The funniest “keep calm” memes on the web

For some years now they have become a real catchphrase and are dusted off and adapted to every occasion. They are fun and make for a smile even from the most serious internet users. What are we talking about? Of the memes created on the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On , it is impossible not to know what it is, because some have gone truly viral. We have all received them on WhatsApp chats, seen scrolling through the Facebook wall, transformed into stories or posts on the Instagram page. Haven’t you figured out what we’re talking about yet? Keep Calm and make yourself comfortable, we tell you the whole story.

What are memes

First, let’s spend a few seconds explaining what a meme is . For some it might even be taken for granted, but, in reality, not everyone knows where it comes from and what this word means. Although we hear it often and it is now used by everyone, the term meme has recently entered everyday use. Meme is an English word, which derives from the Greek Mimema, to imitate . A meme, in fact, is an image, video or text copied from scenes from famous films or from photos and reinterpreted in a humorous key, which is disseminated via the internet. That’s why we talk about the Internet meme. One of the most famous is the one that follows the phrase Keep calm an Carry On, which lends itself to many puns and for this reason it is often used to describe the most varied situations that are experienced in everyday life.

How the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On was born

The original line of the meme is Keep Calm and Carry On. It dates back to 1939, when it appeared in an English propaganda poster related to the Second World War. The phrase literally means, keep calm and move on, it was supposed to be a kind of incitement to help the British to overcome the serious moment of uncertainty and fear that we lived in those years due to the impending war. It is part of a series of posters created by the British Ministry of Information , all designed with the aim of keeping the morale of the population high. In fact, the poster with the words that now has turned into one of the most viral internet memes ever , was never used and only a few copies were printed. Some of these copies were discovered in the early 2000s, hidden among old books sold at auction and join those preserved in the National Archives and in the War Museum in London. Following the discovery of these copies, the story of the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On came out and aroused the curiosity of many people so much, they began to produce the first prints, because before turning into a viral internet meme, the phrase Keep Calm it was turned into a graphic and sold as a simple print. From here began a lucky success that continues and grows exponentially in social networks. The phrase Keep Calm is everywhere and is used on everything. The memes created are fun and irreverent and have the power to go viral.

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The funniest Keep Calm memes on the web

Among the internet memes that use the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On, there are some that have become more famous, here is a small collection

Keep Calm and Drink Wine , because often there is nothing else to do, except drink a glass of wine and relax.

Keep calm and Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, for all those times that the forced interruption is the solution to solve all computer problems, after this it is only necessary to unplug the computer.

Keep clam We Are All Mad Here , there is nothing strange, we are all a little crazy, as the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland reminds us, we just have to take some act and relax.

Keep calm and Call Batman , because, we know, he is the only true superhero who can solve anything in a moment of crisis.

Keep Calm and Use The Force , because the force is always within us.

Keep Clam and Make Coffe , the advice we should follow every morning, before jumping into a new busy day at work

How to create your own Keep Clam phrase

All this success could only turn into material objects to see and own. Posters, mugs, bags, t-shirts. bed sheets. On Amazon there are more than 450 thousand objects that respond to the item Keep Calm and…. And of course, there could be no shortage of sites specialized in customization, so you can literally reproduce your custom phrase Keep Calm on anything. You are spoiled for choice.

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