is and how to do it.

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What is the Swipe for Up

Before asking about the possibility of using this function or not, it is right to understand what it is. So let’s see what Swipe Up is and what it is for on Instagram.

It will surely have happened to you, at least once, to open a story on Instagram and read Swipe up to read more .

But what does that mean? Simple, this term can be trivially translated into “drag up – scroll up”. With your smartphone, therefore, when you are viewing the story, all you have to do is snap upwards with your fingers: a fluid movement that goes from bottom to top. This way you will exit instagram and land on the link that the user has decided to insert.

This is a very natural movement, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to do it. This function is very useful: many use it to sponsor products for sale and take advantage of affiliate marketing , others to increase site visits. It all depends on the final goal.

If you are an influencer, for example, you can use this feature to promote the products of third-party companies and link directly to their site. This is a method that also allows companies to keep track of the concrete results they can obtain by investing in you.

How to activate Swipe Up

Now that, in principle, we have understood the importance of this function, let’s see together how to activate the Swipe Up on Instagram . Instagram tends to prevent the user from leaving the social network and migrating to other sites, which is why it tries to limit the insertion of links as much as possible, unlike Facebook.

The only point, in fact , where you can insert links is in the bio of your profile. If you insert a link in a comment, or inside a caption, it will not be clickable. To activate the Swipe function, however, Instagram requires that your profile has at least 10000 followers .

You got it right. Let’s say it only provides this feature to micro influencers , not “normal” users. On the one hand, you might see it as a limitation, I rather suggest you see it as an opportunity. When you reach the coveted milestone, you will certainly have less competition.

How to have the Swipe Up without having 10,000 followers

The physiological question that will already be whirling in your head is whether or not you have the ability to swipe up your stories even without having 10000 followers, maybe with some geek tricks.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there are no tricks , except to buy followers (very wrong practice, which I do not recommend regardless ).

The thing you can do then is to try to reach the bar set by Instagram as soon as possible. Also see it as a personal challenge. This is not an unattainable limit and, with the right advice, you can certainly succeed in no time.

How to increase followers on Instagram

But how do you do it get new followers on Instagram in a short time and thus reach the threshold necessary to include the Swipe Up in your stories?

There are several ways to do this and in the past I already have them widely spoken, so I can not help but leave you the links to my guides. Specifically, you should first think about using a valid bot. In my list I’m sure you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Secondly, you can follow my advice. I have tried to enclose all the techniques that, over the years, I have put into practice on my profiles.

From the target to follow, to the time in which to publish, you will find everything you need to facilitate your learning process.

Take advantage of these tips and treasure them, and I’m sure you’ll soon reach your goal. There are no magic formulas, the key to success lies in perseverance and in your skill, as well as in the ability to


Today we have discovered together a very important function, which will allow you to make the most of your followers to get interaction on pages that do not belong directly to Instagram.

Try to make the most of this function , also to make money through affiliate marketing, but I advise you not to exaggerate: users do not like to be invaded by URLs to click on.

If you need more advice or some part of the guide is unclear, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you solve your problems.

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