Temporary Instagram Block: THE HARD TRUTH and all about how to solve it

I understand you, it can be really frustrating to find yourself with a temporary Instagram block. ?

You try to like it and you get the classic message saying that you are using the function improperly.

But what is improper?

Since Instagram has achieved popularity, nothing has been understood! On the one hand, they are strong in the fact that they have more than a billion users, on the other they try to cut users, block and penalize, sometimes, for no reason.

The truth is that they don’t have time to go there to check one account at a time , so they delegate everything to automatic systems that are often not very accurate.

Generally these blocks only happen to those who use techniques to grow Instagram followers, such as follow / unfollow, POD and like exchange groups.

But now it is happening more and more often to normal! people

That’s why I decided to tell you about it. To share all the Instagram temporary blocking experiences I’ve had and give you some comfort.

I know, in these cases the first natural reaction is to panic!

It’s not really a tragedy, just know the causes and try to avoid it as much as possible next time.

Find out why Instagram decided to give you this nice little gift and how to solve it with the new algorithm, find everything below! ?

>> If your account was blocked for pishing , you will find more specific information in this article: Instagram Account Blocked for Pishing: Here’s What To Do

Why are you VICTIM of a temporary Instagram block?

You never know exactly. The dynamics with which Instagram decides to block accounts, impose restrictions on them or even ban them are never very clear.

We can only speculate, thanks to so many undisciplined like me, who have committed so many that they have a lot of experience to tell.

Generally it can happen that your account is hit by a temporary Instagram block, which can be blocking of likes, followers, comments or messages, for two reasons:

1/2) Overcoming the limits of interaction on Instagram

You can’t do everything you want on Instagram and I think you’ve figured that out for a while. There are limits on likes, comments, messages and followers that you must respect in order not to receive penalties.

I know that if you want to grow an account with the aim of becoming an influencer or creating your own solid presence on social media, you need to interact a lot, which is why Instagram has decided that all of this must have limitations.

Not only to entice you to buy paid advertising but also to curb the phenomenon of automatic interactions (the famous BOTs?).

>> If you want to try to become an influencer , I don’t recommend using aggressive techniques like this. You can read more in the e-book available on Amazon How to Become an Influencer on Instagram. Download it for free by activating the free trial at Kindle Unlimited.

2/2) Commit some rule violation or spammy behavior

Sometimes staying within the interaction limits isn’t enough to avoid being blocked.

In fact, Instagram controls all our behavior on the platform and can penalize us in any way.

It is not certain that a block of likes is necessarily due to the exceeding of the daily limit. Your profile may have been flagged for some reason and Instagram decides to give you a different punishment than the real reason for the report!

This is one of the reasons why my Instagram account @monicpirozzi recently got hit with shadowban.

I started reading articles and articles about what could be the cause of this blessed shadowban but I didn’t seem to qualify! ?

Then I was there thinking about the last actions I had done on my profile and what had happened.

In the end I came to the conclusion that the only reason for such a heavy penalty ( I was 14 days in shadowban in which I came to the most total resignation! ) was that I had exaggerated with the daily sending of private messages.

So be careful! ?

The first time I got a temporary Instagram block

It was a really cheap shot, I admit.

It was shortly after the biggest Instagram bot of all time, Instagress, shut down.

I think it was 2017. Everyone regrets it, I assure you it was really great!

I remember it with nostalgia because it was my baptism on Instagram that brought me closer to this world of influencers but also to the whole dark side of the platform.

Its closure forced me to do all the operations for you, manually.

It was a time when you could hope to grow your followers simply by liking lots of users in one day. I was putting on more than 500 a day, until Instagram figured out the trick and decided to impose a limit!

And that’s how the warning came!

avviso azione bloccata instagram

At this point I realized that something was changing, Instagram had become a giant and was using its power to bring some order.

The strategy to grow on Instagram was no longer an optional but had to be well thought out to avoid being penalized.

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Keeping despair at bay is difficult

And who better than me can tell you!

The block was heavy. In the next 48 hours when I couldn’t like anyone, I saw my followers go down and down again.

But everything happens for a reason.

If I hadn’t had the block, I would never have been looking for healthy ways to grow on Instagram and create a valuable community.

If you are a victim of the blockade, I advise you not to panic, it has happened to a lot of people, myself included, and it is not something that lasts forever.

How long can the temporary Instagram block last?

In 2019, we reached absurd levels.

It can go for a few hours if your profile hasn’t been blocked before, up to 2 weeks .

But usually within 48 hours everything will be resolved.

How did I fix it in the end?

Aside from blogging like someone desperate for any information that could reassure me, there is only one solution.

I know this is the last thing you want to hear from you right now but you can’t do anything else but …


It is useless to go there to contact Instagram or to report the mistake they made. They almost never admit that they were wrong and, in any case, you would not be able to speak to a human operator for weeks.

Instead, I recommend that you use this physical and mental break from Instagram to review your strategy, really understand what could have caused the block, and write down your goals.

Remember that it will certainly not be likes or followers that will make you a blogger, an influencer or start an online business.

What matters are how many people you can really push to action and how many of them are interested in your content.

The end result is the only thing that matters.

Therefore, I recommend that you try to avoid these blocks as much as possible, rather than following them when they arise.

Let’s see what the limits of Instagram actions are! ?

Blocco Temporaneo Instagram

Instagram Limits: What you need to do if you want to avoid temporary Instagram blocking

Don’t think you can get away with a few tricks. There are limits to any action on Instagram.

But that’s not all.

Nobody knows what the real limits are, because Instagram keeps them secret and they change based on two factors:

  • The youth of your account
  • Previous blocks and penalties

The limits are tighter if you have recently opened your account or if you have already been restricted. Instagram quarantines you to see if you start behaving yourself!

I’ll give you some numbers below that come from my own experience. I am writing to you what worked not only on my @monicpirozzi account but also on another account with a few hundred followers and very young.

If you like, you can follow me on my Instagram account @monicpirozzi to get ideas and reflections on the world of influencers and alternative personal growth.

Let’s get back to us.

I’ll give you daily limits and hourly limits.

Why all this?

Instagram not only does not want to exceed a certain number of interactions in 24 hours, but also aims to distribute them in the best possible way throughout the day to increase access to the platform.

The more you log in, the more likely you are to see some content that interests you.

As a result, increases the time you spend on the platform which is the most valuable thing you can give it because that’s exactly what Instagram sells to advertisers.

But now let’s see which are the limits you must not exceed!


On my largest account I even managed to leave 1000 likes per day without problems, on young accounts, however, I advise you not to exceed 200 per day in the first month.

In fact, I got a hold on my smallest account within days of creation.

I recommend that you always distribute them throughout the day. When I publish my post on my largest account, I also leave 250 likes in the next hour. This allows me to maximize interactions with my post immediately after publication.

As I explained to you when I talked about the Instagram algorithm, the first hour of the post’s publication is crucial. Based on what happens in this short period of time our post is promoted or not.

Follow / Unfollow

At the end of June 2019 there was a big wave of blocks and a nice algorithm update that still aim to reduce the follow / unfollow phenomenon.

What to do in this case?

It seems that the new algorithm requires not to exceed 6000 follow / unfollow actions in 30 days, which means a maximum of 200 per day!

It seems like a very restrictive limit. This still suggests how important it is to use Instagram BOTs wisely and only by professionals.

I have not used follow / unfollow for some time now and, perhaps also for this reason, I have not suffered penalties in the wave of blocks of June 2019, however, if you are a young account and want to continue on this path, I recommend you start at 20 followers per day and increase by ten each week to see how it goes.

It can happen that you get blocked once and nothing serious happens, sometimes it helps to understand how to maximize the results on your profile! ?


I have never experienced the blocking of comments under the posts of other users, what happened to me is the blocking of comments … under my posts! ?

I know it sounds absurd, but if you have more than 20 comments to reply to under your post and you want to say something to everyone, don’t do it at once but break them down over time.

Instagram penalizes you, especially if you reply only with emojis.

For the comments under the posts of others, however, I suggest you not to go beyond 150-200 per day , but above all to leave authentic comments without automation.

I am a tool that Instagram is relaunching and trying to encourage and I assure you that you will get really great results leaving only a few dozen REAL comments a day.

As for the hourly limit, I have experimented on my account with more than 10k followers up to 40 comments per hour. I keep this as a limit because it seems useless enough to go further. Keep on the ten if your account is young, gradually increasing as you grow.

Messages (DM)

It is a very powerful way to interact with followers and find new people interested in your content, which is why Instagram has imposed very strict limits. Try not to not exceed 15 per day and 5 per hour !

What happens if I pass them once? ?

Not much, Instagram only goes on alert, especially if you exceed the limit for a few dozen interactions.
However, I advise you to always be cautious and try to stay below the numbers I gave you above.


To have them always in view, I wrote them all in a .pdf that you can download and consult on your mobile phone whenever you want: Limits-Actions-Instagram.pdf – Click to Download

>> If you need support and a strategy to grow healthily on Instagram and make it your job, you can book a personalized consultation with me at this link.

Have you ever received a temporary block from Instagram?

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below, how you fixed it and how I can help you get through it.

Most importantly, keep this in mind.

After the first block you have to be very careful!

The limits you find in the .pdf file are lower in case your account is hit. For this reason, in addition to understanding what the temporary blocking of Instagram may be due to, it limits the number of actions for at least a week after the event and then starts again to increase one step at a time.

I have been hit by the temporary blocking of Instagram actions dozens of times

Yet I never gave up.

I know how it feels, you think “ Why me? “. It actually happens to everyone and anyone who has tried to grow their account has experienced it at least once.

This is a kind of baptism to the world of Instagram. ?

I invite you not to be discouraged and to always be clear about your mission . Instagram is only a means to spread our messages, not the ultimate goal!

Talk to you soon.

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Talk to you soon.

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