Taylor Mega Instagram, as it has depopulated

Countless followers on Instagram , on Facebook, on Tik Tok, on Twitter and so on for each Social Network . This is exactly how the young or rather very young influencer Taylor Mega appears on the most famous photographic social network in the world!

Like every prominent Influencer and public figure also Taylor Mega has a verified profile, that is a profile that Instagram recognizes as authentic of the person.

Taylor on Instagram: one of the most searched profiles

Do you know that according to the statistics of Google does the word “Taylor Mega Instagram” have a monthly volume of 40k of searches ? Incredible to say that it has far exceeded the searches of Chiara Ferragni or Cristiano Ronaldo which reach 20k of monthly searches through Google .


Through her beauty and perfection in her forms Taylor has depopulated on all Social Networks ! She has certainly become one of the most spied and viewed girls on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok.

In a very short time the famous model became an icon through her social pages that have been transformed into real machines ” grab money. ”

Why? As you well know, there are thousands of clothing and cosmetics brands on Instagram capable of paying staggering amounts to ensure that Taylor Mega can wear a particular product in a post or stories.

In this so with the impressive statistics that Taylor’s social profiles has sponsored products can receive more views and purchase opportunities.

Let’s say that it is something we see every day that an influencer sponsors a product, a t-shirt or a pair of shoes but what we are absolutely not used to are the figures that companies or big brands are willing to pay for the famous model agrees to sponsor.

With her 2,416,884 current followers on Instagram and an average likes per post of 276,241 likes, surely the young model has many possibilities to sponsor some product!

The talking Instagram profile of Taylor Mega

As you can see from the Instagram stories published daily by the famous model, to obtain and maintain all these crazy numbers it is also necessary to adopt a rather particular lifestyle, capable of “getting noticed” by millions of people.


Surely the idea of ​​participating in the Isola dei Famosi was purely for marketing reasons, to ensure that it is seen by millions and millions of Italians.

It is proof of this increase too. the numbers of followers and likes obtained in that period. The Ninjalitics Instagram profile analysis and monitoring tool is fantastic.

Who was Taylor before boom?

Taylor Mega, before breaking the Instagram follower counter, was a girl like any other. Born in Udine in 1993, her merit was to be able to make the most of the most photographic social network ever. By understanding the algorithms and building a profile capable of attracting sponsors.


Apparently, knowing how to make the most of Instagram or any other social network is a family gift, since her younger sister, Jade, would have decided to pursue a career parallel to Taylor’s.

We are probably witnessing the founding of a dynasty of influencers destined to dominate the home pages for the next few years.

Taylor Mega Instagram: the hard training video that divides followers

As with any TV personality capable of making people talk about themselves, Taylor Mega divides the crowds with each of her posts. This time it was the turn of the hard training video in gloves that saw her as the protagonist. A clear caption: “ Never make me angry” , an indication of the determination that Briatore’s beautiful ex puts into everything she does.

What made the video viral was the outfit of the influencer: a micro-top and a pair of tight salmon-colored leggings that highlights a firm B-side, the result of hard training.

More than the training itself, what is highlighted are Taylor’s curves, there was no lack of compliments and encouragement for the girl, but also some criticisms.

The ex of Briatore did not spare the comment of second haters who the influencers would boxing just to get noticed, especially with such tight leggings. So between those who love her and those who don’t miss an opportunity to criticize her, Taylor’s every post goes viral and her pockets keep filling up.

Taylor Mega: cash for each post on Instagram

The figures that Taylor Mega manages to earn from Instagram are truly astronomical and without hiding, it is often the girl herself who admits them. The contracts she concludes with the brands are from $ 8,000 per post and often even with the hotels where she stays, she stipulates advertising contracts that allow her not to pay the bill.

Obviously posting photos and videos that are worth these gains, require a precise study and are not the result of a shot or a random shot. After all, this girl’s success is due to a fleet of 2.5 million followers who follow her every day on Instagram, never failing to give her rivers of likes. She herself said:

On Instagram I have 50% men and 50% women among my followers, who says that only men follow me to see my c * * or they are envious. I earn $ 8,000 a post on Instagram and post every day.

Taylor Mega Instagram: who really is the girl from nowhere

An exotic stage name to hide a very simple Friulian girl born in 1993 to a family of turkey farmers. Childhood spent in a small village that does not even reach 3000 souls.

She and her sister soon abandoned country life and they launched on Instagram to be successful and they succeeded, so much so that they came to tread the red carpet of the Venice festival in two tight dresses, one golden, the other silver.

In reality the sisters are 3 and not 2, but the third one has decided to live her life away from the spotlight.

The Bad Girl who made Flavio Briatore lose his head

Flavio Briatore is not new to these head shots, just think of the famous wife Gregoraci, from whom he had a son. But after the divorce it seems that the good Flavio, did nothing but choose even younger girls and among them his own Taylor Mega who bewitched him with her breathtaking physique.

The two would have met in Sardinia and it seems that the 44-year difference was not a problem for the 2:

“Not always the emotions can be controlled, I don’t think I’ve ever hurt anyone, but above all I’ve always kept my personal things private “

Writes in an Instagram story l ‘influencer who does not fail to reply to a follower who claimed that Briatore had denied, stating that the denial actually concerned another alleged flirtation of the entrepreneur.

In fact the news The flirtation has increased the notoriety of Taylor Mega, especially among the haters who have not failed to shower her with insults. Probably the reason is precisely the difference in age between the two and the little hidden criticisms of those who say that it is only a media move, also considering the considerable age difference between the two.

In the meantime, between one criticism and another, the influencer has decided to exploit her popularity on social media to launch her own line of costumes with which she would like to make ends meet, in fact she herself says that in 10 years she would like to have his business well underway, because he knows that beauty is not eternal and therefore a plan B is absolutely essential.

Taylor Mega together with his sister do not hide behind the ‘hypocrisy and claim with absolute certainty that money and success are very popular, but Instagram, which at the moment is its goose that lays golden eggs, is not forever.

Taylor Mega and success on TV

But Instagram is only a stone set in the fortune of this beautiful Friulian girl who country preferred the spotlight. From success on social media to that on TV, passing through various reality shows, the step is really short.

So soon for Taylor Mega the doors of the Island of the Famous, Big Brother, opened. Hi Darwin and hosted by Barbara d’Urso, a real classic.

Also in these appearances Taylor has found a way to talk about himself with statements such as: ” My ambition is to live on € 1 million a month ”.

Actually everyone would really like to do it, but my dear Taylor, not everyone. have your luck.

The Island of the Famous

“Three weeks. I’ll come back and let’s conquer the world ”. This was the phrase that marked the girl’s participation in the reality show Isola dei Famosi. In fact, he seems to announce to his fans that he wants to stay a short time on the island as a shipwreck.

Unless then correct the statement stating that it was not a deadline set for table, rather a goal, being aware that it is not easy to please everyone and the game of eliminations could have driven her away from reality even much earlier.

In short, more than anything else a realistic statement, at least 3 weeks to feel already a winner. Too bad then things went differently and the blonde returned to Italy after just a week.

In this short participation there was no shortage of revelations from Taylor who spoke of the drug addiction she faced at just 17, when she threw herself into hard drugs like heroin.

Le Iene

The girl spends many hours in the gym. and this is also evidenced by some of her posts on Instagram, as we have also previously seen. Just in a gym she was joined by the hyenas who challenged her to join Tinder, a dating site, to go out with 3 different strangers.

The meetings obviously took place below the guide of the Hyenas who are sure to put the unfortunate in difficulty, so much so that only 1 resisted until the end of the appointment.

Live – It’s not the d’Urso and Ciao Darwin

Barbare d ‘ Urso does not miss the opportunity to host the hottest characters of the moment and how could Taylor Mega not also be part of his living room? The girl is called to defend herself against the accusations of those who told her that she was a plastic doll, even though she admitted to having breast and lips remodeled.

A few weeks after the guest in which she was the protagonist of a heated confrontation with Giampiero Mughini she is invited to be the foreman in an episode of Ciao Darwin, where during the fashion show she did not fail to show off her curves.

Big Brother 16

Finally here is Big Brother Vip, the most spied on house in Italy, where Taylor enters as a super guest and his presence does not fail to bring discontent. The most heated clashes took place with Francesca De Andrè, worried that Gennaro Lillio could fall into the clutches of the young influencer.

The quarrel between the two does not end within the walls of the house, but continues at a distance in the Canale 5 studios, until the final, in which the two face each other for the last time and Taylor accuses Francesca of harboring jealousy towards him and that this feeling is dictated by her inability to arrive at his level.

It is September 19 when in the weekly newspaper Nuovo by Riccardo Signoretti the photos of a kiss by Magan with Giorgia Caldarulo, suitor to Men and women appear in 2018.

“Right now I’m dating a person” , confirms Taylor Mega on Instagram , “ but I would not have wanted these photos to come out, because let’s say my family is not aware of this side. In addition, there is another person that I would not have wanted to make people suffer “.

Taylor was talking about Erica Piamonte, the competitor of Gf 16, with whom she would be tied in the summer. Erica is furious, and Taylor ensures that her Instagram profile can only be seen by followers.

In short, Taylor in his every move does nothing but fuel the chatter about him and increase his notoriety.


Taylor Mega Instagram, come ha spopolato

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Taylor Mega Instagram, how she depopulated


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