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Our dear Flipboard is renewed, evolves, and all the more reason, you should consider including it in your marketing strategy . Lately two news stories have been talking about this portal, but if you are not a blogger, you will probably only be interested in the first of the two.

The first news is that from 1 June, that is to say from today, no Instagram content will appear in Flipboard , while the second one sees the creation of a dedicated section as protagonist to bloggers whose discussion we will then deepen.

But let’s go in order and see these two new features in detail.

Instagram divorces Flipboard

A decidedly unhappy marriage that between Instagram and Flipboard , which brings down a tear, especially to those who had registered on Flipboard with the Instagram account, since after today, they will no longer be able to to come in. A sad and troubled story, the end of which was caused by the jealous and selfish Mr. Facebook, who is trying to prevent access to Instagram from apps created by third parties (so Facebook, being the master, will maintain the dialogue between the platforms). / p>

What will happen to Instagram content already shared on Flipboard?

The answer is simple, for a couple of days the Flipboard platform no longer offers the photos published on Instagram, the card relating to that connection has been canceled, deleting any possible contact. Previously shared photos will continue to exist on Flipboard, but will no longer be able to be enjoyed and commented upon.

One way to share Instagram content on Flipboard, but there is …

There are actually 2 modes:

  • by copying the link using the Instagram app function
  • use the button – which you will surely already have installed on your browser – to flipping the content.

This means that Instagram content on Flipboard will necessarily have to be added manually, with operations that are considered too long for the web and discourage the user from continuing. Flipboard keeps its doors open, but, probably with little success, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll go through “all this effort” to share an image or a short video on Flipboard, from Instagram.

What is the Flipblogger?

Very recent news that could be of interest to many bloggers, from any sector. Flipbaord has understood the potential of bloggers, of people who live with contents and who are increasingly inclined to share them, which is why he decided to reward them, with the creation of a dedicated section, called Flipblogger , where the magazines of the most passionate bloggers of Flipboard will be collected and will be “used” as examples in the newsletter dedicated to bloggers who join the project.


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What categories of bloggers did you consider?

There are 10 categories at the moment, such as:

  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Fitness & Health
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • LifeStyle
  • Art & Design
  • Finance
  • Get tovknow ya! Alt summit 2016

The latest magazine, on the other hand, is dedicated to training bloggers, where all the news about Flipboard are collected and that will help you improve your use.

I’m not Flipboard can engage bloggers, pushing them to share more content, in order to become part of the News of the Day section or the main sector magazines, it does so by rewarding and pampering them, providing them with free tools to learn how to best use the platform.

Flipboard has found a way to feed itself, at virtually no cost.

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