The Meghan effect. The influencer you should always watch if you work in fashion

It has recently become part of the Royal Family , but is already considered a style icon. You have been consecrated a real fashion influencer, despite the court etiquette prohibiting you from using any type of social network. 2018 was definitely her year, so much so that in fashion everyone is already talking about Meghan Effect , because she is like King Midas. Everything she touches, indeed that she wears, is sold out in an instant.

The Meghan Effect

The figures speak for themselves. The white coat worn on her engagement day? Finished within a few hours. Her bag Her Strathberry bag? There is now a long waiting list to get it. And the black skinnies worn in Australia? As soon as it became known, the brand, Outland Denim for those interested, saw sales soar by 2300% resulting in a website block. Here is the Meghan Effect . Whether it’s a simple pair of jeans, one of her elegant overcoats or the cheeky dresses she wore on her travels with Prince Harry, the certainty is that Meghan does sell.

It’s probably something to do with the title. Just as happened a few years ago to Kate Middleton, Meghan Markel, from the moment of the news of her engagement to Prince Harry, has become a real influencer with a magical touch that makes you want everything she wears. Any brand brought by the Duchess of Sussex immediately reaches an incredible number of requests . Her fame skyrocketed and Lyst placed her on the podium, in third place, for the title of Celebrity Fashion Influencer , right after the Kardashian sisters, undisputed queens of the fashion world.

But what is the reason for this sudden success? Meghan certainly does not embody the stereotype of the perfect princess . Rather. Divorced, with a somewhat disastrous family behind her. Feminist, nonconformist, she has been spotted several times with a manicure not really suited to a member of the Royal Family. A bit haggard, she forgets the labels on her clothes, but strong and with very clear ideas, which she is not afraid to assert. It seems, for example, that her animalist soul is behind Prince Harry’s decision to boycott the traditional Boxing Day hunt.

The answer is right here, Meghan is a woman like us, who lived most of her time in a normal way, however normal the life of a Hollywood star can be. And this is the reason why she is so nice and, given the premises, she is certainly destined to become another princess of the people . Even more than her sister-in-law Kate, she represents the dream of all those women who, since childhood, have wanted to meet the prince charming and become princesses, even if not a thread of blue blood flows in their veins.

Meghan Markle’s style

about her Her choices in terms of fashion are never taken for granted. Elegant, but not banal or too classic . In her outfits that slightly eclectic touch always stands out, which never makes us forget that she was a person with a well-defined style, even before becoming her royal highness the Duchess of Sussex.

Combining the austerity of royal etiquette with the modernity of contemporary trends is certainly not an easy task, but Meghan managed to embrace the solemnity of court life, without betraying her self and remaining herself. Those who have followed her for a long time will surely remember her bare legs on the day of her engagement to Prince Harry, despite her Queen’s wishes, which would require women to always wear her pantyhose.

Meghan is a woman with strong ideals, who is not willing to step aside even in the name of the Crown and it seems that the Queen has learned to be understanding and more tolerant towards these young men of the court, who are so loved and followed by the people. Oh yes, times change even at Buckingham Palace .

The Duchess of Sussex and sustainable fashion

The new Duchess of Sussex is keenly aware of her role as a fashion icon and she knows how to make the most of it to support different social causes, to which she is particularly attached. This is demonstrated by her choices in terms of fashion, which are never casual. In general, she prefers to wear small and large brands aligned with her ideas. she Tends to favor ethical and sustainable brands and uses her influence to make them known, promoting their mission.

The aforementioned Outland Denim, for example, is known for being a sustainable brand, working with Cambodian women in need of help, taking them off the street and giving them a new chance at life. Thanks to Meghan, the small Australian brand has significantly increased its notoriety and was able to hire more Cambodian seamstresses. The Meghan effect therefore has very broad implications and also positive ones, which go beyond the world of fashion.

What Meghan is proving is that sustainable choices can be fashion and not only belong to a handful of idealists, but can be elevated to the highest levels of the fashion system. And we can only appreciate it even more for this. Well done Meghan!

Monica Curreli

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