Telegram as a marketing tool: here is the guide to get started

Many are wondering just this: Can I use Telegram as a marketing tool ? Of course, one of the features of the popular private messaging app is this: it can easily become public.

Specifically, through Telegram you not only have the opportunity to reach specific people and create support that can solve individual problems. You also have the group option without the limit of limited visibility. In order to create a sort of social newsletter.

That’s right. People join the group and get your updates. You have the possibility to share the subscription on social networks or on the website and you can manage the subscribers in order to spread your links .

But also other types of content . Is this a great way to use Telegram as a marketing tool? Do you want to learn more?

What is Telegram, what it is used for and how it is used

Before understanding how it is leveraged for marketing use, it’s fair to understand what we’re talking about. In short, Telegram is a instant messaging service based on a mobile app, web platform and client to download. And for convenient use on Windows or Apple computers.

The feature of this tool: it’s not just a tool to communicate between two or more people with classic groups, you can also create channels. That is to say chats that can also be public, therefore associated with a username and with permalink reachable by each user.

Crea gli hashtag su Telegram.
Create hashtags on Telegram.

The number of subscribers is unlimited and this makes it clear that it can be transformed into an excellent web marketing tool in an instant. Because you can immediately take a key step: you create a channel for your users, link it on the website and start publishing useful content for the people you want to reach.

All this without forgetting a key step: in addition to posting text messages, photos, videos, images, GIFs and stickers you can insert voice messages. Thus creating a kind of podcast channel.

And then there are the bots that allow you to perform automated functions to give specific characteristics to your channel, such as sharing YouTube videos. But this is just one example of the many possibilities.

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Using Telegram: is it free or paid?

Free and ad-free for now, but things will change. Telegram was born in 2013 thanks to the commitment of two Russian brothers, Nikolaj and Pavel Durov .

On December 23, 2020, the platform reached 500 million active users per month (source Wikipedia). The news was accompanied by a novelty: on Telegram there will be advertisements to finance the management.

The clarification is that they will be ADV not very intrusive, which will not change the app and which will not bother the user experience and management.

How to access-Telegram, the solutions

In most cases, chats refer to the smartphone application. In reality, Telegram allows you to use different solutions for managing your activities. These are the options:

  • App for smartphones.
  • Online application.
  • Desktop client.

To learn more you can go to on the page official where you can find links to all versions to download to start chatting:

In reality, everything can also be managed by single extensions browser like that of Chrome (as shown in the screenshot).

usare Telegram come strumento di marketing
Manage Telegram from Chrome.

If you prefer to use Telegram as a marketing tool it is right to consider one point: from desktop you work better. Much better.

If you want to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this tool you can have maximum flexibility and management of the various publications, even if some functions work better from mobile. For example, the one that allows you to pin a message at the top to make it more visible and clickable.

Telegram, groups and bots: what to know?

For sure, these are the main features to know if you want to use Telegram as a marketing tool. A few more details to deepen and move in the best possible way? Here are the points that should guide you.

What are Telegram public groups

By this term we mean a particular Telegram function that allows you to generate public chat rooms where you have the opportunity to gather people interested in your topic . The essential advantage: whoever signs up can be notified of your update.

This allows you to turn channels into powerful tools for maintaining a connection with your readers. Or with potential customers. But how do you create a public profile on Telegram to use it in marketing terms ?

Just go to the application, select the menu and click on new. Choose the name and start gathering people interested in your work.

You have a shareable link that you can use to cross-share, then share it on other social networks. You can also add an icon on the website with a link to the public channel and maybe follow other tricks like the link as a signature in the Skype status or in the HTML email signature.

What are the best Telegram BOTs

To get the most out of your Telegram channel you need to be able to recognize and use the best bots. That is to say programs that allow you to automate some specific actions . Which are the most useful? Better to deepen one point first: understand how you interact with them.

You need to add them to the channel and then insert the symbol (/) to get the list of functions. And here is the clear structure useful for working with bots. At this point, however, let’s try to understand which are the indispensable ones.

This is just a taste. To get information about automation programs you can use a useful resource: That is the place where you can find all the useful mechanisms based on interests.

Telegram as a marketing-tool

Do you want to take advantage of this application – halfway between the chat, the newsletter and the podcast channel – to obtain concrete benefits for your business?

We have to start from an assumption: Telegram is free but using it is not free. As with any promotional activity, it starts with a series of reflections. How to create a marketing strategy with Telegram?

You must evaluate the presence of a target audience, content useful for your purpose and a series of web marketing strategies. For example? Here are 5 ways to follow to use Telegram as a promotional activity.

Answer customer questions

You can do it in a virtuous way , even automated. With a good Telegram expert you can make all this happen automatically.

An example? Here is @stackoverflow_telegram_bot, a practical case of a Telegram bot used as a wiki for the entire Stack Overflow site. In summary, it provides answers to any questions related to this topic.

Update people with blog content

One of the best ways to use Telegram as a marketing tool : share links in order to increase blog visits. The idea is to feed the people who follow you with useful content.

Create an editorial calendar in order to manage publications without abounding with content extremely focused towards promotion. People must be happy to receive your updates.

Feeding the community in a virtuous way

You can do this by automating all processes and creating a real automated channel. Like, for example, @AndroidNewsRobot. This chatbot gives news about the latest Android versions and information.

I quiz su Telegram.
The quizzes on Telegram.

Obviously there is no need to necessarily rely on automatisms: even a manual version of the channel can help you work better with your community and get good results even on Telegram. For example, you can create quizzes to activate the engagement .

Share discounts and advantageous activities

An interesting route: on the Telegram channel you can share links and discounts that people may find interesting. For example, you can follow a bot to track the best prices on Amazon and share with followers.

This strategy is also used a lot by affiliates. If you want to make money with link tracking programs you can create a group dedicated to the lowest offers and prices, or maybe reviews , and share the links with the tag that allows you to collect the percentage.

Working with Telegram audio files

Do you want to open a Podcast channel? You can do this with your Telegram channel. As suggested, on this tool you can make sure that you share audio files that people can listen and download but also share. The basic idea is to create a point of reference for your customers.

You can do this by recording and sharing episodes of a real podcast through a simple and effective tool. But above all, free and ready for sharing the best audio files.

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Telegram as a marketing-tool?

Yes, it can and should be understood as such. Because today the sharing of the smartphone tool is ever greater and there is a need for a great awareness of the fact that with this app you can achieve great results.

Obviously we need a clear basis: the willingness to manage this tool as a tool in all respects and not just to relaunch links.

Transforming Telegram into a substitute for the rss feed is not the best, don’t you think? Do you think this tool can be included in the strategy?

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