The Facebook Community Boost in Rome: two days of meetings between digital professionals and companies

Yesterday with Giovanni we were at Facebook Community Boost in Rome at Binario F , an evocative location built under the elgida of Luiss Enlabs.

The audience was quite heterogeneous , and I say this as a positive figure, of course.

Not many nerds (indeed, there are now very few in these meetings for marketers), a good number of digital professionals (social media, seo, content specialists, adv consultants), entrepreneurs, representatives of trade associations.

This I’m the one who plays the jerk with the Instagram cardboard

Most of the speeches yesterday morning were intended for an audience not really skilled, while in the afternoon you could find some speach more technical , interesting for those who work on particular niches and / or with some of the tools (or rather apps) protagonists of these insights.

In principle, the opening panel of the two days gave, in just under 45 minutes, the interpretation proposed by the Facebook Community Boost.

Giving space to companies that have made the use of digital (and Facebook and Instagram in particular) the lever for a truly significant growth of their business model , in terms of turnover but not only.

Telling the positive case histories of companies that – often starting from sectors that are anything but central to the net economy – have been able to use these channels to emerge on competitors and innovate their position on the market, facilitating the distribution and direct sale of its products .

In many cases, not limited to the domestic market, but rather by exporting Made in Italy quality abroad.

Impossible not to mention Raffaele Venditti, who among other things brought porchetta to Ibiza , billing considerable amounts from an absolutely hyper-classic and traditional food product, but which has always struggled to get out of the area of consumption that revolves around Rome, where it is really a common dish.

The voices of some of these entrepreneurs have proposed a relatively mature digital vocabulary: the care of analysis and tracking, the value of engagement and loyalty, the need to invest economic resources adequate to guarantee the company ALSO the support of digital professionals of different skills, both employed in the company and as external consultants .

But in a logic that still sees the entrepreneur directly involved in the corporate storytelling , often as the protagonist of the contents offered in stream following him.

Videos and photos , therefore, in which the entrepreneur presents himself as the creator and narrator of his own production.

In short, a digital culture that seems truly mature and stratified, even in branches such as agriculture or catering.

It is impossible not to mention, at least in closing, the quality and care of the catering, which really lives up to the context.

We abused the coffees offered by Facebook , in an endless coffee-break, and really liked the original choice for lunch, with revisited sandwiches , white pizza stuffed with fantasy and various other delicacies, including sweet and savory.


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