The best books on Facebook Ads

If you have opened this article it means that you are interested in growing your company on social networks using the well-known social network, the best and certainly the most effective tool to considerably increase your earnings by promoting your business online. That is why today we will examine what I believe to be the best books on Facebook Ads .

Ads is the advertising program of the famous Mark Zuckerberg social network created to generate useful advertisements for bring important traffic to your social content. In fact, in just a few steps, you can create sponsorships and track the results of your advertising campaigns.

What is it for? Easy, to increase your earnings by growing your business, whatever it is. Working with social media has now become almost indispensable for companies and for new startups entering the world of work, doing it in an original, creative and valid way from a marketing and advertising perspective can really pay off.

If your goal is to learn how to best use marketing strategies on the well-known Zuckerberg social network to create effective advertising campaigns, be able to understand what users really care about and properly exploit the potential of Business Manager all you have to do is sit back and take a look at the list of tomes that I am about to offer you.

As you have read, this topic is particularly vast and if you wish there are specialized schools such as Digital Coaches that offer courses in Facebook Marketing.

Index of contents

Before starting

As in the case of Instagram, also for Face book Advertising numerous books readily available on Amazon for learn the fundamental techniques in using the Business Manager.

Nowadays social networks are essential to advertise any company or product, to do it in the best way you need to study carefully and put into practice some important technical lessons to optimize your Facebook business by exploiting notions of social media marketing and social advertising .

What I am about to propose is the list of 5 books dealing with the topic of Facebook Ads in Italian, thanks to which you will be able to create an effective social advertising campaign . With the books you will find below you will be able to learn to understand how advertising on Facebook fits into a very complex and strategic marketing plan, a world of sharks in which those who know how to move correctly can achieve the only really important goal, profit .

Advertising on Facebook: Only the numbers that matter

La pubblicità su Facebook solo i numeri che contano

Page after page, with this interesting book, considered by many readers the “bible” of advertising on Facebook , you will discover the strategies to better manage your Facebook Ads.

A little over a year after the publication of the first edition, with over 6,000 copies sold and hundreds of positive reviews, this valid text written in Italian by Alessandro Sportelli, co-author of the book “Instagram strategy. Promote your company and learn to recognize the fake “I told you about in another article, will be a proud ally in your growth on Facebook Ads.

The main objective of this book is to make people understand to readers that there are actual and important direct and indirect benefits from investing in Facebook ads, a great way that will also allow companies to intercept potential customers.

Thanks to the examination of real and tangible results, this manual will take you by the hand, step by step, into the fantastic and not always easy world of web marketing, where strategy and creativity are the order of the day.

If you think this book is right for you, you just have to buy it and allow a few hours of your time to discover the dynamics of Facebook Ads to get concrete results in a short time.

Price: 19.99 Kindle, 28.40 Paperback (the price may vary, I suggest you keep an eye on the Amazon product sheet).

How to Remarketing and Retargeting with Google Adwords and Facebook ADS


Remarketing and Retargeting are two unknown words that sound strange? Do not worry, this valid text written by Alessandra Maggio, a careful and trained operator in the sector, will allow you to tiptoe into the world of advertising banners and advertising .

If you want to embark on a journey to discover the fundamental tools to set up valid advertising campaigns on Facebook, this book will certainly be for you.

With this text you will learn to easily structure remarketing and retargeting campaigns, to identify and understand winning strategies to apply to maximize the presence of your business on the web.

Often even web marketing experts make a lot of confusion between the terms retargeting and remarketing, reading this book you will know the real distinction between these two words in all their facets.

Starting from the construction of the sales funnel , arriving at the development of some fundamental elements for the implementation of these techniques, you will succeed in your intent and the world of Facebook Ads will no longer seem so dark.

Price: 19.99 Kindle, 20.90 Paperback (the price may vary, I suggest you keep an eye on the Amazon product sheet).

Strategies and Facebook marketing tactics for companies and professionals


In this excellent book that I highly recommend, the author Veronica Gentili explains step by step and in how Facebook works in a simple, quick, practical and very direct way.

If you are a Social Media Manager who is forming and still hangs out in the dark between algorithms and advertising systems, I am sure that this book will give you an important help for your professional growth.

From A to Z you will find the most important functions of a Social Media Manager and a Marketing Manager (highly requested figures today) such as the publication of a post on social media, the words to be used fight for the caption, the perfect time to publish content and so on.

It is not enough to publish a few posts from time to time to optimally grow a business, you have to dedicate yourself with care and attention to the world of Facebook Ads.

With this book you will understand the importance of using Facebook for companies , how to optimize your social page and your posts, how to create a successful Facebook Marketing Plan that help to achieve concrete results and create a valid digital strategy.

Price: 20.99 euros Kindle edition, 27.55 euros Paperback (the price may vary, I suggest you keep an eye on the product sheet by Amazon)

Facebook Ads in Practice: Operating manual to create effective campaigns and ads that will click even your worst enemy


Another lap, another race. The third book that I want to suggest to you to help you in the creation of productive advertising campaigns on Facebook is this text written by Michael Vittori that you can easily find on Amazon.

As I told you, the world of social media is an ocean rich in hungry sharks and being able to emerge with your business is not always easy. You need to know the right techniques to get a real advantage over the thousands of competing advertisers.

For this reason this precious manual full of contents comes to your rescue that offers a practical, direct and quick method to grow your advertising projects on social media in no time.

Thanks to the author’s valuable advice you will learn how to create effective messages for the social world, from graphics to copy (the caption to be clear) by finding the right audience in your user base thanks to an acquisition funnel based on the user purchase process.

With this effective guide, in a few simple steps, you will discover how to juggle this virtual world, you will learn to carefully study the moves of your competitors and to interpret the statistical data necessary to optimize advertising campaigns for your company.

Price: 22.99 euros Kindle format, € 30.40 Paperback (the price may vary, I suggest you keep an eye on the Amazon product sheet)

Facebook Marketing Pro: Strategies and actions for doing business

Facebook Marketing Pro: Strategie e azioni per fare business

The last interesting and profitable book I want to offer you is this text written in Italian by Cristiano Carriero , a basic manual for those who interface with the world of social media and digital marketing.

Alongside valid notions of pure Marketing, you will also find insights into other disciplines such as sociology and social statistics. Furthermore, within it you will be able to range between different sectors never covered before, such as tourism, music and sport.

By reading this text you will find out how to Contest on Facebook optimal Instagram for companies and entire chapters dedicated to contracts between Client and Freelance or Agency.

In short, if you are looking for a useful and concrete book that guides you carefully step by step in the world of Facebook, I can only recommend it ! A practical and discursive manual that explores the most important notions for your digital business .

Price: 18.99 euros Kindle format, 26.50 euros vary, I suggest you keep an eye on the Amazon product sheet)


Let’s face it, now marketing on Facebook has become a reality that we cannot and must not ignore, especially if we are at the head of companies or manage their social profiles.

Marketing, also through Facebook, has now become a real need , a way to keep up with the times and bring important advantages to your business.

If you want to do some marketing, for good, through this platform and transform it into your profession, you don’t have to that rely on the books that I have recommended, each with its characteristics and its strengths will direct you in the best hours of ways to your purpose.

As you may have seen there are several books available on Amazon at reasonable prices to learn how to best use Facebook Ads and set up correct and efficient marketing strategies useful for your company. All the books I have suggested to you are available on Amazon. You can buy them and evaluate them calmly and, if they are not to your liking, make a return of the product.

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