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All the power of the web in 140 characters. For some, Twitter is the social network with less appeal in the contemporary digital landscape. Few images, rather small graphics, it is not a world that captivates you immediately. Indeed, for those who don’t use it often, Twitter may not resemble that fun, dynamic and colorful world that social media have accustomed us to. But if you have the patience to spend some time there, you realize that it is actually a social network that can be fun, even a lot. Indeed, its super power lies in its immediacy and in trying to reach the communicative goal with a very limited number of characters.

Once you understand its dynamics and mechanisms and arrange the feed according to your tastes and interests, you will discover that even on Twitter it is possible to have fun. Plus, it’s a great place to follow the facts in real time, because hashtags work great as a topic aggregator and finding and following live discussions is very inspiring. If you are watching a broadcast and you want to comment, on Twitter, using the appropriate hashtag, you will surely find someone like you who is following it and with whom to interact.

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The fact that it’s essential fun, with no frills and few images, makes the bird’s social network the perfect place for a brilliant joke. And in fact there is no shortage of profiles that have grown and have achieved a certain following thanks to their sagacity. Let’s see together which are the funniest profiles on Twitter.

Among the funniest and most followed profiles on Twitter we find the satirical pages, the irreverent ones that, with meme , tell and make you laugh by making political and customs satire.

This is the example of the God profile, which tells the world of religion from a marketing point of view. Irreverent and funny, God introduces himself, in his Twitter biography, as the founder and CEO of the entire universe. The rest is all to laugh about.

The sentences of Osho is another profile to follow. His flagship is political satire and memes, which he creates every day to tell the current political situation in Italy and abroad. The author has conceived an Osho with a strong Roman accent and makes it an interpreter of today’s world. If you still don’t follow it, fix it. Get your ten minutes in a good mood every day.

The Grim Reaper is a satirical page that might seem a bit macabre, to be honest. Its purpose is to remember the famous dead of the day, creating epitaphs that will tear more than a smile, even when celebrating a moment as sad and solemn as death.

Internet Explorer is the page dedicated to the now obsolete search engine, which, like a serious self-respecting elderly person, always arrives late on the news, posting news that happened even two years earlier. So much so that the profile is called ExplorerLento , paraphrasing the main feature of the windows engine, which actually lagged a bit behind and a bit slower than its competitors.

Genio78 (72.3K Followers) is the page of the now well-known Web comedian Daniele Villa . Born and raised on Twitter, his sympathy with him has conquered everyone, so much so that he has also written a book entitled, Life is like a game of chess, crazy people win. A book that fully represents his way of living life, with irony.

HaStataLaVarianteIndiana @Nonha_stata is another very entertaining satirical page, run by a committee of people. Also in this case there is no lack of references to the Italian and foreign political scene, but also to the world that rotates within Twitter.

Another unmissable profile is the very famous one in Lercio, the 140-character branch of the fake news blog, which are sometimes more realistic than the real ones.

On the same wavelength we find Spinoza the version with live comments from the famous satirical blog. Here are the most cutting jokes on the net, as the editors themselves like to define their page.

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