The importance of a dedicated IP in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools with which a company can enter and stay in contact with its customers. As we all know, a well-planned strategy allows you to win new users, retain old ones and even recover those who have been lost in the past.

But there is a detail that is sometimes underestimated: the strategy works if the emails arrive directly in the users’ inbox . Too often, in fact, company newsletters end up in the junk mail, thus ending with the frustration of all attempts to communicate with their audience.

So how do you avoid ending up directly in user spam? Making sure this never happens is somewhat difficult, but you can still make sure that this is minimized.

Using a dedicated IP in Email Marketing can be extremely beneficial for your strategy. Let’s see how.

Dedicated IP: what is it?

Let’s get one thing straight: a dedicated IP is nothing more than an IP address assigned only to your account . It is not shared with third parties, and therefore is not influenced by the type of mailings made by the users with whom you share the IP.

It is for your exclusive use , so your IP is only affected by your actions. Often, in fact, when you share with other users there is a risk of being labeled as a “spammer” just because they share spam with their users.

By having full control of an IP address, the quality of your mailings will depend entirely on you. And if you want your strategy to work, we’re pretty sure you’ll do everything to avoid being considered a “spammer”.

This means that it’s not enough just to have a dedicated IP for your emails to go straight to users’ inboxes, but it’s also important to maintain a good IP reputation .

All ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail use one or more “ Black List ” of IPs to reduce spam. These are lists that contain all those IP addresses that are frequently used for sending junk mail, and thus allow the service to categorize an email as spam or not.

It is clear that if your IP gets blacklisted, all your communications will be tagged as junk.

Why choose a dedicated IP?

As we have already said, choosing a dedicated IP helps you above all to be able to better manage your reputation, so as to avoid ISPs labeling your emails as “spam”. So, if having a dedicated IP is important, so is knowing how to better manage your reputation.

Basically, a dedicated IP ensures that your email is delivered to the user , in their inbox. Which is a great advantage especially when you want to use Email Marketing to promote timed offers, special events or whatever.

Among other things, this exclusive IP solution is perfect for companies that need to send a high volume of mailings – even over 100,000 emails per week -, since it guarantees greater control over the rate of delivery . In this case, you will only have to be careful to manage the first shipments.

If you’re using a new IP, it’s not at all convenient to send thousands of emails at once to an ISP that doesn’t know you yet. The best strategy would be to delay emails over time (15 to 30 days, if your database is very large), so as to be first known by the service and avoid ending up in spam immediately.

But it’s not just the sending rate that you need to pay attention to. The content of the email is also of fundamental importance to your reputation, as it affects the open rate, and consequently also the reputation of your dedicated IP.

Any advice? Users particularly love what are called “transactional emails”, ie communications regarding the confirmation of the creation of an account or a purchase, notifications relating to the profile and so on. These are the emails that have an open and click rate close to almost 100%. And, as we said, the more users appreciate your communications, the better your reputation improves.

At this point, it’s pretty clear why it’s so important to have a dedicated IP in email marketing. A guarantee (or almost) that your communication will be sent to each recipient.

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