The new Facebook Pages design improves the experience for users and creators

After being tested in July of last year, the new Facebook Page layout finally becomes available – for creators and public figures.

This is an important update, which brings with it not only a simpler and more intuitive design, but also a series of interesting changes in the management of the Page and in the analysis of the engagement .

In particular, there are two real novelties in this update: the removal of Like and the addition of a News Feed dedicated to Page administrators.

Two really important innovations, which allow users to have a completely new perception of the pages that follow, and administrators to expand the visibility on the social network as much as possible.

But, together with these innovations, the platform offers many others, in order to maximize the value of the Pages themselves. So let’s see what it is about in more detail, trying to understand how these changes can really improve the user and creator experience.

Facebook pages: the choice to remove the likes

First of all, as anticipated, the Facebook update completely changes the layout of the Pages, also depending on the choice of the platform to remove the Like.

As you can see in the image below, the “Like” icon will disappear completely, to make room for the “Follow” button which will go to the foreground, flanked by the count of followers .

Pagine Facebook nuovo layout

And this is not just a graphic revolution, of course. In this way, Facebook is completely changing the concept of fan base, shifting the focus from “Like” to followers, ie the number of people who are interested in receiving updates of the Page.

The “Like” thus ceases to be a key indicator of coverage or performance, and the count of followers becomes the right data to understand who the loyal users of the Page really are.

On the other hand, for some years now Facebook has been trying to limit the concept of “Like” as an indicator of success on the platform.

In 2018, for example, the “Like to Page” goal of advertising campaigns was changed to “Promote Page”. And just a year later, Facebook-owned Instagram decided not to show users the total Like count anymore.

Precisely for this reason, it’s no wonder that the platform has decided to adopt the same policy for Facebook Pages as well.

Eliminating “likes”, considered as the fastest and most expressive reaction for users, means inducing the public to think more about the content with which they interact.

And it’s clear that this puts the Page’s value proposition at the center, thus improving the user experience as well.

All-news of Facebook Pages

Although the removal of Like is one of the most important news, the update of the Pages brings with it other interesting news, especially for creators and administrators.

First of all, the transition from personal profile to Page has been simplified through a switch: a feature that can be accessed by clicking on the icon with the three dashes in the lower right corner of the screen .

And to help administrators, new control options have been added to assign permissions for specific tasks (Insight, Advertising , Community Activities and so on).

Pagine Facebook

And speaking of page management, much more interesting is the introduction of a dedicated News Feed , which administrators can see separate from that staff.

In this way, even Facebook Pages can participate in conversations, follow trends and interact with followers. Furthermore, the Feed will also allow you to create new connections – such as those with other Pages or Groups – thanks to the suggestions offered to administrators.

And as if that weren’t enough, to ensure greater interaction of the Pages, comments from public figures will be listed at the top of the comments list.

But that’s not all. Verified users will have a small “Follow” button that will also appear in the comments, right next to the name, so as to encourage users to follow the Pages they find interesting.

Pagine Facebook

Finally, another interesting novelty concerns the security and integrity functions , optimized in order to detect “spammy” content, fake accounts and phishing attempts.

Indeed, to ensure user safety, Facebook is making the verified blue badges visible, which will make it easier to understand which comments and authentic profiles populate the platform.

In conclusion, what would appear to be a simple change to the design of Facebook Pages actually hides much more complex operations, which clearly indicate which direction the platform is going.

The user in the center, that’s clear. This, however, will lead to a real revolution in the management of the Pages by the administrators, who will have to reduce the importance of Like and move to much more substantial content for their audience.

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