The 4P rule for getting results on Linkedin Pulse

La regola delle 4 P su Linkedin

I have already discussed Linkedin Pulse several times and each time I have emphasized how important it is to include this platform in corporate Storytelling strategies or in Personal branding activities implemented by freelancers.

As far as corporate storytelling is concerned, as you can well remember, this digital communication strategy (read here), characterizes the orientation to production, which is one of the four orientations of digital marketing.

For these reasons, companies must leverage the Linkedin microblogging platform to show the human side of their business as well as reveal the faces of the main players in the business system.

On the other hand, as regards Personal branding, freelancers and bloggers can integrate Linkedin Pulse into their professional activities in such a way as to improve their reputation and at the same time enhance their products or professional services.

In both cases, it is necessary to define the operational criteria to be applied to your digital marketing strategy in order to obtain a more than satisfactory result and achieve the objectives set in the strategic phase.

How to get results on Linkedin Pulse: the 4P paradigm

One of the most effective operational criteria to be applied on Linkedin Pulse is certainly that inherent to the 4P Paradigm or Produce and Promote Professional Post .

I experimented with this method while I was blogging on Pulse (I had launched the Freedom to Work project) and the results, in terms of notoriety and reputation, were not long in coming.

In fact, over time, I have seen a considerable increase in contacts and have received some really interesting requests for collaboration that have allowed me to consolidate my knowledge in the field of business marketing.

How to get results on Linkedin Pulse: Produce professional post

First you need to produce professional and quality content. The posts must be rich in information, data and images in order to enrich the knowledge of the readers.

The production of contents must be established through an editorial calendar where the following topics will be identified, days and times of publication.

The post must have a professional style and must be written in the native language of your community of reference. I’ll explain. If we wanted to sell our services exclusively to an Italian audience, the article cannot be written in English as most readers would struggle to understand the detailed details of their work.

The articles published on Linkedin Pulse can be original or they can be a copy of content already published on your professional blog. In the latter case, it is necessary to insert the link where to retrieve the original post and above all to adapt the tone of voice to the context of Linkedin Pulse.

In fact, on the microblogging platform it is possible to use a much more sophisticated language than the one used to position the contents of one’s blog, since most of the subscribers to Linkedin have a higher level of education than the general media.

How to get results on Linkedin Pulse: promote professional post

In addition to the previously described criterion, another one is added, namely the promotional activity (Promote) to be applied to one’s social blogging strategy.

Promotion means not only the enhancement of one’s products or services but also the sponsorship of posts through the now classic paid advertising.

Paid advertising on Linkedin has a much higher cost than that of other social networks but the results are certainly much more satisfactory.

In the Linkedin business section, you can define your community, the visual and textual content to be used to create the sponsored post and above all the budget to be allocated to the advertising campaign.

Obviously you can sponsor the contents published on Linkedin Pulse or alternatively the products or services offered. In both cases, the advertising must be original and above all engaging in such a way as to arouse the interest of potential links.


To get results on Linkedin Pulse it is necessary to produce professional content and promote it through paid advertising.

This procedure characterizes the so-called 4P paradigm , that is, produce and promote professional post.

With this paradigm, companies and freelancers will be able to achieve their business objectives and obtain more than satisfactory results both in terms of notoriety and digital reputation.

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